[Bowden] Nick Neidert is in the Dee Gordon Trade #Mariners #Marlins

[Bowden] Nick Neidert is in the Dee Gordon Trade #Mariners #Marlins

Let's welcome Nick Neidart to /sub/formerms !!

Per Divish

M's top pitching prospect, but really doesn't projected to be front of rotation guy. Several scouts watched him last year at the deadline and said velo had dropped to 89-90 on fastball.


dipoto bby what is u doin

mariners fans tell me how to feel

Going for it and by going for it I mean the playoffs


Jerry has seriously burned the fucking farm down and salted the earth so no prospect would ever grow again

that's not saying much

Speak for yourself

He’s our best but that’s not saying much.

Andrew Moore-esque

hey sounds familiar

Live by the Dipoto, die by the Dipoto

Looks like an actually pretty solid pitching prospect in Seattle's system.

Surprised, honestly.

Haha. I don't know what I expected.. he's our #2 prospect and one of our only top 100 guys. This.. hurts a little

I'm not. I think this move is good for us. We can afford to lose Neidert.


IMO we probably would have made WC2 if we didn't have to use 17 starters and 40 total pitchers. Insane number of injuries takes its toll.

you got one of our best guys

He averages over 60 stolen bases a season though. Also one of the best hitters in the NL over the past few years.

Sam Carlson, he's young though we just took him this last year but he's very exciting.

I know we don't take kindly to batting average around here, but .308 with 201 hits and 114 runs scored is not something to ignore.

I'd be pretty pumped to have those stats, and the 60 steals in front off Cano, Seager, and Cruz to say the least.