Boston Uprising vs. New York Excelsior / OWL 2018 Stage 1 - Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion

Boston Uprising vs. New York Excelsior / OWL 2018 Stage 1 - Week 1 / Post-Match DiscussionOWL 2018 STAGE 1

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Boston Uprising 1-3 New York Excelsior

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This series was cast by Semmler and Hexagrams.

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ROSTERS Uprising vs Excelsior Striker Saebyeolbe Mistakes Pine DreamKazper Libero NotE MekO Kalios Janus Gamsu Mano Snow JJoNak Kellex ArK Neko Avast MAP 1/4: Junkertown

Winner: New York Excelsior

Uprising Escort Excelsior 2 Checkpoints 2 91.35m Distance 91.35m 0s Time left 166s MAP 2/4: Horizon Lunar Colony

Winner: Boston Uprising

Uprising Assault Excelsior 3 Checkpoints 3 40.3% Progress 40.3% 122s Time left 0s MAP 3/4: Ilios

Winner: New York Excelsior

Uprising Control Excelsior 24% Round 1 100% 0% Round 2 100% MAP 4/4: Numbani

Winner: New York Excelsior

Uprising Hybrid Excelsior 1 Checkpoints 1 94.58m Distance 94.58m 0s Time left 217s

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Pine was insane. That's the only way I can describe it.

Strong start for Boston, but it feels like Pine broke them, and they couldn't get it back together for Numbani.

Pine OP plz nerf

He headshot Kazper, then threw the flash bang.

Pine was playing twelve steps ahead of Pine.

It's arguable who has the best DPS duo going into this tournament, but NYXL has some of the best DPS hair


I enjoy Boston's "wild Card" factor, nobody knows what to expect. Look forward to see where they go from here

Yeah, as a BU fan, they definitely showed up, but Pine owned control and shifted all of the momentum.

NYXL's DPS is stacked already, and then we're getting the mighty Flow3r when he turns 18 for Season 2.

Seoul Dynasty better be shook for when that happens.

I love spamming this >>X<<

All things considered, I think Boston did a pretty good job today. I'm proud of the boys for putting up a good fight; they already look much better than they did during the pre-season. Even if this game was still a 3-1, it was a lot closer this time. OWL hype!

Pine, Saebyeolbe and Flow3r (next season). Is NYXL the most stacked dps wise?

I expected New York to win because New York always beats Discount New York.

Libero subbed in instead (he's their projectile dps). But the subs are predetermined, it's not based on performance.

I’m fully convinced that Pine will win MVP in this inaugural season. Mark my words..