Bon appetit baby.

Bon appetit baby.

This is a contrived 'scene' for entertainment shown during downtime. It's not real, but he sure put his back into it.

Even scripted, that’s some unnecessary roughness there.

Yeah, her head snapped back pretty hard.

Would her tears be the icing on the cake?


Yeah I was thinking the same. He pulled back and hit her like he was throwing a haymaker.

There was way too much force in that hit for him not to have been seriously pissed for a moment.

It seemed personal..

He put some effort into that.

it looks like she starts to cry

That girl actually went to my high school.. she is a cheerleader for the Jaguars, so yea it was scripted. The mascot definitely didn't hold back though.

Back....and to the left.

That’s clearly Teal-man. Greenman would never be caught supporting the Jaguars.

Concussion protocol.

Oh that's just American tv, though, right? Other countries' tv shows are real occurances though, right? That's a relief.

Just imagine the years of pent up rage a Jaguars mascot has...

I have been on the kiss cam before - it was not scripted and I was horrified (as was my date) and I am nauseated thinking about it 10 years later.

So, not always scripted.

It's so obviously fake. If you watch closeley you see this is just a guy in a costume.

Now that’s quality humor!

I think he went so far so it wouldn't slip out his hand.

"You're playing it up a little too much, Karen. Have your cake, and fucking eat it, too."

Better pull her into the tent for concussion protocol

THOT STATUS: [ ] Not patrolled / [X] patrolled

Doctor Who is a documentary!

There's a correct way to give somebody a pie or cake in the face. You don't do it like you're taking out Osama bin Laden. People have noses and necks, douchebag.

Oh they're definitely fucking..

Whiplash protocol.

When the hell did I put greenman on?!

Well, he was dating a dementor at the time, you see...

Holy shit dude. 0 to 100 REAL QUICK.

It's 100% a setup interaction. No way would the Jags risk a lawsuit by smashing a random person's face with cake.

yeah, I suppose that's true

I think you have it backwards and it was a bit closer to like 400 mph to 0 real quick.

I agree it's probably scripted, but his posture after he hits her, and the finger jab (plus the force he hits her with) does have to make me wonder how serious he was about it

And at such a low price, too! Wow!

too much force in hat hit

That’s like 95% of why this gif is so funny

It’s scripted, like everything that happens on American TV.

I was horrified (as was my date) and I am nauseated thinking about it 10 years later.

That seems like a pretty extreme reaction to something as harmless as a kiss.

Anyone mind if I do a little dancing right now?

There was a second cake!

Quite the aggressive mascot. That first push was rough.

As a person who lives in Jacksonville, this was the proudest moment we had for the jags. Well that and this year now.

Assess for complete or incomplete spinal injury with motor and sensory assessment. Maintain airway, breathing and cardiac pulses. Immobilize her on a backboard stretcher, dont allow twisting, sitting up or turning, transport to ED. Further assess for spinal shock for 48 hrs. Monitor loss of sensory motor reflexes below injury. Assess for acute or chronic injury complications up to 2 weeks.

My husband and I once splurged on very good seats at AT&T Park for a Giants game. Two rows behind us, a young man had arranged to have the camera come so he could propose to his lady. He did, she scowled, he shoved the ring on her, she looked miffed, he proceeded to brag to everyone around us about how good of a deal he got "because he knows someone who works at the park" and they left for the last 3 innings. She did not look pleased. It was very cringey.

Yes, I fucking hate those things. Growing up, I always looked older than I actually was and my dad looked younger than he actually was. Well, we went to an Astros game once and...sure enough, they showed us on the kiss cam. That was the most awkward thing ever.

“Eat your cake and have it too”


Yea, that cake is pretty hot.

It makes me wonder if those dance cam and kiss cams at sporting events are also scripted.

Holy shit that's crazy!!!!

his proof is that Reddit is good but now is bad but he is good because he knows he is right air-goe it is real because yes.

Why did it horrify you? Was it not a good date?

Cuz I’d give the camera man a thumbs up for hooking me up like that on a date.

Christ, he shoulda saved the cake and just punched her in the face.

The irony of the situation is that non-American countries still try to copy all those show they spent decades criticizing.

Keep the change you filthy animal!

That's why you wait for sports dates, until you're comfortable to kiss them on camera.

Bone apple teeth*


How can we take your word for it unless you have proof? People can be great actors you know.

Physical recovery: six weeks. Full psychological recovery: six months

It paused... in mid air

I'd say it's more like good humor