BoA - ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT (Album Cover)

BoA - ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT (Album Cover)

Remember, fireworks not drinks!

I love the picture but kinda hate the text and the styling of the text T_T

haha only people who saw the vlive will get this.

I didn’t mind Identity but Who’s Back? was pretty ugly lol They should’ve gone with something classier with this album whatever font that may be lol

I have been and I complain about so much of her album art lol. The biggest offenders have been the Japanese ones though (I'm looking at you Identity and Who's Back, this is the first time I felt this way about one of her Korean albums

Gorgeous! ♥️

This is the physical cover right?

If you’ve been a part of the fandom long enough you’ll know this is a common complaint 😂

Agreed! Some seriously questionable design choices. Sad considering all of the Japanese album art has been spectacular up until Best&USA imo