Blind Box Blep

Blind Box Blep

The blindness must've amplified the irresistable cardboard feeling

It's incredible. One of the reasons cats are so flippin' cute are their huge eyes, yet, a cat with no eyes is somehow cuter, because it looks like they're permanently smiling so hard their eyes have closed.

It is Rey and she sends you internet snuggles right back! 😹

Is that Rey?? Because that looks like Rey. And if it’s Rey I need to send her internertz snugglez. Also if it’s not Rey I need to send internetz snugglez, but will need a name first because otherwise, it would be awkward.

She's such a sweetie, tap on something she likes for me.

I’m always smiling!😺

Blind cats develop tongue sight.

that's Rey the kitten

“I can’t see you but I can still find you with my tongue!”