Blep PSA: Please read if you have/know a perpetual blepper.

I have noticed a lot of posts lately on /sub/blep of kitty cats that are "perpetual bleppers" or "never stop blepping." So I feel I need to share my experience.

This is Phoebe Cat. When I first got her at 6 months old I thought it was super cute that she would blep a lot. Soon she started doing it pretty much all the time. I grew up with cats who would blep occasionally, but this seemed excessive. Then, her breath started smelling really bad so I decided to take her to the vet. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called gingivostomatitis. A very simplistic description is that she was allergic to her teeth. Her gums were rejecting them and were extremely inflamed and painful. There are ways to manage it, but hers was severe enough that the only long term solution was a full mouth extraction.

She is now fully recovered, happy, and totally healthy, but if her condition had gone untreated, she might not have survived. Full album here:

Please, please, please, if you are responsible for a furry life who bleps quite often or is a constant blepper, take them to the vet for a mouth examination. It may not be as serious as Phoebe Cat's condition, but it could still indicate that your friend is in pain and in need of medical attention. The occasional blep is perfectly normal and absolutely adorable, but more than 3 or 4 times a day is probably not normal and it is not fun to look at pictures of kitties who might be sick.

Thank you for reading!

I copied the content here from imgur because for RESers/Hoverzoomers it's hard to read when hovering. Thank you for posting valuable information!

The mods really should make this a stickied post so that everyone visiting the sub sees it.

It should also go into the sidebar. Cats that blep are cute... Cats dying because there is a nasty medical cause for their bleps need help!!

First off, she is beautiful. Second, I am sorry she had to lose her teeth! Poor kitty. Third, thanks for sharing the story. Fourth, she is adorable.

The late and great Kendallfini was not a blep-er but she had gum issues too. All her teeth got infected, same with the gums. Years ago she had all her teeth taken out, didn't bother her one bit! The vets left only her fangs. I don't think she even noticed.

We had our Fergus' teeth cleaned and one pulled and it was almost $800 CAD... that was about three years ago here in Toronto. It was more the cost of the anaesthetic and surgery than the pulling of the tooth. Which you can't do if the cat has any say in the matter! Our vet told us that our boy had to have been in incredible pain; the tooth he removed was basically pulverised in his jaw. We never had a clue that Fergus was in pain. Of course, even as he was dying in our arms he never let on he was in pain. He was a stoic bastard, and we miss him.

Hope all goes well for you baby.

She probably hated her teeth, I'm sure she is much happier now.

The full mouth extraction was ~1500 USD. It was done by a veterinary dental specialist so I think that accounts for the expense. I've heard that persians are prone to mouth issues like that. I wish you the best of luck and hope it clears up!

My cat had this. She has had all of her teeth removed and she's doing just fine. She's very active now, doesn't smell bad (she used to smell terrible!), and she still eats hard food. If your cat is showing symptoms of this, go see the vet.

how is she handling the no teeth thing? wet food only? can you get a picture of her mouth up close?

sorry if it's too pushy >< my male kitty is missing his front teeth, and while the vet says his others are OK i want to make sure something like that doesn't take the rest of them.

PS: thank you for the informative post! bleps are awesome but healthy kitties are better!

How much did it cost to get her teeth removed? (bonus of anyone has had it done in BC, Canada)

I have a persian and im worried he has the same thing, he has gingevitus around his teeth and occasionally gets rat ulcers on his lips (he got one which prompted the vet visit and two months later he just got another one). He started getting the gingevitus as soon as his adult teeth came in and he just turned one year old. He's been to the vet who's told me to brush his teeth everyday and I also suppliment his water with additives and give him greenies. It doesn't seem to be working well even with sparkling white teeth and no bad breath. The vet says his gingevitus isn't bad enough for it to be stomatitus but im still mentally preparing for his teeth to have to be pulled. I have a faint hope it's just juvenile gengitivus and he'll grow out of it but, yeah, still worried. He doesn't blep and he acts normal even with the rat ulcer (the last one went away within 3 days and im hoping this one will too), so at least he isn't in a lot of pain, or not enough to show it anyways.