Black Panther is basically a Black Nationalist movie. All the mainstream is praising it. Imagine the outcry if someone made a white nationalist movie. You would never hear the end of it.

Black Panther is basically a Black Nationalist movie. All the mainstream is praising it. Imagine the outcry if someone made a white nationalist movie. You would never hear the end of it.

As usual, there would be riots, cars flipped over, buildings burning, Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson calling for a boycott, theaters would be burned/vandalized, random white people would get attacked in the streets for revenge, the director's carreer would be over & ruined as well as the actors, etc. etc. etc.

But because of white guilt; not only does nothing happen - the movie gets praised as some cinematic masterpiece. Go figure.

Black Panther isn’t new. I don’t really have a problem with this. He was created forever ago by Stan Lee and crew. Marvel is just cranking out these movies, and he was in the last avengers movie which came out 2 years ago or so, I believe. Most of the characters get their own movies, or at least expositional story plots. Black Panther is no different. I was excited for this movie, and still am. But it’s the crazy whacky media that’s turned a pretty ordinary movie into some super SJW bit. It’s lunacy.

Imagine if they knew black panther was written by a couple of white guys and a Jewish man...and that he was originally called coal tiger. That's like...the opposite of everything they hold dear.

I mean the last Captain America movie was essentially an Avengers movie though.

He was actually in the last Captain America movie.

Here is the issue. They act like his story is fresh. His story started 52 years ago and it has always been used to support and bolster the black population. The character panders to the black community. They took the qualities of Tony Stark and Dr Doom and said... “but he is Black”.

This is the message we are getting from MSM because they do not realize that is not new, it is the same message it has always been.

It is for this reason, you can ignore what MSM is saying... but I do think T_D has done an awesome job promoting the film and giving it unneeded publicity.

A walled in white ethnostate with super technology... They would lose their minds

The biggest irony is that Black Panther is a movie / comic about Africans, not Blacks in USA.

So how can Black Panther be representative of Blacks in USA in any way?

Additionally, Black Panther espouses Alt-Right values. Black America is not Alt-Right.

It's ok to be white. And to like Marvel Movies. You do you, bro. I love them too, I just torrent them so that the assholes talking down to us like we're racist morons don't get any of my money.

It was like a nega-Avengers. Avengers movies start with those inter-presonal conflicts and build towards an ensemble-wide climax; Civil War started with the ensemble-wide conflict and gradually cooked off everything but the two essential forces driving it. A more interesting thematic movie than people give it credit for (because, you know, EXPLOSIONS).

SJWs should love Superman though, he's literally an illegal alien.

> Implying Black Panther, or any other recent Hollycuck films in general, were not all carefully designed by people from groups with high average IQ to exploit the low-IQ Antifa masses.

Damn dude. That's pretty harsh. Maybe different people enjoy different things from you.

Haha never thought of it like that. You might say he was the first dreamer, sent here by his parents through no fault of his own. Thank God the left can't meme.

My apologizes! I love the marvel movies, but I would be disingenuous to call myself a huge fan (it would be unfair to those that are) so I may have just missed that movie, or got them jumbled together in my head. What I am remembering is the marvel branding version of the United Nations facility that got bombed, and I believe killed Black Panther’s father? It’s all kind of hazy. They all are mashing together in my head.

But yeah! He’s not a new character. This isn’t a new idea (Black Panther movie). He’s in the fight against Thanos that comes out this summer. He’s going to be properly introduced. This isn’t a SJW move on marvel’s part, but rather the media.

"Stop liking things I don't like! REEEEEEE"

Is this real?

It is not. It says right in the link you posted that Coal Tiger is the son of Black Panther. What are you guys reading?

While I agree with you TO BE FAIR that same crowd believes Superman would be that kinda movie. It's misguided but "it's already been done" to these loons.

I think it's literally just supposed to be a superhero movie that adds to marvel cinematic universe but the left likes to use symbols to push it's virtue signals.

The movie studio used the virtue signalling to sell tickets free advertising.

Is this a criticism of the movie or the media? Because to your point, if we acknowledge the blueprint for Black Panther is > 50 years old, and the movie delivers that blueprint, most fans in ordinary situations would praise the film for being authentic to the source material.

But muh Captain America is white nationalist because he wasn't cast as a dreamer - some lefty, probably.

well it alludes to the melanistic big cats found in america and africa, leopards and jaguars referred to extremely commonly as “black panthers”.

there’s one reason, another is because he’s a black nationalist figure who is a warrior as well, so black panther fits rather well.

Nothing to apologize for, I get how the movies could get mixed up with all of the crossovers, but I do agree that the media is praising the movie waaay too much for just having a cast that's 90% black.

I didn’t say they were great. I said I enjoy them. I’ve seen some good movies lately, marvel movies aren’t usually that cinematically great. But they are fun to watch. So unless BP absolutely gets panned, I’ll go see it because I’ve enjoyed the series. Hope you find some movies or activities you enjoy doing too!

Only thing is all the avengers went on youtube and practically BEGGED people not to vote for Trump, I can't support something like that.

Actors always wildly overestimate the importance of their jobs.

it is

Yep. Those high average IQ, sort of rootless, coastal dwelling, globalist types.

Pol should make it known that they love the movie and support it for It's portrayal of a strong ethnostate

Why did they just not call him "Panther"? Batman is not called White Batman. If they weren't colonized, why do they speak english and not Wakananese? Blade and Catwomen have been around longer. Whole thing is B.S. hype. I mentioned to a co-worker that it is just fake alt-black propaganda. I still have a job.

Idk, the actors of this movie are acting like they're revolutionaries


I am criticizing the media for hailing a masterpiece of originality and bravery, even though the movie followed the source material, which has been established for decades.

I am also critical of the users on T_D who are falling into the trap of getting upset at the media.

To put it simply, if Black Panther were not a celebration of all things black, then there would be a real problem. We should expect this movie to promote strong black stereotypes and to think it would be anything less would be naive. The users here should not waste so much time on a movie we should expect to be "black".

No, he was adopted by two hard-working red blooded Americans that taught him morals and values and to fight for truth, justice and the American way.

Superman loves America though and he contributes to society to make it better.

The publicity around this movie is very SJW, but the characters of the Wakandans are basically traditionalists and conservartive.

I won't be surprised to see a social media backlash to the tiny samplings of red pills in the film.

The villain is a SJW/Hitler proxy. Almost everybody is a patriot who is for strong borders and Wakanda first.

Oh I agree with you.


It’s funny they choose this one movie to now be “authentic to the source material” when every other movie is “too white”.

Watch this movies trailer which is Meh to me ......I like the action movies and will see it. but you have a whole Black Tribe more tech advanced that any other place.  

Then I look at all the Black Nations on this planet and can only count a few that are doing JUST ok.   Just like when Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize...I felt like it was given to him just because he was the first Black President.  

White people will go see the movie and extol the virtues of the Black race as to not appear even a little bit racist.   Please don't be afraid to give your honest opinion....after I see the movie and not just the trailers....lets re-visit this.

signed a Black person

I mean, globalism is working as intended by the deep state.

Just look at those indoctrinated libtards.

What's Wakanda's immigration policy?

Oh, right...

We know the origin. And his name was never Coal Tiger. Coal Tiger is the name of Black Panther's son. Not that any of this matters but when your facts are wrong right out of the gate (and it's an inconsequential fact) its hard not to question everything said after that.

It is

This is the real link, not a link to a wiki page.

Is being a dickhead in general also one of your hobbies? Or are you just occasionally a dickhead?

Racist nationalism often leads to violence. I expect this Black Panther movie will cause a huge surge in such violence.

Check your local police department's web sitem. They may list the addresses of reported crimes. My local PD has an interactive map. Compare a movie theater last weekend to that same theater next weekend. Please save you results and post them here.

I want to see Marvel and Disney bankrupted.

It's in the sources:

That’s the kick.

They made an entire universe that black panther makes sense in. It wasn’t forced at all. (At least, doesn’t appear to be)

Compare to Cyborg... you added a tech genius character to a team that already has Batman? Alfred can do what Cyborg does... it makes no sense to add him to Justice League besides to get an established black character.

I guess they didn’t want to go with black Green Lantern or black FireStorm because they were white characters first.

DC just doesn’t have any good black characters that would fit. Marvel has at least three. (And for some reason, I forgive the Heimdell cast, despite making no sense... probably because he’s British?)

I think somebody's been drinking.

Like post on reddit, amirite

There are different colored panthers. Not all are black. But the costume T’Challa wears is that of a black cat, so yeah “Black Panther”.

BP is just a "we wuz kangz" fantasy/wet dream. Hence why "woke" leftists are supposed to like it.

it wasn't nearly this bad with WW

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So fuck the future belongs to the white man. So did they past.