Black Mirror - Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Black Mirror - Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

December 29th

"At least we're going to be entertained while the world's going to hell." dang dude okay

Welp, they said 2017, it's coming in 2017...barely.

I'm looking forward to the episode where they tackle depressive Netlix bingeing when new Black Mirror seasons drop.

Uh oh, another year started while horribly depressed.

Everyone else is just seeing Dec.29, and all I'm seeing is a McPoyle

The episode will be called "Are Your Still Watching?"

The Orville?

I for one look forward to my annual existential despair marathon...

The perfect way to start off 2018 on a positive note!

Everything happens for a reason.

It's hard to imagine a brighter future. But we can, and we must.


Thank you, that's all I needed to know

Yeah, the Orville has split the fanbase (at least on the internet) between the two shows and both seemingly despise each other.

I'm just here enjoying both shows lol.

Is anyone doing optimistic sci-fi these days? Suggestions?

My one biggest fear is this season is going to be less thought-provoking and more action/drama paced because of Black Mirror's ever-increasing mainstream appeal. I mean, almost all of their Netflix episode trailers have made it on Trending.

Did you watch all of discovery so far? The latest few episode fit perfectly with Star Trek.

I'm reassured by the fact that they're still limiting it to 6 episodes for this new season. So that much more care and thought can go into each specific episode.

Not if you finish it in 1 day.

He sits in his chair, staring. So much choice. He chooses John.

John's family cries, he won't listen. They just want him to say something. Anything. John is somewhere else. He is not here. Absent in the heart of his wife, longing for his once-charming smile. Absent in the lives of his children, hoping to see their father's bright blue eyes, if not one last time. But their hope slowly seeps away into the darkened wood walls as episodes pass and time becomes a blurred sphere of lost memories and loneliness.

"Are you still watching?"

"Are you there?"

"John, are you there?"

What an original thought...

Otherwise known as the entirety of 2017.

We're gonna get this place hot and clammy... just how the McPoyles like it.

I love The Orville but I wouldn't exactly call it irrational, Seth can be a real smug douchebag

i disagree. It's the adventures of the bridge crew of a multi-planetary space navy exploration ship exploratory vessel that encounters an awful lot of spatial anomalies. Their science officer is a robot that is trying to understand human beings. They eat synthesized food. The color of their uniforms indicates their job role. It's one of the few shows I can think of currently on TV that has an orchestral score. Each episode is a fairly self contained story / morality play.

They have a goddamn holodeck that they use to LARP historical fiction.

The Orville is more than a parody or homage of 90s Star Trek. It is clearly an unlicensed continuation. This is not a bad thing in my opinion as contemporary sci fi is pretty uniformly bleak.

I mean we’re all gonna be that way when we wake up on New Year’s Day and our political system is the same shitshow

Suggesting the entire world lives in the U.S