Black Mirror - Metalhead | Official Trailer

Black Mirror - Metalhead | Official Trailer

Next episode trailer will be about a girl being slowly driven insane by teaser trailers for the new season of a show, without getting a release date.

The time they released these trailers and posters are just so random, I think they'll do the same for the show.

They’re about to pull a Beyoncé

Look's like Big Dog was tired of being constantly kicked by Boston Dynamics employees

Let me get this straight: this woman gets hunted by a relentless, killer robo-dog, and at one point it drives a van after her?

I really hope that's what happens. I want to see a robo-dog behind the wheel.

Nah it'll be about a reddit user being driven insane by hypothesizing about the next episode trailer being about a girl being slowly driven insane by the teaser trailers of the new season of a show, without getting a release date.


I doubt it will be this week since Netflix is releasing the newest season of The Crown on Dec. 8. I doubt they’d release seasons of two of their biggest shows on the same day.

Wouldn't be surprise that Netflix will announce the release date a week or two before it coming out at this point.

They wanted to drop The Punisher somewhat like this without a lot of promotion, but it got postponed because of the Vegas shooting.

I just want to guess the season will drop and say December 29th 2017?

You're failing them either way.

If it's this week, I'm failing all my finals

Putting in my prediction that these episodes will be released on December 22nd.

The first trailers were released 1 day apart and the rest have been released two days apart.


It is also a Friday, and Netflix likes to release things on Friday.

Since you said this I looked a little closer. Tin foil hat time.

The days in between the current trailer releases are 1 2 2 2. I believe the last trailer will be released in 17 days on Wednesday the 20th with a release date of Friday the 22nd.

Jus tell us the damn release date

Now I really don’t know what to expect!

Is there a date range for release? All I can find is before 2018 is over, which I hope is just because Netflix is being vague about the date.

I have a feeling it will release later this week.