Bitcoin 15K GDAX

Bitcoin 15K GDAX

Now 15600. Edit. 10 minutes later 15000 again. Edit. 3 more minutes 15300. 15 more minutes. Back at ath's 15750.

For some strange reason, this run is giving me awful anxiety rather than excitement. It's probably just my brain inability to process it this rapidly. Super nervous. Cannot explain why.

See you at 20k

because it defies all logic. HODL on its gonna be a bumpy ride.

My morning alarm just went off. I'm glad I could spend this wonderful morning with you all!

Congrats boys!

2 major German publications front paged Bitcoin earlier this week. No one was talking about it there for the most part and I swear some of this weeks spike is on account of this. Any way my wife is german and my brother in law runs investments and a hedge fund in Frankfurt. He says buckle up and secure your funds... glad I bought in late summer. I’ve never seen anything like this.

And here we go onto 16k!

How did you upload video? I failed

My goodness