Bitcoin chart has broken al barriers now

Bitcoin chart has broken al barriers now

It went up so fast it started to travel back in time!

Yes now we can all go back and buy at $0.30.

Is this where the time machine part of BTC comes in?

so it's already at 25K at the same time as 17k?

A shitpost that's actually funny. I'll pay this one

Bitcoin - rewriting history, literally...

Schrodinger's bitcoin

Yes please. I won't spend them all this time. I promise.

Its gone to plaid

Maybe all the early adopters of BTC were actually us from another timeline.

My god, we've broken the speed of light and the price of bitcoin has literally gone back in time

What in THE FUCK is going on? who's buying so much?? Like.. I like it, my btc is worth a lot now.. but it's like fake.. I feel like I'm being lead on, this is unsustainable, this is unnatural.. it's bound to fail.. ugh.. who the fuck keeps buying so much and driving the price up?? should I even buy more before it reaches goddamn 25k, or wait for a dip?? god this is a bizarre, confusing ass time...

This could explain satoshi's mysteriousness.

The last place for it to go was left.

Satoshi was born in 2020.

The price is so high now it's starting to affect the price in the past, making it higher. Fascinating.

I think this is a huge pump and dump, right before the futures come available. Pumping it up really hard and high, so they can short it in a few days.

OK OP, that's funny. A new dimension for chart direction.

that can make a really interesting story...

It takes so long to process the time jumps though that you're better off using Timecoin.

With Proof-of-When!

How have I never seen this vid before? It's freaking amazing