Birth Control

Birth Control

Post-birth control is best birth control

Well Argentina stopped crying at least

Honestly I thought the gun was a Rapier and found it weird the sword went bang.

Just what Britain always wanted...

late late late term abortion

Guinness in a baby bottle hahaha

More like abducted

You're telling me it isn't?! I didn't read it full sized so I tend to miss smaller details.

Casually stabbing a kid through their forehead with a rapier is way funnier than shooting them.

900th trimester

"Kid is crying? Shoot someone! Guaranteed results or your money back!" - Britain

Extra fees may apply Money back not guaranteed

I thought Éire was adopted?

Oh my God the tiny sun emotes! That's some amazing detail man, love it.

That was until Britain touched him in the Falklands.

When they’re 74, I don’t think it counts as an abortion anymore.

Well... yeah? What did you expected to find there? Milk?

Well no wonder america ended up this way then...

One limb at a time.

This is where America learned about gun control and he used it fully just like Spain used abortions.

They'll be called Malvinas when they're Argentinian, but the sun will explode before that becomes reality.

I thought it was a cane


virtual retroactive abortion?

America is what happens when the kid shoots back.

I was wondering whether someone would notice those, good eye!

That's one word for it....Kind of like how Germany 'adopted' Poland in 1939.


I thought this was going to be a Catalonia joke.

Catalonia would’ve self aborted.

Canada is just there like : "I'm fine with this"

I'm sorry, but I can't hear you over all the FREEEDDDOOOM!

am I doing this right?

Guinness-flavoured milk.

also when France shoots at you too

It wasn't a smooth abduction...

French tickler

She could even wear a if she wanted to.

Oy vey, it's suddenly very bright.

Fake news, Catalonia is not even a biological son of Spain! It's the kid she abducted after killing his mother in the early 18th century and then convinced everyone else (even herself and the kid) that she was the actual mom.

Get your memes facts right, kiddo.

They're called Malvinas in spanish language so... be careful with the sun.

Accuracy? In MY polandball?!

might just be you, just sayin'. i suffered through our pubic education and have no problem identifying fags.

Bailey's Irish Creme?

My favorite is UK's smiling monocle at the end, haha.

cute baby argentina is whitest baby!

This sub as made me realize I really need to learn my flags.... Says the American with the shitty education system

It’s always a Bloody Sunday when Ireland’s involved.

France is the lawyer suing Britain for child abuse maybe?

Yeah, shame that the language spoken there is English and not Spanish, isn't it?

I assumed he hit him with the flat edge of a sword, but I guess that's more of a smack than a bang...

Not sure if this is what the comic is alluding to, but abortion is illegal on the entire island of Ireland.


Insult or typo? Lol

I'm pretty sure Anglican is a type of Protestant.

Right between the eyes

It's easy when you're daddy's favourite.

UK should have come with baby Falklands in a stroller.

No, of course not. Facebook is a den of scum and villainy. Where any comic producer can and will get his or her wörk stolen and reposted in the wrong neighbourhood.

But now you gotta eat it.

Just a modest proposal.

Something something Evita

THIS IS AN AMERICAN ESCAPE ATTEMPT, America is in the 2nd panel and while Ireland is yelling at Britain America vanishes from the group.


I have no response to that

Because they've such sour grapes about them.

This is inspired by Every Sperm is Sacred and the scene after it isn't it

I dont understand why I think some polandballs are cuter than others.

Hanging out with France too much


Ya that's just a fucking awful thing to say

"It's always 9/11 when Saudi Arabia's involved"

More like the Crown of Castile ate the Crown of Aragon and became Spain

The little hats! Too cute!

I get 224 and change if each trimester is about 3 months.

And it's fully legal in Spain lol. Many English-speaking people keep thinking that Catholics are necessarily more conservative than the usual.

Almost -

Pretty sure it said Falklands on Argentinas surrender declaration.

Real story: My friend was growing up in I think Lebanon? Either way, there was fighting going on in the city they lived, and he was crying because he was terrified of the bombs. His uncle took out his knife and gave him a shallow stab in the buttocks. Put him into shock and stopped him from crying.

Geography is essential to study history

I didn't know it wasn't a rapier until I saw this comment.

And then grows up to go around shooting other people.

90% of Polandball comics you see on Facebook are taken from this sub.