BIGBANG's G-Dragon will enlist on February 27th

BIGBANG's G-Dragon will enlist on February 27th
BIGBANG's G-Dragon will enlist on February 27th

Oh my God, my heart just stopped. I thought I was mentally prepared for this but it seems like I'm not. 😭

Come back safe, Jiyong-ah. We'll be waiting for you and the other members already enlisted or will be enlisting this year. Richard is still around until next year so it won't be as bad, hopefully. :'(

:( time has come

it was such a pleasure to see him in concert (and being my first kpop concert) last year in August a few days after my birthday. wishing him all the best!!

According to insiders, BIGBANG's G-Dragon has received an enlistment notice for February 27th. He is expected to enlist without delay. Therefore, he will enlist in 13 days.

G-Dragon's last performance before enlistment was BIGBANG's concert held at Gocheok Dome at the end of last year.

His training camp has not been revealed.

Update: Confirmed by YG Entertainment. He will enlist quietly on the 27th and will join active duty.

What is kpop without GD. But seriously, good luck to him, specially since he will be on actuve duty. I hope he will be able to avoid scandal while on service.

Ah yes, the king has some business to take care of, but when he comes back his throne will be waiting.

TT Well only a few years and I'll get to experience my first Bigbang comeback.

I expected this, but I'm shocked at the same time?

That picture in the article makes him look so tiny and fragile.

Wishing the best for him!

I hope his enlistment goes smoothly.

I'm very thankful I got to see his concert in July last year - and I am glad he was my first KPOP concert! I look forward to when he is done and deciding what's next in his life.


My ultimate bias. Excuse me while I go cry in front of my wall of GD posters.

Why do you think so? TOP's case was honestly not even that bad compared to the shit BB has been through before.

The only bad things were the initial knetz comments - and they were terrible but GD had, like a petition filed to kill him or something. Iirc, people wanted Daesung to kill himself too. Compared to that, TOP hasn't faced much. If BIGBANG could come back from all that shit then there's no reason to believe that they won't comeback because of TOP - btw, if comments are indication even knetz comments have changed drastically - from being ragged as a druggie group again, they're all now only asking for BB to come back fast as 5 and remaining forever.

As for TOP's mental health - to me, its always seemed as though for TOP, art has always been his escape so I dont think he'll leave that at all - especially knowing how much support he's surrounded with right now. BB and YG have said it again and again that they'll be back - and they'll be back as 5. They have not shied away from making their support for TOP clear - from the videos at BB concerts to their numerous instagram posts to them saying it themselves loud and clear.

Just saw OT5 at Youngbae's wedding and it just confirmed it more than ever, there's no way these 5 are going anywhere anytime soon.

He’s my ultimate bias so if you’ll excuse me I’m off to cry for 300 days straight

I don't even know how to take however many years without BIGBANG... but GD is like one of the first people I got interested in outside of EXO. He and BB are what drove me to being a multifan. Now begins the long wait and I can't wait to see what it will be like when they're all reunited after.

Lol no, it’s Big Bang. They’ll be fine.

Same. I thought I was ready, but I'm not ready. I literally clenched in my chest.

SKKRT your way into the military and kick some butt, darling!

sigh. i miss him already


be safe and see you soon, GD!!

Very productive comment, it's not as if many other idols also wait until they're 28-29, like the majority of SM's idols, 2PM, and a whole bunch of others

Wishing him all the best and that he performs his duties in good health.

Come back to VIPs safely.

My heart! Come back home safe Jiyong!

Also, i’m kind of excited to see how he will/might beef up while in the military. Of all the things I worry most about GD is how tiny and fragile he looks (especially recently). I personally think he’ll look so much better if he puts some meat on.

He's not running away from his duties. It wasnt like serving is his ONLY duty.

Damn that seems so fast

Honey, are you high? South Koreans are all allowed to put off their enlistment until the age of 30. How is that running away? Honestly, maybe if GD didn't have things to do, he'd enlist at the same time Chanhyuk did. Running away from your enlistment isn't the same thing as legally putting it on the backburner for a while. And i'm not even biased lmfao. I'm just stating facts.

It feels so unreal, but it was inevitable, I wish him a quick and safe service!

Your comment literally adds nothing and implies as if GD is running away and shirking his responsibilities when deadass the majority of the idols do the same thing

Oh my. I was absolutely devastated when Leeteuk enlisted. Knowing that big bang was just as important to me as SJ, I wonder how I’ll take it

VIP until whenever <3

It must be such a bizarre feeling to go from being treated like a demigod to boot camp. Or being a fan boy and having the Mighty G Dragon in your barracks.

The time has come. Active duty like they said (get rekt knetz, and knetz of Nate specifically). Glad I got to see him in concert before he enlisted. 2 years is nothing.

Can't wait for him and all the members to come back to us. It's gonna be one hell of a comeback. We're ready and waiting!

VIP until whenever.

😭Noooooo. Ugh. Ughhh. It ends up going by really fast (at least for me that's how it felt with Eunhyuk and Donghae) but ughhh. I'm gonna miss him so much.

I'm so thankful I had the chance to go to his concert last year...

Mark your calendars in 2019 as the comeback of GTOP 😍

I knew it was coming, but damn, seeing it really hurts.

I knew this was coming, but it feels too soon! I'll miss you, come back safe <3

a not happy valentine's day for me with this announcement. So glad I saw his MOTTE concert in Chicago - it was a WOW! GD always brings something new and creative...going to miss him a lot.

I feel really stupid for how sad I feel about this?????

Edit: I hope /u/gills__ is okay!

Well that's what you think, and this is what I think. Just leave it at that. Going to enlistment earlier than others doesn't make you a better person in the long run since every Korean male's gonna go through it some day before age 30. Edit: you do realize that Chanhyuk literally had nothing going on and that's why he enlisted early while GD actually had his Big Bang/Solo career his entire 20s, right?

Wishing you a safe and comfortable enlistment, Jiyong! You will be so missed.

Don't feel bad! I was crushed when it was TOP's time. And know. Time goes by fast, though. Alive to MADE took 3 years. They got this. We got this!

So sad. I hope he comes back from the army looking more healthy and more deezed.

I'll be here in 2 years to welcome you back.