Biden is the realest

Biden is the realest

Biden the realest nigga livin', on God!

Biden represents that token white guy in black families who has received the honorary nigga certificate. He damn well deserves it

This reminds me of the Biden post where he points and smiles while obama is giving a speech and the text says "when your boy is free styling and they didn't believe you when you said he had bars"


Thanks Uncle Joe

Thanks Uncle Joe

This shit got me depressed. I need that picture of Biden sitting in the oval office the AK and the bucket hat stat

Biden's way too cool for that

Meryl Streep and Dirk Nowitzki coming through too

Biden made me cry with they gesture

i appreciate u

sorry, wrong person, I think you mean the longest serving GOP speaker, dennis hastert

No one's Biden they're style

Dw I gotchu

No lie. I was really hoping he dabbed there.