Bevo Latti! Got more head than he got body 😂

Bevo Latti! Got more head than he got body 😂

Ol Benjamin Sharpton Buttons looking boy.

man he lost a lot of weight over the years.. hope he's aite

this nigga head kept aging but his body stopped aging at 13

When you try to be Like Mike but you accidentally slip on Sharpton's shoes.

For real tho I'll take looking like a kid over being too big

Boyyyy that's probably cause you already big smh

Idk if you know but Al Sharpton used to weigh like 400 lbs. Gastric bypass doing God's work

Heavy people who lose weight always look a little off. It's like through genetics or just by being big for so long their body structure isn't the same as someone whose been thin all their life.

You can usually tell when looking at someone if they've lost a lot of weight to get where they are.

Not knocking anything just pointing it out.

Excess wright (150 lbs in his case) fucks your body up lile crazy. Lots of slow, continuous preasure on joints and limited range of motion throws off all of your proprioception. Also because many people lose weight with diet and cardio but often neglect strength training, they fail to have filled out there frame after the fat is gone. You need that muscle to fill out that frame. He lost weight late in life primarily through diet and running. People who lift during their weight loss look much healthier.

If you gonna show old Rev pics, you gotta show the jump suit pics.

If you gonna show old Rev pics, you gotta show the suit pics.

it's Al Sharpton man

it's Al Sharpton man

Sharpton back in the 80s

Based on his diet, he's practically anorexic now tbh.

Says he eats one salad a day and maybe a couple of fruit.

Gus Fring has a good chirurgist.

I saw him in town not long ago when he was going to Jesse Jackson's mother's funeral. He looked like a walking corpse, terrifying. I don't know what's up with this picture but he at least looks like he has blood in him.

Oh, despite looking like a dehydrated member of the raisin band he had this fine 20 something hanging on his arm the whole time haha

Wait this isn't Al Sharpton's head on some kids body???!

Back in the 80s he was fighting the power and eating whatever he wanted.

Big Al ain't marchin no more.

He out there legit runnin.

😱😱😱😱 I'm deceased, what the fuck happened to him?!

women would rather have a big guy then a guy that looks like he was auditioning for The Machinist.

TIL. That actually explains a lot.

I think he was also eating the power.

Seriously?!? That's not healthy.

sometimes being healthy is more important than getting laid

My body wasn't ready for Keenan Thompson

I can't imagine only knowing skinny sharpton. He'll always be pleasingly plump to me.

Link for the lazy.

Link for the lazy.

You probably also lose weight slow because you're taking in too many calories. The more muscle you build the more calories you burn when working out, so it should get easier to drop body fat %.

The Rev been doin too much runnin

Can't believe this is BPT and everyone is acting like they don't know fat Al Sharpton. Buncha phonies

I won't


That's some HD shit right there

Because what he's saying is stupid. No one looses or gains weight slow or fast. Calories in vs. Calories out end of discussion there is no speed that is appreciably different.

That caption is 🔥🔥🔥

If you watch your caloric intake so closely, why do you have a lot of fat on top?

Look at his wikipedia page photo, it really looks like he's dying.

Damn, he looks great in that.

This is why men must lift

I'll take being able to run around the block without feeling like I'm dying.

Nigga you're delsional lol. 2 years ago I was 310 at 6ft and I told myself the saaaame shit. The only difference is that I bothered to put my feelings aside and look at weight loss scientifically instead through the lens of my feelings. Now I'm 170. You cannot gain mass without taking in excess energy. That is a fundamental law of physics. Stress and mental gymnastics do not negate physics.

I am literally the highest I have ever been, and this just ascended me higher

Slow/Fast metabolism is all bullshit lol. Those body types are a social division of people and have no basis in actual science. You can change your "body type", people just use it as an excuse to continue having shitty habits.

For what it's worth, I was an "endomorph" growing up. So I actually had to put in effort to get leaner as opposed to people who are "naturally lean". But those people are naturally lean because of how little they eat not because they have "fast metabolism" or some bullshit. Their metabolism could also be simply larger because they do more stuff not simply "just because".

You're 330 pounds cause of your food consumption. 500 calories deficit is all you need to lose weight. CICO. Calories In < Calories Out

Al sharpton looks like carl from aqua teens that one episode he was on the south bronx parasite diet

You need to lift a little so you at least have some muscle that shapes your frame

Calories are all that matters for weight loss. If you don't lose at one limit, you need to eat less. Health is more complicated than just weight loss though.

Who is he? He looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it