Betrayal - by Keterok

Betrayal - by Keterok

jokes on mirana, moon just reflects sunlight to the earth, luna is getting the real deal while mirana is hooked up on some second hand light.

A snippet from Mirana's lore:

Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mirana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon.

Mirana was meant to become a Queen of the Solar Throne but she, herself, was a traitor.

Yeah but the gold one is more $$$WAG

Moon gives us light during the night, when we need it. Sun gives us light during the day, who needs light during the day? Sun is so overrated.


Moon has its own lightsource in Doto 2

Source: I know Icefrog

Blue is 10 times better than the golden one.

Nice try, Bulldog.

I played percussion in high school band and I think the gold looks nicer

Luna don't wanna sell Mayonnaise anymore.

Wallace and Gromit is a reference too classy for me to ever expect to see it on fucking reddit

That's how it works for us, you sure it's the same in the dota universe?

Hello IceFrog sir, its me, your brother, i need more buffs for lone druid and nature's prophet sir, please.

Hey there, Its me IceFrog. I approve this Message.

The gold doesn't match with any of her sets, but I really like the gold particle effects from her Q and Ult a lot more.

Love the username

Majonnaise is white in my country too. I think the guy you responded to has been eating Mustard this whole time without knowing.. poor guy

It's not a betrayal, she's worshiping Io.

It's not a betrayal, she's worshiping .

I sexually identify as an attack helicopter and I think gold looks nicer.

Because the moon is made of cheese

IO looks like rotten cheese

somebody drunk from sunwell

Isn't Mirana the Priestess of the Moon? Luna's just some Moon Rider chick right?

Luna has endless moonbeams during lolar lunar eclipses. You're just jealous because you don't get unlimited sunstrikes during solar eclipses.

*Lunar eclipses...not "lolar" haha

That's not true at all.. Gold is a colour, go look it up.

lightsource 2

Not to be confused with /u/LinaDelRey

The moon's often out during the day anyways.

She is selling that cheddar now.

I'm Commander IceFrog and this is my favorite cosmetic on SteamWorkshop

"And as he laid there in the cold grass, frost on his breath and numbness in his fingers, words broke the deafening silence:

'That's the biggest mirror, I've ever seen'."

Abdication of the throne was part of her betrayal towards her family. She is a traitor/betrayer towards her family.

What are you on about? Yellow is the colour of mayonnaise, it's perfect.

jiehdheieheheehwqksiwjwj and I think gold looks nicer

Congrats, but unfortunately it clashes with her colour scheme.

That's not treason, it's abdication.

Wait, in Canada mayonnaise is white. My life is a lie.

6.85: Solar crest now unavailable on PotM.