Best pool trickshot

The game is Rainbow Six: Siege for anyone wondering

Pool, obviously.

Meanwhile, I got sniped outside by his buddy on the roof.

It's the newest one, Coastline

I like the celebratory jiggle

Yeah but what map is that? I haven't played in months and the newest map I remember is Favela.

I think the hit detection is primarily based off of client side issues. Because of this I imagine it would be very rough playing with poor internet. But the game has certainly become much better over time and I would recommend giving it another go.

I love Minecraft. I'm assuming that's the game since OP didn't include the game in the title.


Rainbow Six: Siege

He's talking shit, the games baller

Game physics porn

Depends on the ruleset you use

It's only a trickshot if he called the pocket.

Ya honestly as far as FPSs go I'd say the hit detection in R6S is some the best I've seen.

Which team was which? Defenders rely on high rate of fire SMGs and carbines mostly, and the attackers use mostly assult rifles. This dichotomy dictates how you play. Don't get into a firefight with a Rook wielding a P90 in a tight hallway. He'll just spray you down, and it'll have nothing to do with hit detection.

Can you be more specific where you saw the issues?

He actually did it the absolute madman

Did they ever improve hit detection in that game? I always felt like it was one sided in terms of one team having a much easier time wafting their gun over the other team and getting kills. But if the other team wanted to get kills, they had to be dead-on, perfect bullseye headshots just to register. It really started to piss me off.

What game is this?

You da real MVP!

His natural reaction was to tea bag.. sounds about right