Best Fathers Day ever (/s). My wife invited her sister over...

Best Fathers Day ever (/s). My wife invited her sister over...




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Sister's most recent FB post: "spending an amazing day with my angels and little sis!"

Or "Happy Father's Day to me for being my kids mother and father"

For my 16th birthday, we planned to go to the Bronx zoo. My parents even let me skip a day of school for it, which I never, ever did.

The day before, my half-sister tells us she's going to be in the area and when we tell her our plans, she invites herself along with her kids.

I spent the entire time dragging around three little kids and had to keep watching her two year old that she would ignore. The baby was constantly screaming and refusing to walk and I kept getting dirty looks as I tried to pick her up and bring her along. We didn't get to spend much time at any exhibit that I wanted to see because the kids would get restless, and instead I had to sit with them for an hour while they explored the kiddie stuff.

I would have rather gone to school. Sucks when people invite themselves to something and ruin it for you.

Holy hell Cationbot is still alive and well

"Happy fathers day to me for taking it raw from someone with a reputation and being surprised when he didn't stick around!"


Where do you live where your sister in law has been over all day already

During the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year I asked my wife if I could have a couple buddies over for a BBQ and watch a game. She said sure, so I said that she could invite a friend of hers over too if she wanted to.

Well, one thing leads to another and suddenly she has invited 6-8 of her friends and their families. Roughly 12 kids including my own and a bunch of husbands who I'm told I get along with. Table cloths out, balloons for the kids, all the trimmings for a day with the guys had been hijacked and turned into a kids party with people I don't care to be around.

I texted the guys and told them not to bother coming. I didn't want to put them through this screaming hell.

Game starts: I sit my ass in the couch with a beer and watch the game. Wife comes and scoffs and says "honey, why don't you go chat with the other husbands in the kitchen?". I held my ground though: "I said I was going to watch the game and have a beer, so that's what I'm going to do."


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Maybe communicate with your wife that you dont want that....

Imagine anyone else saying that?

"attention everyone, this is your pilot speaking. I would just like to let you know that if you cannot handle me when I crash a plane, you don't deserve to handle me when I land safely."

And it's usually that they're best is everyone else's bare minimum.

"Happy Father's Day to all my babies' dads out there. I'll find you!"

I was scared after the sketch guy left that we're losing everyone.

Sorry this happened, definitely shitty behavior on their moms part. Kudos for looking over the kids and not abandoning them.

Did you get to go to the zoo later on? Have you mentioned your disappointment to your parents?

Well Marilyn Monroe killed herself so even she couldn't handle herself at her worst.

texted the guys and told them not to bother coming. I didn't want to put them through this screaming hell.

At least you're a good friend.

Ha. Good one

We live on Long Island so it's not a huge trek to get there, we've been to the zoo since.

They know it was a disappointing trip. They've apologized but it wasn't really their fault. I still say that the birthday where I was sick with the swine flu was still better than the zoo one though, haha.

My daughter's mom made a deal with me our first year as parents together, that I would watch the baby so she could have fun on Mother's Day, and she would do the same on Father's Day. So I did my part, took care of the baby and such at her family's Mother's Day party while she had fun and enjoyed a few drinks and presents.

Father's Day rolls around and we have my son from another ex visiting, and daughter's mom gets sloppy drunk on mixed drinks at her family's party, and vomits in the car on the way home. I have to get her out of the car and inside, prop her up against the bathtub, get my daughter inside and to bed, clean up the car the best I can, then drive my son home.

She joked about getting drunk for months afterwards. It pretty much killed our relationship.

That's her tenth most recent FB post, posted 34 minutes ago.

32 minutes ago: "OMG I am so over the drama! Like gbye I don't need this!"

31 minutes ago: (inspirational quote to a background with a beach)

30 minutes ago: (shares a memory of a trip with friends) "OMG girls we have to go back it's been SSSSSOOOOOOOO long!"

26 minutes ago: "I don't need any man all that matters is my kids happiness that's why I'm such a good mother."

22 minutes ago: (quote about not caring about what other people think)

20 minutes ago: (quote about not caring about what other people think)

14 minutes ago: (picture of a really well executed and beautiful tattoo on someone else) "Omg time for more ink! (tagged friend or family member) we should go get matching ones!"

12 minutes ago: "I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow! Where did the weekend go, ugh!"

11 minutes ago: "OMG ALL THIS DRAMA I'm glad that I'm too strong to be pulled into it."

Edit, as u/Brutuss makes a good point;

67 minutes ago: "Taking a break from facebook."

54 minutes ago: "I'm ok everyone." (comments follow like "call me" or "find a real man like me")

47 minutes ago: (motivator post about how a real man should treat a woman) (thumbs up from a friend that wants desperately to fuck her in less time than it took for "just now" to become "one minute ago".

Edit, as u/Holovoid points out;

69 (lol) minutes ago: "Legging party! No pressure! Just fun! Bring a bottle of wine and your fine self!"

Edit, as u/chakster pointed out;

74 minutes ago: (picture of her on the shoulders of a random dude) "He always knows how to make me smile!" (hashtag)Blessed (comment from a friend) "Girl you look so happy!"

56 minutes ago: (quote about not caring about what other people think)

37 minutes ago: (quote about being a strong single mother)

Edit, as u/The_Lupercal pointed out;

15 minutes ago: (motivator about how a real man is loyal)

12 minutes ago: (motivator about how loyalty is 110% what she is looking for and she would overlook any flaw so long as she found a loyal man)

10 minutes ago: (motivator about how if you're not loyal she doesn't have time for you)

5 minutes ago: (motivator about how loyalty is repaid with loyalty)

I mean, I'm american (not living in the US, obviously), and Its 10:43pm Sunday night where I live. There are probably far more than 100,000 americans living in East asia.

Could be the same guy. I mean, have you ever seen Cationbot and AwildSketchAppeared in the same room?

You just re-cremated Marilyn Monroe

have more kids with more women maybe

that might help

lol who the fuck would subscribe to that garbage

4 kids

men and their bullshit

she doesn't like sleeping in the bed she made for herself

My god you must not be married. That's not how it works.

Crack open a beer and join in with her. nothing left to lose

He shouldn't have to leave his own house

"No, sorry, this is for my birthday and I really don't want to be around toddlers. Next time we are in the area, we will surely let you know."

My wife is learning this from me, it's not being mean, it's reminding someone without telling them to respect decisions made without them. A few friends and family members like this (People who don't respect plans made ahead of time) don't speak to me anymore because I am, and always volunteered to be, the person to tell someone 'No'. It's easy for me, and I am usually the one who can break it the easiest.

Stories like these in this thread trigger me in ways I couldn't fathom. People need to be told 'No', especially in cases where they think it's okay to invite themselves and children along to an event specifically for another kid.

That's some bonafide bullshit man, I hope you were able to explain why that wasn't cool.

That phrase makes me cringe so hard. Most women I know who make that statement let you buy them mozzarella sticks at their best and irrationally scream at you when you wont give them your gmail login so they can verify your fidelity at their worst. Women who say this both acknowledge they have character defects that they are choosing not to address and simultaneously overestimating what they bring to the table in a relationship. That's phrase is the female equivalent of "m'lady". If you hear it, just fucking run.


Hi CationBot.

Please throw your life away again so that I can see you in every post again. You don't need a job or Money or anything. Maybe just out a patreon link in your posts.

Just leave. Go for a walk or a beer.

Except it's his house that's getting trashed.

For the downvoters: this is the person that runs /u/cationbot btw.

Nah I'm pretty sure Kennedy cremated all over her face.

Jesus. I work at a bar and we have this coworker who's been there for maybe 6 months. She's super nice, has a great attitude, and generally gets on really well with the customers. She's been throwing me "hints" that she's into me for a long time and I just want nothing to do with it. I really like hanging out and smoking weed with her but she's got 5 kids from at least 3 different guys.

She said that I hurt her feelings the other night because she wanted to come over and watch a movie and I shut her down. Like, sorry. Not only am I not 100% sure that I ever, ever want to have to deal with another persons bullshit for 50 years -- I sure as fuck don't want to deal with your bullshit and the bullshit from your 3 ex's and their little walking welfare recipients.

TodAy is my first Father's Day. Brother in law and his soon to be wife decided to have their wedding today. Currently sweating my balls off setting up their wedding.

I would've gone to a bar. Fuck that noise.

Yeah, I could see that. I doubt the swine flu ever got your hopes up.

No but he shouldn't have to endure that shit either. It makes a statement just leaving.

This is so accurate it makes me sad

Its a free country, but if you decide to date a crazy chick who has a nice ass, don't be surprised when you have to deal with the crazy meltdowns that are inherent to dating crazy chicks.

I'll give you the same advice that I give guys all the time: a low maintenance 7 beats a high maintenance 10 in the long run.

Lol what pressure? If you don't want to post things, don't post things.

Often times when my wife invites her sister over I find out about it when my sister-in-law walks through the door.

Mate.... That's fucked aye. I hope you're in a better place, and your little sprogs weren't too affected by that.

OP should ask for a repeat steak and blowie day

But does Cationbot burn pictures of women?

She didn't even ask me, she asked our dad. She invited herself to my brother's wedding, too, and then cancelled the night before because she "couldn't get a flight" despite knowing about it for months. In that case, she had no intention of flying out from Colorado for the wedding, she just wanted to be invited. That's why she's not invited to my own wedding.

I was also 16 at the time, and pretty non-confrontational. Now I'll stick up for myself more since I'm older.

It's Father's Day. The wife will clean it. Plus she invited them over anyway. Crack that beer!

It's that everyone else pulls that shit. I see that people are posting fun things and saying how amazing life is, but then when we hang out in person they complain about everything. We're pretending to be happy because we think that's what everyone else wants to do. I want no part in a system that encourages this behavior.

Yeah, should have thrown them in the snake gorilla.

Fuck man... Monday is right there. Luckily, I still have a few hours to waste away on reddit.

I feel like you and your friends should have just gone to a bar and watched the game there at that point.

Thanks! I'm in a much better place, amazing partner who has laid out some plans to spoil the hell outta me today, and she's great to my kids three years now.

Honestly, it depends on who you marry, and who marries you. It's like the Matrix, no one can really tell you what it is like, you have to see for yourself.

I quit because I couldn't get new stuff in FarmVille, your reason sounds better.

Is there a /u/anionbot ?

I hate when people bring their kids over and dump them as if you are a free daycare service for them. I don't play that game and have no qualms with calmly telling the parent, "Timmy seems to have found my knife collection. Might want to do something about that."

This is why I quit social media. There's this huge pressure to idealize everything about your life.


Well, it's my house and my blunt and my day, so I guess you better take your kids and fuck off.

That's how it is with my dad and step family. My dad normally works on Christmas (triple overtime) so he has a Christmas party on Christmas eve. The plan was set for a party in the evening and it was just going to be immediate family. It turned into the step family being invited which includes at least 8 kids no older than 10. One of the family members had to work in the evening so it was moved to early afternoon. So my dad took a shift at work to avoid being there for the shit show of screaming children and ignorant parents

After he got off we had our own party and it was fine. Just my dad, step mom, and the kids. It was nice. A lot better than all of the little brats that run around the whole time.

Right? I have been the friend coming over and have kids myself, so getting out with out them is a treat and have walked in to what I though was going to a bunch of guys drinking beer and watching hockey only to discover what the commenter had.

Seriously. Mothers Day and Fathers Day are not a big deal for some people. You have to be explicit about what you want (or don't want).

Me on Mothers Day: I don't want anything except to sleep in and read in bed. So that's exactly what I got.

My husband on Fathers Day: I just want a blowjob and to play tennis. So that's what he is gonna get.

Everyone who ever told you that married the wrong person. It doesnt have to be true!

Ya but your own siblings are different. I would invite my self to my brothers birthday plans where I wouldn't do that outside of my parents and siblings. On the other side, if my sister invited her self to my birthday and stuck me with her kids I would tell her to go suck an egg.

Something like this happened a few Christmas's ago. My sister wanted my brothers wife to watch her kid so she could go out with the adults. My brother was upset because my sister never asked and was planning on ditching her kid on his wife. It turned into a fist fight in the kitchen on Christmas eve. I can't imagine how my family would be if we drank alcohol.

What if they have, like, a really nice butt ?

The swine flu wasn't awful. Just lay in bed and play video games for a week. Really the easiest flu I've ever had. Somewhat dissapointed that you can only catch it once.

This seems to be the resident father's day horror stories thread, so I'll throw mine in there as well.

About 10 years ago, my ex-wife asked me what I wanted to do on father's day. I said to her I wanted to sleep in, watch some soccer, take my son to the park, BBQ some burgers, have a couple of brews and watch the sunset. Easy peasy.

She said okay, but asked if it were okay if her mom took us (that is my father in law, and my sister-in-law's useless drug-addicted baby daddy) out to breakfast in the morning. I like my father in law just fine, but cannot stand either SIL or her useless, drug-addled boyfriend either. I say okay, as long as it's just for breakfast. She assured me that it was.

Fast forward to father's day morning. I wake up, wanting to get breakfast over with, but SIL and her SO are still sleeping. We have to wait until they wake up, which is almost 10 am. When they do wake up, there is a 30 minute debate over where to eat. Me and FIL want to go to a local diner that friends of mine own. MIL wants to go to local chain restaurant which will be insanely busy. She's nearly in tears because she's not getting what she wants, so we give in, because we just want it to be over with.

We get to popular chain restaurant and told there will be an hour wait to be seated. We figured that would settle it and we could go to the diner we wanted to, but MIL INSISTED that we wait. With three kids under 10. FOR AN HOUR.

I am so annoyed, but I just want to get this over and done with so I play ball. We wait, with fidgety impatient hungry kids, finally get seated. We eat, and my darling ex-wife drops this gem in my ear:

'My sister can't afford breakfast, so I said we'd cover them and they'll pay us back.'

We (being us and my MIL and FIL) have given SIL a lot over the years and not once have we ever seen the favour returned. I am livid. My head hurts. I'm irritated. Fine. Let's pay and get the hell out of here. So this breakfast the my MIL said she was treating us to ended up with me paying for 7 people. And no, I never did see that money back.

FINALLY, we leave and I get back home. I grab a smoke and am about to reach for the back door handle to go out onto the patio when the door swings open into my face.

And in they come. MIL, FIL, SIL, Useless and their two kids all file past me and plop themselves down on the furniture in the living room. I ask my darling ex to join me in the back for a cigarette and casually ask what the hell was going on.

'My dad is here to visit. I want to spend my day with my dad. You agreed to this!'

I did not agree to this at all, but my ex was a world champion gaslighter so she argued and argued until I lost the will to continue.

A couple of hours later (no soccer game for me) they start asking what's for lunch. Ya, I say to my ex sarcastically... what's for lunch? We have another smoke on the patio and she asks me to cook the burgers I'd been saving for dinner.

Asks ME to cook... on the one day of the year that's supposed to be mine to kick back and relax.

And I did. Because then I was an idiot and a doormat. Everyone ate. And continued to lounge around my house all afternoon while I entertained them. It was getting close to dinner, when Useless wanted to know what was for supper. I had had enough, and I calmly told everyone that I had nothing for them for dinner because they already ate it. And to leave. Because I wanted time with my son. Ex didn't talk to me for 2 or 3 days after that, but it didn't matter. We were separated a couple of years later.

She's one of my dad's daughters from his first marriage, they're all twice my age and practically strangers to me since they live far away from us. I see her maybe once every three years or so and even then it's usually superficial.

That's why it bugged me. If I was close to her it would be a different story, but I barely know her, except that she and her sisters made my dad's life hell during his divorce and the years after. So to have her ruin my birthday was especially shitty.

Ive had to do this once. I finally became the guy that was by himself drinking in a bar. It was kind of nice. Will do again.

I've recently realized how awesome the "unfollow" feature on Facebook is. It's made my News Feed tolerable again.

He will learn. All you guys suggesting he crack a beer aren't considering it's his beer the sis has been pound and now there's none left and 5 he liquor store is closed

God, when I was doing online dating this was like a preemptive red flag along with "single momma. He is my world" statements. Nope, nope, nope.

Eh, get out of the house or tell her to get the fuck out, though the first option is the less stressful solution.

Marilyn Monroe actually wasn't cremated until just now

So.... should I get married or not? This thread isn't very promising

Sorry about your balls, dude.

Probably because the cultural expectation is that mothers watch the kids and fathers go out and make money. By that logic, moms are moming fulltime and need a break, while dads don't get to spend as much time with the kids while working long hours and presumably want to be with their children.

Obviously that logic doesn't match up with what always happens and you get stay at home dads getting treated like babysitters and women who work fulltime getting shamed for not doing more, but if you're using very traditional gender roles, it makes sense.

If you were Emperor Palpatine you would have just turned me into a sith, so great is my anger.

You've got the jackpot! Just this once will you have to see them on Father's day. From now on, Father's day is their anniversary, and there is no way in hell they he is going to be allowed to take his wife to your house for their anniversaries!

Along with "I hate drama. That's why I only hang out with guys!"

The title by itself COULD describe the best Father's Day ever...

I think he got got confused. He thought you had to put your dick in crazy.

I can never tell if people on here just go along with the whole "marriage is terrible" routine because they're trying to be funny, or if they are actually miserable because they married the wrong person.

Hope she was able to understand why, and not make it his fault.

Ugh. Try being the guy who sees these posts because he slept with them.

That will make you sad.

Why'd you stick around? Shit to do man!

Like the swamps of dagobah

Mine used to do that until one showed up unannounced and almost got shot.

My sister in law is that way. She's a part time (two shifts a week) bar tender. She basically has rules for who she dates that include must be at least 40 (she's 24) and make six figures to support her and her kid. It's fucking infuriating.

It was originally a response to /u/captionbot for people that are at work but couldn't load image macros

Do you not?

Teach the kids really colorful swear words and give them sugar just before they go home.

yeah, but when I'm drinking on friday nights and playing darts you're probably driving to work on friday morning. So it works out.

My wife pointed this out to me last night. Ever notice that on Mother's Day. They look for babysitters and on Father's Day we look for thing to do with our kids.

Should have thrown them in the snake pit.

Just not from the wife

Guess it's time to roll one up and burn it down.