Best costume at Disneyland half marathon

Best costume at Disneyland half marathon

He better win and have a pull down map just so he can say "I don't know how we beat you here, by all accounts it doesn't make sense"

Pull the lever, Kronk!

The costume. The costume for the marathon. The costume the runner wore for the marathon. The marathon costume.

That costume?


The Emperor's New Groove

One of the funniest movies of all time. I just watched it like 2 weeks ago.

It's with John Goodman and the guy you see carrying Yzma is voiced by Patrick Warburton (Joe from Family Guy).

for those who dont get the reference

for those who dont get the

I think this is my favorite line of the entire movie.

Kronk!.. this is one of the more creative costumes I've seen

...He's not wearing any makeup.

My favorite is the whole movie! I guess if I had to pick a favorite line it's either "Wrong lever!!" or when the devil kronk is doing a handstand. Kronk: "What does that have to do with anythi...", Angel Kronk: "No no.....he's got a point."

voiced by Patrick Warburton (Joe from Family Guy)

Wow. I feel old. That is not the character I would have chosen.

Edit: Yes, David Puddy.

Why do we even HAVE that lever?

Squeak squeakitty squeak-um


I'm convinced it's the most underrated kids movie of all time. I still laugh like i'm 10 every time I see it.


I never liked your spinach puffs!


My favorite is:

Kronk: "Oh right the ..."

Yaaaay im a llama again! ... wait.

I still have no idea what that is.

WRONG LEverrr...

I feel like that would be terribly uncomfortable to run in.

Gotcha covered.

A llama?! He's supposed to be DEAD!!!

The drag alone would be misery

"Besides, look what I can do... ha-ha... HA!" oh man, that line gets me every time


you got a question? ask the 8-ball.

Best line goes to; (gasp) a golden throated short winged Warbler. That's another one for exotic bird bingo. I. Am. Loving this.

thanks Yzma


I really need to watch that movie again soon.

This guy the Disneyland 10k, not the half marathon.

Impressive eitherway.

For more about Disney's running events, there's /sub/rundisney

Excellent. One tent on his back, then I'll propose a marathon, and he'll be dead before dessert.

For everything else, there's Mastercard.

Which is a shame, because it's going to be delicious.

Agreed!! Eartha Kitt is amazing and I love that she did such a non serious role. Who needs disney princesses when you have Yzma and a llama??

I like how Netflix has become this thing we just automatically assume everyone has. Freaking crazy.

That's it. She's goin' down.

Oh right. The poison. The poison for kuzco. The poison chosen specially to kill kuzco. Kuzco's poison.

That poison?

Yea I know. I said Joe because I feel like everybody would instantly recognize him. I could have said David Puddy (Seinfeld) or Johnny Johnson (NewsRadio) or a whole bunch of other stuff he has done.

Better known as Brock Samson.

I've done a few Disney World halfs and there are always a few people I see where I think "that has got to be so annoying to run in."

The first one I did was the Disney Princess half and there were two girls towards the end that I passed that had run the whole thing with life-sized stuffed mermaid tails dragging behind them. Another guy I saw was wearing a little girl's costume polyester princess dress. So itchy!

There are some clever costumes, sure. But I get annoyed running with a fuel belt... I can't imagine a toy lizard on my shoulder or a big tent thing like this guy!

Squeak squeaker squeak squeaken.

the poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison. That poison?

Better quality

You owe me a new acorn.

Is that my voice? Is that my voice?

Not without makeup he isn't.

please tell me you weren't thinking of the Tick

hey babe.

He's Brock Sampson from Venture Brothers people. Come on now! :)

It sure is.

I just watched it...

It was on Netflix a while back. Not sure if it still is, though.

The Emperor's New Groove is my favorite movie! It's fantastic!

You have been missing out like crazy!

Well, you really should label your poisons better...

I did a 1/2 in a Boba felt costume, complete with helmet and inflatable jetpack. It wasn't as annoying as it looked. I intend to bust it out again for the star wars half next year.

The tick


What? It came up organically.

I'm snowed in! Gonna watch it right now! Then, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Muahaha, kneel before me tiny humans! For today, I shall be entertained!

yeah that's right.

I never knew there was a TV series

Did you guys know I had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom?

I've still got to beat my fastest speed in a measured run, where I ran in a santa costume... so it might look slow, but it can distract you from any other reason to run slower.

Oh well!

I think is even better in Spanish, he says something like "I don't think it is because cine's magic"

Kronk,I'm getting tired pull over!

i don't care for the term grease monkey

Yeah, weird ...

"He's trying to lead you down the path of righteousness. I'm gonna lead you down the path that rocks!" Best line

Thats a harp, and thats a dress.

Having seen Emperor's New Groove made the sitcom 'Rules of Engagement' way more fun - had both David Spade (Kuzco) and Patrick Warburton.

Patrick Warburton (Joe from Family Guy)

What you meant to say: (Puddy from Seinfeld)

Is there anything on this menu that isn't swimming in gravy?


I believe it is

Okay, one quick cup of coffee. THEN TAKE HIM OUTTA TOWN AND FINISH THE JOB!

What's so bad about the tick?


Again, I said Joe because I feel like everybody here would instantly recognize his voice. Not everybody has seen Puddy episodes.

Squeak squeaker, squeak squeaken.

My poor mother. How dare you.

Yep! Me too! That and Monsters Inc.

from the movie Emperor's New Grove

Kronk is one of my favorite characters in a Disney movie...he is also the voice of Joe from Family Guy...and Puddy.

I had no idea he was on NewsRadio.


Well I know what im watching tonight!

Yes, THAT poison!

Last half marathon I did I got overtaken by someone running barefoot some people are just damn crazy

I hope you were talking about the tv show. This episode was amazing.

I loved it. Probably the best movie-to-TV series ever.

Wrong Catwoman - that's Julie Newmar

Eartha Kitt is Black:

Wrong Catwoman - that's Julie Newmar

Eartha Kitt is Black:

And Yzma is voiced by the girl who sang the christmas song "Santa, Baby!"