Best buds.

Best buds.

No no no, Trump and Putin collusion is the story. Remember the time Trump gave Putin $2b cash and ignored his country's terrorist and drug dealing activities? And then gave him 20% of our uranium? Oh, wait...

So it was Obama who actually paid Russian Hookers to piss on him? That makes a lot more sense now.


So THAT's what SoyBoy Obama would look like with a real man's body?

Too bad is what we actually got.

No, it was Valarie Jarrett one of the days she was pissed at obama.

Giving you an up-trump because of the salty lib lurkers downvoting you. What are they even doing here when it hurts their feefees?

Lol! What a weak tool he is!!

Lol at his standing dumbbell flies. I don’t even lift dumbbells that much and I know how horrible of form that is.

Spez: as I inspect this further, his bent over dumbbell flies are even worse!

He is trying to achieve lift-off.

Stupid is as stupid does

Powerlifter here. Of all the things I've seen in the deepest arseholes of the Internet, Obama "working out" really triggered and disgusted me.

If if if if if if if if we give Russia our uranium everything will be okie dokie!

For shit's sake, what'd he do, get those weights from the women's section? (no offense to the ladies here...)

Best Guantanamo friends indefinitely.

Sounds more like a wedding getaway for Bernie.

this! please do not distract us with your right wing conservative agenda about how obama is bad and ahmedinijinidinidad is his bud. we left-liberals must keep our ass on the bowl and keep spewing shit about trump for every little thing. i mean why are we not talking about covfefe anymore? seriously a person who misspells 'i am a fag' this badly is surely suffering from one or the other mental disorders. i mean what if the psychiatrist who diagnosed trump with multiple mental disorders does not have a license. if i shoot a person with a gun, will that person die only if i have a valid gun license? if i run over someone with a car, will i be charged with homicide only if i have a driving license? ergo licenses are racist and misogynist and invented by white people - who must all die - to keep humanity subdude (and btw who puts the dude in subdude? *taps side of forehead). trump and putin are the main story. lets stick to the narrative.

spez: /s

In a hotel room with a view of Kremlin


I'm with worst O.

That camera must’ve added 40 lbs