Bernie Sanders Still Walks to Work, Unlike Most Members of Congress [X-Post from /sub/pics]

Bernie Sanders Still Walks to Work, Unlike Most Members of Congress [X-Post from /r/pics]

So he jaywalks?... Wait until Hillary gets a hold of this.

He's walking from the DC Bernie Sanders Campaign Office :) I know that road well. Massachusetts Avenue.

Funny, he does the exact same thing I do. There's no cross-walk there but I walk it anyway.

Maybe that's why he's so healthy

Way bigger scandal than her emails!

gotta Bern off those excess calories. 😳

Can we get this revolutionary leader some security detail?

Or maybe there already is and they're just really good at hanging back and keeping an eye out?

Obama can give Bernie security now, just like Bush did to Obama in Oct 2007

According to the posts in /sub/pics you have to be 120 days away from a general election to get state security. Otherwise you have to hire private security. I guess Bernie is very trusting.

Obama was getting many more death threats than the average candidate, that's why he got a security detail so early.

What a cool gesture.

To be fair, Hillary can't drive or walk without Secret Service supervision, ever since she was a First Lady. Ever since then, she (as well as her husband and family) were targets of threats, on a grander scale than any other political family (which is what happens when your husband becomes Commander-in-Chief), and that's why she has Secret Service, and can't do the "normal" things that us walking Americans do.

Even Bush Sr. still got death threats after he left office. For example, Saddam tried to have him assassinated in 1993 or 1994.... so the threat never really goes away.

So for that I really don't blame her at all. It's kinda sad, but I understand it has to happen.... (as I do for all other Presidents, especially Obama currently)

That being said, compared to all other Congresspeople that don't walk to work, Bernie is the MAN!

I am and was aware of this. I just like that the Republican president was still level-headed enough to acknowledge this.

Bush wasn't the smartest president and I didn't like him much but he makes the behavior of all current GOP candidates seem evil by comparison. Bush was more just naive and simple. Despite his flaws he was still at least polite to nearly everybody.

It doesn't surprise me, but damn that's depressing.

I've actually been concerned about this. I have no reason to believe the Koch brothers and their peers are willing to have Bernie assassinated, but I can't shake the feeling that they're willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the oligarchy.

I volunteer there. If he ever shows up...

My favorite moment of today

My favorite moment of today

I agree. Bernie is saying things that will lose very powerful people a lot of money.

I think that's very unlikely. He's more at risk of being killed by some random maniac.

So, from my time working as an intern on the Hill, you notice how many Congressmen (though typically lower profile players like representatives) walk to work. Traffic in DC is god awful and personal drivers get to be expensive on a Congressman's salary (when you factor in things like 2 residences and travel costs). Not saying it isn't a good picture or impressive that a man of his age is still moving around like that, but don't mistake the idea that all congressmen are these rich, disconnected, unapproachable people.

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Just thought some on this subreddit might find this interesting. I sure did.

And RFK. And MLK. Just saying, it's been quite some time since any popular leaders genuinely threatened the political/economic status quo. It's not wrong to feel a lil uneasy.

How are we going to counter this!?!? Any ideas? How is America going to vote for a jaywalker?

I see that a lot, even people who don't support him, have a great deal of respect for him (trolls being the exception). When it comes to politics, that's pretty rare.

You should say hi to him sometime

It's something to throw in the face of the 'he's too old' crowd, at least.

I bet Bernie is in better shape than half the other candidates.

This is nice. This is genuine, authentic. In a country all candidates are prefabricated and always have 40000 dudes around them, That there, from one place to the other, unconcerned about politics, just walking, is just a guy being a guy, N makeup or facade like any other . I like that.

Just like JFK

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It's okay, Bernie's initials don't end with a 'K', we're all good.

I like how he's very happy. He really does like his job.

He's definitely feeling the Bern on his feet

Guys this post needs to be taken down. We don't need another scandal. We are still recovering from that sweaty New Hampshire picture.

That says yesterday.

Diet restrictions include: not eating any bullshit from the press.

Why does this matter? I mean, I guess it's good for his campaign because he looks more down to earth, but isn't this campaign about the issues? Anybody can walk to work if they live close enough.

What?!?! I always make my husband jaywalk across that street! Actually passed Bernie back in those neighborhoods in June and having been trying for months to figure out if he lived back there!

No. There wasn't a crosswalk available. If there is not a crosswalk it's not jaywalking.

Crosswalks are a tactic of the automotive corporations to reinforce the notion that pedestrians are second class citizens and to get us to buy their vehicles. It's exploitative marketing. The roads are for all people!


I just donated 50 dollars based solely on this photo

not even joking

Today is where the heart is.

i think he was a lot smarter than he let on