Berlusconi: ‘600,000 illegal migrants should be deported’ from Italy

Berlusconi: ‘600,000 illegal migrants should be deported’ from Italy
Berlusconi: ‘600,000 illegal migrants should be deported’ from Italy

Good news for Germany.

They have got another 600,000 new child doctors headed their way.

Not to shit on Berlusconi, but I suspect this is just him saying the popular thing to try to get back into power... I'm not sure that he would follow through with it.

Lol. So easy too.

Hey citizens, $500 for each illegal you report...

300,000 later, the next day:* jobs done.

The refugees aren't having a great time in Italy, they are finding out that Italians are assholes to people they don't like. I also heard that La Cosa Nostra declared war on the refugees. The mob in Italy doesn't fuck around when it comes to murdering people.

However will they spot them...

Good luck finding them all now.

Just spoke with a humanitarian who's working with refugees in northern Italy. Once they get into the country, they're shipped all over to designated areas. Once there, the aid groups (with money from the government) pays for food, rent, utilities, Italian language courses, job training, and medical bills. For an entire year. Insane! He also has several friends within the government who have told him that the temporary reprieve of immigrants will be coming to an end soon. Essentially, what happened was that Italy knows they have way too many people coming in. So they stopped the flow, but the only way to do that was to pay neighouring countries to take them. But now the cost of having others take them is getting even higher, so they're going to start letting them in the country and keep doing the same things they have been doing. His sources in the government are saying this will resume shortly.

6 million


Well, finding these guys among Italians shouldn't be hard

Well, finding among Italians shouldn't be hard