Ben Simmons with the "Rondo-like" fake and drive for 2

Ben Simmons with the "Rondo-like" fake and drive for 2

Are we witnessing a future hall of famer blossom live in front of our very eyes?

Hell yeah TJ McConnell is the shit

Sick game for highlights so far.

I still don't understand how a 6-11 point guard that can make plays like Rondo even exists.

Ever seen a 7’1 man move and shoot like a guard? 🐍🐍🐍

That’s what I thought about MCW in his first game and Jennings in his 7th

Id say Simmons is a little more safe

Blake will probably end up in the hall. Not as exclusive a club as in baseball or football.

Basically any time you watch a great young player come into the scene (which is basically every season) you're witnessing a future hall of famer blossom live in front of your very eyes.

That's a 6'10" man. Holy fuckballs.

Good call TNT

Blake has a very good chance of being in the HOF

Idk but I've seen a 7'3" man take my heart

He's gonna do the J-Will elbow pass in the 3Q

"Allen Iverson-like" cmon man he's on the sixers

Last year when they were talking about him at the point, I was like "that's cute"

Nope not cute, scary.

Yea but why tf are we losing

2x scoring champ and 7x all-star isn't enough to make the HoF?

Lol people spoke about rookie blake like this

Good game m8

Too many turnovers again.

It's Ben Simmons, the for 2 is implied


That's how I felt about Tyreke's rookie season

do you think drose makes the hall of fame?

i ask cause people seem confident rose won't make the HoF, meanwhile it seems like people are saying blake has a good chance

imo their accomplishments and stats aren't too different. blake has a few extra all-star appearances and all-nba teams, but rose has the regular season mvp.

blake probably has a more promising future, but it's hard to predict when they both seem injury prone.

Also the best wing in the game in 2001-02: 32.1 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 5.5 APG, 1.7 SPG, 0.8 BPG, just 2.6 TPG, 30.3 PER, led the league in WS/48 and BPM. This was before players were so conscious of efficiency, a 30+ PER was basically unheard of. Only Wilt, Jordan, David Robinson and Shaq had done it before (NBA and ABA). Yes he didn't have a really long career so I will admit he was probably given a little cushion because of his injuries, but it's clear he would've been the KG to Kobe's Duncan had he not been injured.