Belcalis Almanzar!


Underrated title.

Wingardium Hennyosa

Do you ever really grow up? Or does your body just grow up and you gotta pretend like that wouldn't be fun as fuck at any age

Wear safety glasses

I 'member this, this shit is fun as fuck, but those look like grown men not teenagers.

It's Henny-Oh-sa!

If Young Kingsley don't trust you I'm gon jinx you

Part of me thinks it's funny but the other part of me thinks that this is really cool.

This is probably what real life wizard fights would look like.

Stole my damn joke, but it fits great here.

I'mma be pulling up the the rival nursing home with my senior citizen gang in wheelchairs with these things when I'm 70

Yo what's the actual story behind the gif though? Looks fun af (but also the risk of blasting an eye out seem high)

Expecto Patron

I’m guessing Roman candle tag?

I read the title out loud and my furniture started levitating.



I'd run my grown ass half way around my neighborhood with my goofy ass friends if we could.

Even better with the soundtrack.

You cared enough to comment about it you maximus hypocritus.

Last I remember this is in my proud home city of Chicago. And yeah it’s some fireworks shenanigans

You can. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.

You'll be fine as long as you protect your eyes.

If you Voldy you get pop!

Damn title meta af

Guccify Guccify!

I can’t relate to any of this. I hate I never watched or even cared for Harry Potter