Before "shithole" comment, Trump asked why a "pretty Korean lady" wasn't negotiating with Kim Jong Un on his behalf

Before "shithole" comment, Trump asked why a "pretty Korean lady" wasn't negotiating with Kim Jong Un on his behalf
Before "shithole" comment, Trump asked why a "pretty Korean lady" wasn't negotiating with Kim Jon...

Remember that time when Obama wore the brown suit? There was an uproar!

The exchange occurred in the Oval Office last fall when a career intelligence analyst specializing in hostage policy explained to Trump the impending release of a family that had been held in Pakistan. Afterward, Trump asked her, “Where are you from,” two anonymous officials told NBC News.

The analyst said she was from New York, and when Trump was unsatisfied, elaborated that she was from Manhattan, which is also his hometown. The president asked her where “your people” were from, according to the officials, leading the analyst to disclose that her parents are Korean.

Trump then asked an adviser in the room why the “pretty Korean lady” wasn’t negotiating with North Korea, suggesting that her ethnicity should guide her career path.

I just... I can't believe this is happening.

The analyst said she was from New York, and when Trump was unsatisfied, elaborated that she was from Manhattan, which is also his hometown. The president asked her where “your people” were from, according to the officials, leading the analyst to disclose that her parents are Korean.

lmao, she knew exactly what he was asking, every Asian American does because we get asked this every week. She most definitely answered this way just to spite him- I pretty much do the same to everyone who asks.

The POTUS Apology tour of 2021 is going to be fucking amazing.


Protip from a Korean American: we know what you mean when you ask "where are you from", but sometimes we don't want to go through that stupidly boring song-and-dance where you then proceed to tell us the few factoids you know about Korea and we pretend to be interested.

If you ask an Asian person "where are you from" and they tell you the physical place they're from, it means they don't want to answer the question you're actually asking.

edit: I actually had someone say "I'm a white dude and I don't get why it's a big deal".

Just about summarizes most of the negative replies I've gotten lmao

edit2: An interesting observation with these responses is that it's mostly self-identified white people telling me that I'm wrong for feeling this way, while most non-white user responses have empathized with my experience.

edit3: A lot of self-identified white people missing the difference between being asked "where are you from?" when you're clearly an immigrant with an accent or abroad not speaking the native language, and being asked "where are you from?" in America/Australia/what have you while speaking the native tongue (English in my case) perfectly.

The audacity of taupe!

Edit: This isn't my invention, I think it came from Time political reporter Molly Ball.

We all know that the solution is Dennis Rodman.

He's good at defense!

Guys, are we the “shithole” country?

Edit: for the record I don’t think America is a shithole. But damn, some of “us” are trying to make it so.

Oh man, fellow Asian American here and this really get me too.

“So where are you from?”

“I’m from here”

“No, like where are you REALLY from?”

“You mean where I was born? Here.”

“No I mean like your parents”

Edit: To clarify, I was making an exaggerated joke and I don’t take offense or think there’s anything wrong with being curious and asking, but I think a better way to ask someone is “What’s your ethnicity”, instead of “where are you from” because that’s sorta assuming the person you're asking is not American unless you’re asking what city or state they’re from.

Whoever the next president is , they are lucky the bar is set so fuckin low

Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for simply Not Being Bush, the next one is going to be crowned Commander-in-Chief of the Universe.

Just unbelievable.

If someone came into my office to give a power point presentation and I asked those questions I would easily be fired by the end of the day.

I just don't understand how anyone could stand by or work with someone who is so blatantly racist/sexist unless they also are.

Considering this is Trump we're talking about we should be thankful he didn't ask her to cook some dumplings and sushi...

We should be thankful he didn't grab her by the pussy

Reminds me of this:

Reminds me of this:

Yeah, but that has nothing on #dijongate. I'm quite frankly surprised we ever survived that.

Holy shit I can’t believe people can’t pick up on this very obvious cue.

Trump's never had a boss. He doesn't understand the concept of having to care what someone else thinks of what he says or does. On that note, he doesn't understand that he is now a public servant who works for the american people. When he said he wanted to run the country like a business, he apparently meant more than anyone thought he did. He wants to redefine the role of presidency to be more like that of the owner of a mega corporation who answers to no one except the government, and now he IS the government, and therefore answers to no one.

The analyst said she was from New York, and when Trump was unsatisfied, elaborated that she was from Manhattan, which is also his hometown.

Manhattan isn't his hometown. He's from Queens, and sensitive about that fact.

Plus it’s so fucking rude. Especially if the person is speaking English with a perfect American accent. There is no reason to believe they are from anywhere else. I don’t go up to white people and ask where they’re from

I know we’re living in an alternate reality when Dennis Rodman seems like a viable solution to the NK crisis.

My friend George(name changed obviously) gets asked this a lot and says, "I escaped North Korea with them chasing after me. They almost had me, but stopped when I crossed the border." "Really?!" "No, I'm from Seattle."

People of Asian descent really get that all the time. I used to work with a Korean guy. We were talking in the break room about how work was shorthanded and scheduling everyone lots of hours. I asked him "what are you?", referring to being part time or full time and he responded, "I'm Korean". I reply, "that's good to know, but I was talking about your work status". He laughed and said his response was a reflex.

but it brought concerns that he lacks cultural sensitivity...

That's putting it mildly.

I’m Korean American and recently moved to Alabama, and I don’t even get the “where are you from?”

The other day I was at a grocery store and an employee asked “Chinese or South Korean?” when I walked by. Lol.

Lordy, please let there be taupes.

-"What are you?




There was some idiotic rightwing media canard right after Obama took office attacking him for going on a world apology (for the US) tour.

Apology tour

Reference to the Orville?

Are we the baddies?

Yeah, but where is he from?

We just want to know what kind of Chinese you are. Why is this so hard to understand??

i dont understand why any of this is shocking

this is EXACTLY how he has acted since day one, why would it ever change?

the man has always been like this.

why are ppl now somehow shocked and amaze at his abberant shallow disgusting idiotic behaviour?

I actually cannot believe this man. He is the most powerful person in the world and he's acting like a 12 year old. Ohhhhhhhmyyyyyyygggggggodddd

Whatever, speak for yourself. When Obama put dijon on that burger it literally killed me. I'm dead now. That was so irresponsible and heartless of him.

had an Obama impersonator read Trump quotes verbatim

Bill Maher .

This was back in August, so like 10 years ago. They should update it.

Ask to solve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan?

Don't kid yourself. He has no idea what that is.

On one channel, Fox News. Tucker Carlson just had a whole 20 minute segment about Obama bashing Sean Hannity and Fox News in June of 2016 today, January 12th 2018. The same Tucker Carlson who supports a President that regularly bashes CNN, MSNBC, Time, Reuters, and WaPo; the same Tucker Carlson who had a whole segment on CNN's Chris Cuomo's journalistic professionalism.

EDIT: This was a grammatical train wreck. Special thanks to /u/motsanciens for calling me out on it and to /u/Sephrick for fixing it.

Oh people ARE picking up on it, they just don't care.

I wasn't aware skin colour was the main determiner of occupation; in that case, Willy Wonka must be short a labourer.

The president likely did not mean harm with his question to the Korean-American intelligence briefer, but it brought concerns that he lacks cultural sensitivity, the officials told NBC News. 

Oh, well as long as he "likely" didn't mean harm, it's totally cool for him to be a racist asshole.


Because W's foreign policy was disastrous. The propaganda channels are going to do that bullshit again with next dem president fucking guaranteed. And they'll accuse him of collusion wi a foreign country regardless of whether it is true because they lack imagination and the entire point of them is to undermine and sabotage the US. We gotta fix propaganda in this country or it will keep metastasizing into what we see today.

I like to imagine Obama saying the things Trump does, I don't know why but it makes it so much sillier. I guess because Obama was a dude that actually had good humor so I imagine it in a funny way instead of a facepalm way.

Like, imagine Obama saying the line from the title and tell me you don't fucking laugh.

Trump then asked an adviser in the room why the “pretty Korean lady” wasn’t negotiating with North Korea, suggesting that her ethnicity should guide her career path.

So, would Trump be negotiating with Cheetos based on his ethnicity?

Guys, I think we are in the Shithole Country. Edit: TV reference folks calm down.

Gernany denies any association of ethnicity with trump, thank you, please move along


I see they changed their country's name, just in case.

You've got to understand: from a brainwashed Republican's perspective, the Obama administration was a disaster. The far right wing took objection to every single thing he did. My mom, who I honestly don't think is racist, thinks he was the worst president ever. The problem is, most of the things they hate him for are things we see as his triumphs. Likewise, all the things we hate Trump for don't seem like a big deal to her. The cognitive dissonance is maddening.

I actually cannot believe this man.

I can. At this point, I honestly don't think there's anything he could say or do that would actually surprise me, other than, "I am emotionally, intellectually, and professionally unfit for this job, and I now see the galling stupidity and recklessness in everything I do."

I think you mean President of Earth. All hail Nixon!

A Chinese-dish. Sorry, I'll show myself out.

Edit: thank you stranger, glad you liked my dish.

Learn to read a fucking situation, Donnie.

The thing is, Obama wasn't even apologizing. I took it upon myself to look this up last year and basically, the "apology tour" was just Obama acknowledging that sometimes the US doesn't make optimal decisions and thus can sometimes make things worse. He never actually APOLOGIZED, though.

Also, having to look this up gave me some insight into how the rightwing media bubble works. They make up the most insane bullshit, the viewers/listeners start parroting it as fact, and then when normal people don't have an immediate rebuttal because they don't even know what the hell the person is talking about (this is what happened to me with the Obama apology tour thing), they take it as evidence that they must be right because otherwise you wouldn't be left speechless by their statement! Never mind that you're speechless because you literally just don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

I loved that scene! I'm Japanese and from South Carolina, so I've told people that, and they thought I was being a smartass and quoting from parks and rec. I just say "No, really, I'm from South Carolina" and then they feel stupid, haha.

Trump disrespected that veteran’s family? Who cares? What’s the big deal?

He said he would donate to the veterans and didn’t do so until people called him out on it? Cmon big deal.

Didn’t release tax returns? Oh boo hoo. I bet no other president released theirs either!!!

Grab them by the pussy? Well that’s obviously...he just meant that.....what about Clinton!?!?!?!?

Made fun of disabled reporter? He just said what we were all thinking!!!! I mean, not me know.

Being originally from India, I wonder what Trump might suggest I do if I were to ever come across him..

Ask to solve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan?

Deal with the drug and cartel problem in Mexico and Central America?

Find Gaddafi's hidden treasures in the mountains of Libya?

Donald Trump: "Listen, ☝️I know cashmere, we have 👌the 👌best cashmere. There should be 👐no conflict with ☝️American cashmere. Ivanka! Bring me your cashmere neckwarmer here. 👍 Nice smell, isn't it? I'd be dating her if she 👋wasn't my daughter. Anyway, ✊ Indian and ✋Pakistani cashmere 🖐️can't beat the 👌American one. The difference is 👐yuge. People 👋 don't want cashmere from ☝️shithole countries like 👌 India or 👌 Pakistan. Now 🤝 shake hands and get 👆outta here. Hey, you, Secret Service guy, I'll call you Steve. Steve, 👉 get him out. 👉 Get him out too."

EDIT: "Shall we ☝️applaud for the 👌nice 👌hombre who offered this shiny gold for my new 👍diplomatic achievement, shall we? 👏 Yeah, let's 👏clap for the real Redditor out 👉 there, 👐 I assume he is 👋not from a shithole subreddit. 👋Not at all."

Just look at all the appalling things that Evil Black President Man and his wretched Arugula Wife have done!

Trump: "Grab 'em by the pussy. I mean, nice American pussy, not Asian sideways pussy."

From a Republican perspective, Trump is not an insane maverick who gatecrashed their party, although that's a narrative that's been going around since the election. In reality, Trump is everything that the Republicans support and endorse.

His mother was born in Scotland and we've never seen his birth certificate. I don't know, it's a question worth asking.

No. I'm Haitian and the consensus on my facebook time line from all the other Haitians I know in France, Haiti, and the US is that Trump is a stain on humanity. No one looks at him and his comments and generalize all Americans.

We know we have problems in our country but his comments was an insult to our people. Since the people make the country. To say such a thing on the anniversary of the deadliest earthquake in our nation's history just hurts.

"Which kind of Chinese are you?"

Hank Hill

Vote for an asshole, don't be surprised when shit comes out of its hole.

"So...are you Chinese or Japanese?"

What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

It's not so much that they don't care as it is that they want to remind you that you are not " American" according to them. When people ask me where I am from I say Florida. Then They ask where I was born and I say " New Orleans" , which is in fact the true answer.

But what they want me to say is " Honduran" because what these kind of people are getting at is that I am not an "American." Nevermind that I have a been a US citizen for every second of my existence, or that I am an attorney with three semesters of Constitutional law under my belt who almost certainly understands the history and founding principles of this country better than the kind of idiots who insist on not " picking up" on this clue.

Edit: I am talking about the Sarah Palins and Donald Trumps of the world here. I can't believe I have to clarify that I don't act like this with most people. And yes I can tell the difference between a person who is legitimately curious and trying to get to know me and a person who is trying to label me as not an American in order to " other" me. The difference is obvious and nearly instant, it takes less than a minute to distinguish between a curious person and the kind of people I am talking about. Every single person reading this who has been " othered" knows precisely what I mean.

I don't normally put on my badge, but I have to grammar police you on the confusing and unconventional use of punctuation in this comment.

Actual conversation I've had:

White guy: Where you from?

Me: (Hometown in Massachusetts)

WG: No, where you really from?

Me: I live in Boston now.

WG: No, I mean, where are you really from?

Me: I was born in Waltham.

WG: (getting exasperated) C'mon, you know what I mean.

Me: parents are from Korea.

WG: No shit! My roommate's Laotian!

Dennis Rodman believes that there is no North Korea.

Source: The Eric Andre Show

That same tucker Carlson who was burned so bad by John Stewart, he stopped wearing a bow tie for years.

"So are you Chinese or Japanese?"

"I'm Laotian. I'm from Laos."


"So are you Chinese or Japanese?"

He thinks it has to do with sweaters.

Like the angry math kind or the naruto running one?

And he barely even said that! He just talked for a bit about how the solemnity we feel in the presence of the dead, and how it should remind all of us to be very cautious about making war. It might have been a low key rebuke to GWB, but it was also a low key rebuke to the Japanese nationalists who always want us to apologize. The subtext was "you shouldnta started shit."

Bannon: "It was treasonous."

Very true. He just actually says it instead of using the obvious codes the rest of his party uses.

Good God if you were to do this in a business situation you would get the pants sued off you, oh wait that's right Trump has probably been sued a few times because of that.

Should've asked if their parents were siblings or cousins.

It's usually fine to ask but it would be best to drop it if you don't get the answer you're looking for.

It only gets annoying when someone presses.

The worst is when I tell someone I'm Korean and they ask "North or South?" If you don't have any interest or knowledge of the place that the person is from, then it's better to have not asked at all.

When Germany sends it's people, it's not sending it's best. They're racist, they're mentally unstable, they're corrupt. They're pussygrabbers. And some, I assume, are good people.

Learn to read, Donnie.


Progress is going from "Chinese or Japanese?" In my childhood, to "Are you Filipino?" As an adult.

(I'm half-Vietnamese)

Can't take too many precautions

Don't forget barking some ill-informed orders at any nearby subordinates and then heading out to the links.

He eats well done steak with ketchup, you really think he'd want dumplings?

They fucking love it. The whole he just says what we're all thinking thing is legit. They are thinking that. They just can't grasp that the rest of us fucking aren't. Like at all.

Dude sounds like Kermit the frog

Dennis Rodman: "There is only Best Korea."

The current, direct, totally-organic whataboutism coming from Trump sycophants is that Obama called the political situation in Libya a "shitshow," like that's totally the same thing. Talking about a mishandled military conflict marked by chaos and disaster is not the same thing, and I think they realize that, they just don't care. Actually giving a shit about the truthfulness of your positions means that you're prone to losing arguments against liberals; instead, just pick a position that you can vaguely justify (truthiness over truthfulness) and repeat that narrative.

Usually people get the hint after the initial answer is "New York" or "Des Moines" or "LA". Only the truely clueless and rude keep pushing. "No, where are you really from?" Trump is really the lowest of the low.

I was born in and grew up in Alabama (parents are south Asian). It was pretty rough. Got asked if I lived in a tree and ate monkey brains, lots of racist statements/bullying, etc.


It's only low for now. Republicans will raise it back up once we have a Democrat in office so they have something to bitch about

I'm mixed Chinese and Swedish, which I suppose is somewhat uncommon. I never get asked where I'm from, but I've gotten, "what are you?" on way too many occasions.

What's more amazing is this isn't the first time Trump thought ethnicity was a compelling factor in international relations. Remember when he put us Jewish son in law in charge of that whole Israel Palestine thing?

As an Asian American I like to ask “so, what kind of asian are you?” Because I can.

They hate him for his healthcare plan, though as a Canadian I'm confused as all hell why they would.

He can stay away, we don't want him back in Scotland.

We've even put windmills up in front of his golf course so that he doesn't want to visit it.