Become a master at PhotoShop or you know....

Become a master at PhotoShop or you know....

Just write "No Copyright Infringement Intended" in the description like all those YouTube videos.

Ah yes, the "Saying 'No offense' after saying something completely offensive" strategy.

I read the question as "does anyone know how to steal copyrighted material for my own use without letting everyone know I'm a lowlife tightwad thieving piece of shit?"

The process of Shutterstock and other stock image sites:

Google '[thing i want].png'

Dozens of cool stuff all layered with watermarks.

Go to Shutterstock (or whatever page has it).

You want to know the price? Fuck you. CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. Which gives you nothing, so the free part is pointless, but we must mislead people!


Prices? No. Click DOWNLOAD.

Hey we want MONEY! Oh is it a good price of like 2-3 bucks per high quality image? No, no it's not. A pack of 5 images costs over $50!! It's roughly $10 per image for fuck sake.

But hey there is a subscription! You wanna get fucked in the ass every month for $130? We got ya fam.

Fuck buying stock images. They often fill google image searches even when you include free stock images because they have the

FREE account

part written on their page so Google finds it. I fuck around in Photoshop (now Affinity Photo) for fun. It's a hobby that I make no money from. In those rare occasions when I get paid for my work I buy all that I need but fuck this. Fuck those prices and fuck those sites.

To be fair there might be talking about pic stitch or one of those other apps that puts their name on your pic just to let you resize it or something.

I think a lot of people on this sub are the creators of copyrighted material, thus it hits close to home.

At least they tried. Also Fair Use. EDIT: sorry, "Fair Use".

This really annoys me, uploading clips of a show is not fair use, uploading clips of a show tbhen commentating it is fair use

Or, if it's Instagram, "Credit to creator of post. Work is not mine."

Or if it's reddit,

Like the ‘if I have my hazards on, any illegal actions taken are ok’ doctrine

All begging, not particularly choosy.

well stop talking lol

Almost none of then fall under Fair Use, it's a very specific doctrine.

I don't think people should have to pay for food either.

I didn't.

Being made to pay for stuff should be a hate crime

Yep, that's why OP posted it here. Congrats on understanding the post!