[Beck] LeBron: "It's been a while since I've had that clear-cut guy who can get guys involved, but also score at the same time.. I look forward to when IT returns, whenever that happens, where I know he can run the offense and control a quarter or two, or a game if need be."

[Beck] LeBron: "It's been a while since I've had that clear-cut guy who can get guys involved, but also score at the same time.. I look forward to when IT returns, whenever that happens, where I know he can run the offense and control a quarter or two, or a game if need be."
[Beck] LeBron: "It's been a while since I've had that clear-cut guy who can get guys involved, bu...

Peak passive aggressive Lebron

Bro this is not subtle

how come everything lebron says sounds like subtle shots at someone lol

Derrick Rose has fallen so low that no one even sees this as a complaint about Rose.

No respect at all for Mario Chalmers, smh...

IT could run the Celtics offense

Irving can run the Celtics offense

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

Lebron is the Regina George of the NBA lol

He's kind of right, it has been a while for him, Irving was traded almost 3 month ago right?

Where is this revisionist history coming from. The Cavs offense fell apart every time LeBron left the court. Irving was not capable of running the Cavs for multiple quarters like he's saying IT can

Because this is a blatant "subtle" shot at Kyrie.

When Kyrie claps back

"OMG, I wasn't even talking about him, no disrespect. This Boston media always pulling stuff, always been that way since I was a rookie. Btw they're pretty racist too. I'm a father of 3, we got kings, queens, princes, all types of shit in our family so who are they to talk to me...anyways, who we play next? Hornets? Remember when they turned down 4 first round picks to draft Frank Kaminsky? Me neither, weird that I just said it."

Forgot about him lol. Used to be amazing.

Yeah my point is that, until IT comes back and runs that offense well, we don't have reason to believe that this doesn't come down to the Celtics having a good system and the Cavs having a bad one

Theres a brad Stevens in there too though.


Why do you think he's saying it's been awhile.

lol I'm so tired of Lebron making these not-so-passive-aggressive comments this week trying to start a beef left and right, just so he can try to play the victim the next day. It's so hypocritical

Great? LMAO

Come on man, he's only played 7 out of 14 games so far this season, averaging more turnovers than assists as a point guard, and is shooting 20% from 3, with a PER of 12.

So in your mind 100% of the league has been playing "great" so far?

Kyrie literally averaged .1 less assists per game than Thomas last year.

Lebron make a "passive-aggressive" comment about X-player

X-player defends himself, or X-player's teammate defends him

Lebron acts like that was never the intention, and now he's the victim

rinse, repeat

How is this even slightly subtle

I don't know how anyone can believe that after his history of comments like this. Lebron is King....of passive aggressive subtweets

Steve Kerr when Curry comes back: ‘It’s been a while since I had 2 MVP’s on the floor together.’ masturbates while reporter tweet

He's been passive aggressive his entire career.

He's averaging 1.7 assists.

I’m honestly shocked that Shea Serrano didn’t write this.

Maybe, but he could just be talking about not having that this season.


IT is a very similar player to Kyrie though. He's a devastating scorer who can make the right play in a ball movement system like Brad Stevens' system.

The problem in Cleveland is that the system is Lebron James and when he sits there's not really a plan. I think Isaiah will struggle as much as Kyrie did in that situation, while still being his old fantastic self when Lebron is on the court.

Seriously the passive aggressiveness is just nauseating

Last time they played was June too

He is talking about mike bibby

Stop trying to make LeGM and LeCoach happen, it's not going to happen.

He wouldn't say "it's been a while" then

LeBurn Book.

You forgot people posting "read the full quote!!" Even though it's still passive aggressive

Because Kyrie hasn't been throwing shots all off-season, also he wouldn't have had the opportunity hadn't it been for LBJs back to back 41 point games followed by a triple double game 7, gtfo with that bullshit.

I actually feel he meant this as a compliment to Kyrie

LeBron really just got the mind set of a 15 year old

He's an attention seeker and loves it when everyone is talking about him.

15 games is a while.. it's almost 1/5th of the season

Rose has his stans on here. Learned that the hard way last season anytime knicks fans criticized his play. Current Rose is not a good player and does not make a team better in his current role. I think as a 6th man or scoring punch off the bench he could be better. He can still get to the rack but his defense is bad and he can’t shoot 3’s and has bad court vision...

Uhhh, if you don’t think he’s taking a shot at Kyrie you’re just a delusional Cavs fan.

Mf had Kyrie who closed out the damn finals for him and he stays taking shots at him lmao talk about an all time bitch

That's exactly my point. The Cavs system is Lebron and you need a Lebron to run it.

I think the problem is the cavs don't have a system outside of lebron.

Not only that, but it sounds pretty self-oriented rather than team-oriented. He says it's been a while "since I've had that clear-cut guy", not we.

It's so lame. Like this is a grown man acting like a teenaged girl

he had a 43% AST% with Bron off the court and just 24% with LeBron on the court

Lol you guys are soft as hell. So vets can't fuck with rookies anymore? He stood in his way, frank pushed back a couple times and they were about to move on till kanter came in. If Beverley did this people wouldve loved it

It's sad what he's become.

Did you see his RPM rank? Abysmal.

When Lebron sat the Cavs struggled offensively. It was usually just a Kyrie ISO while shooters stand around watching.

because people want it to be shots at someone

I read it as a shout out to Mario Chalmers

They did the same thing when Lebron was on the court lol. Just so happens Bron is better than Kyrie

I mean kyrie didn't struggle very much offensively on the cavs. He's putting up the same exact numbers he did last year with us. His game is definitely a bit different, but the output is the same

More passive aggressive shots taken by the guy who supposedly doesn't care what other people think.

You could say this about so many players/teams lol

Because he literally can't help it.

Weird how he is all of a sudden

Also a shot at Love, who's great at passing and scoring.

clearly he is. meanwhile the player he's clearly taking a shot at is on the best team in the league record wise. lmao most passive agresssive pussy shit ever seen.

He's pretty clearly implying that Kyrie is not that type of player.

Sarcasm? Figure of speech? It's like saying "been a minute", where it's clearly been more than a minute. Did you read the article?

The roster is peppered with past-their-prime vets, from Wade (35) to Rose (an old 29), to Kyle Korver (36), to Channing Frye (34), to JR Smith (32), to Jeff Green (31), to Jose Calderon (36).

For seven years, James had co-stars who could score and create at an elite level—a younger Wade in Miami, then Irving in Cleveland—and share the workload. No longer. Or at least, not until Thomas (fingers crossed) returns.

James is loathe to place that burden on Thomas ("We can't rely on just one person."). Yet he knows, better than anyone, how badly he needs him.

"It's been a while since I've had that clear-cut guy who can get guys involved but also score at the same time," James told B/R Mag. "But it's fine. It's something that our team will make an adjustment to."

The workload is OK, James insisted. He's not worried about wearing down, even in this, his 15th season. But he noted, "I look forward to when IT returns, whenever that happens, to give me a break here and there, where I know he can run the offense and control a quarter or two, or a game if need be."

The entire thing is clearly talking about this season, and the adjustments they have to make because of Irving's absence.

Reading this almost made me a skip Bayless fan

"It's been awhile"

obviously about kyrie, and as a cavs/lebron fan, I disagree with him

And Al Horford. If I had to pick a particular player that "ran" Boston's offense, I'd say it was Horford rather than Kyrie.

IT wasn't a passer in Boston either.

Because LeBron has been the primary ball handler for three+ years. Rose has been doing great so far.

Nobody talks about the fact that Ty Lue is only an NBA coach because of Lebron while Brad Stevens is a top 3 coach in the league.

Actually that's all anyone talks about, ever.

Damn that was my reaction too. “Oh yeaaah, he’s on the Cavs now.”

Sucks because he is still relatively young. Tough to come back when you lose a step or two but he’s had some decent years. Thought he might still have a chance (I mean I guess it’s early but still).

Then why would he say 'it's been a while' if it's only been 15 games since he had that type of player?

Come to Houston, (Le)Bro(n)!

You’ll have two of the games very best at running offenses and controlling a game in Harden and CP3!!

In Houston, you could almost literally go on autopilot the whole season then turn it up in the playoffs. Just let Harden/CP3 do most of the heavy lifting in the regular season while you average an easy 25/6/6.


this whole scenario screams badass to you all?

An unselfish point guard can sub in for lebron like delly did.

I... don't agree with that. I'm pretty sure he's referring to the fact that Kyrie's absence is being felt. The role he is describing--of taking over a quarter or a game--is pretty much exactly what Kyrie would do for this team sometimes.

It's not just him being out, but we had A LOT of times with LeBron on the floor where Kyrie would take the ball for like 5 straight possessions, play some iso and take over

Maybe if they had an actual system it would help. It's tough to look good if all the team does is swing the ball around the 3 point line and wait for a good 1 on 1 match-up. A good system can make an okay player look good and a bad system can make a good player look just okay.

I heard CP3 is trash tho....tell him I said that

bro, the shade this dude is throwing lately

Lol Jordan did the same shit. You gotta find weird ways to motivate yourself for a November game

Stats based rekt

"I had to make do with one MVP, do you know how hard it is to win with JUST one MVP?"

I don't hate LeBron tf I probably like him more than you did for a certain 4 years

Yea, how easily we forget that he was the focal point of an offense not too long ago.

Last dude that tried to implement a system was run out of town.

I'm pretty sure LeBron is talking about his recent situation with the Team.

You being salty right now is the reason it's good. You know why. I know why. It's all good, my man.

his quote sounds exactly like the role kyrie played in cleveland. control the offense for a quarter or two, score, facilitate (6 apg is pretty good).

Can't tell if this is a shot at kyrie or he's just talking specifically about this season

Kyrie has been saying the same stuff.

seriously. instead people are like "haha lebron dgaf anymore!"

he's whiny and trying to start shit with rookies. youre better than this

And the boring stuff he says isn’t posted and upvoted

You go Glen LeCoco

Ahhh... But right now? Right now is good.

Kyrie was that guy he just couldn't play that way with you. IT won't be able to either

Hero ball. For real ballers.

Every damn time LeBron gets (rightfully) criticized for being a diva and acting like a child, 'Cavs fans' come marching in with "Akhshuallly he has guud stats and won rings".

This is why people assume Cavs flairs are in high school, you say the most irrelevant nonsense when trying to defend him.

But there's really no real problem with him saying this. People are so sensitive. If his support was actually good, it would be uncalled for.