Because who cares about the actual story amirite?

Because who cares about the actual story amirite?

Not straight, would have the same reaction as your friend.

I appreciate GLBT representation as much as the next person, but there needs to be a good story in order to catch and keep my attention. Also don't like it when the character being gay/bi/trans is their whole storyline/personality, 3 dimensional would be better.

I thought token characters were a bad thing?


how DARE you put men before women, shitlord.

Talk about boring, like everything you watch and do and see and experience has to relate to your sexuality?

I only watch Vikings because my name is Sven and I'm from Denmark.

Token characters are never a bad thing. It shows shit writing at it's finest. Where else are you going to find an African American gay male who studied at Harvard but was born the poor section of Calcutta? But not just gay, wildly flamboyant gay: like he swallowed a rainbow and now shits skittles gay.

I find it entertaining.

They also didn't put the '+' at the end of the acronym. SMH fam.

And you regularly rape and pillage the North of England.

As is tradition

No Q? No I? Literally murdering oppressed peoples.

But if you tell them you only tried it or watched it for the lesbians you get accused of fetishizing homosexuals. There's no winning with these assholes.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Titus Andromedous is a fat, gay, black man who was a geisha in his past life and plays a werewolf at a restaurant similar to the old Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC.

EDIT: The writing for the show is unbelievably good. Tina Fey is an amazing sitcom writer.

Guys, there is this great movie I saw, there is a park bench in it. And just yesterday I saw a movie with shoes!

MORE GAYS IN FILM AND TV! But they can't be the bad guy, can't have mental issues, can't be the victims of torture or abuse, and DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE KILL THEM!


and Knuckles


"A good few minutes".. yeah.. okay.

More like "You should watch this! LESBIANS!" "Okay, what's the plot like?"

I could see at least several seconds pause where the other person assumed the first person would continue and didn't want to interrupt, then realized they weren't going to

Tradition is good

So where do i find a character like that?

"eurgh all these movies are sooo predictable"

featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Exactly. Anybody who makes their sexuality their whole personality is a sad, boring person

Why does everything have to be about race?

Kimmy is the Schmidt, season 2 was a little disappointing (aside from the puppet Italian grandma, which was my favorite part) but that first season was amazing and very on par with 30 rock writing, I dunno what happened with S2..

Also his name is Titus Andromedon, and Tina Fey Writes about as much as the other 10 writers on board so giving her all the credit is like giving her all the credit for 30 Rock which is way off base. Yes she created it and wrote most of S1 but that's like giving Amy Poelher all credit for Parks N Rec.

I'm not aware of there being a shortage of films about lesbians on the Internet...

people like tolkien's characters just fine

Same. I'll admit that I'm more likely to hear about a show if it has gay rep, since I learn of a lot of new shows on tumblr. And if I'm more likely to hear about a show, I'm definitely more likely to try it and end up watching it. But I've got to enjoy the rest of it. Hell, I'm 1000x more likely to enjoy a superhero show than a show that happens to have gay characters, because the sexual orientation of characters is completely separate from if the plot is any good or not. I don't have time to waste on bad tv shows, I don't care if they're gay or not.

This is something that sorta bothers me with the "representation matters""movement".

Totally agree that representation matters, but not as much as a good plot.

My best friend, who happens to be lesbian, was excited because the new America comic that Marvel launched, because the character is lesbian and kinda looks like her.

As a longtime comic fan, it was kinda cool to see her excited for a character, so I searched for a few issues to give them to her as a gift.

The first 2 issues are such SJW wankfest that I'm looking for something else.

The worst part is the wasted potential. A lesbian girl being inspired by the Cap (or other hero) and finding her place in both the super hero world and in her everyday life could be a nice story...

Besides, I do hate that she "stole" Cap's moment of punching Hitler...

/edit for redaction.

Park bench representation 2017.

I can't watch that show because I find the lack of black fat queer femme representation baffling.

Gay here. Why the fuck would I watch a show just because it has a homosexual in it? Gay out.

And now Marvel wonders why their sales have been falling since introducing all this unnecessary diversity for the sake of diversity. It couldn't be that all the SJW's bitching about diversity in comics aren't actually going out and buying comics, could it?

Listen, if you had tried to sell me Buffy the Vampire Slayer by saying ONLY "it's a show with lesbians," I would have been like uh??? okay??? Is that the whole plot?

That's not all of them!! How dare you not recognise me!! I am valid. My gender is the square root of pi and I am valid!!!!

As someone from the South of England...

Eh, not like we'll miss 'em. Carry on.

Stay in your own lane.

Calm down you're acting irrational.

Seriously though, who the hell launched this whole ordeal in the first place? I'm picturing a big meeting at marvel hq:

"Sir, we have a huge problem."

"Problem? What happened? Is Disney gutting us? Are we not making more money than ever before from our insanely popular films? Are comic sales not picking up anymore now that the films have iintroduced tons of casual fans to our brand??"

"Oh no, all that's still happening sir. But we're getting like... super angry emails. And tweets. Apparently, some people are REALLY upset that we have so many white male characters..."

"Dear God man. We have to save ourselves. Launch project... FemThor..."

Cut to a few months later:

"What the hell is happening?? Why did our target audience stop buying comics?? And why the hell are we still getting those angry emails!"

"....oh I thought you were going to say something more interesting than lesbians."

But every superhero show has a gay character. And everyone that doesn't still does because Headcannon!!! /s

This seems like the same tactic they employed with Amy Schumer. We should all watch her because she's a woman.

How'd that work out?

I don't know man, Frodo was kind of a little bitch.

If someone told me Sarah Michelle Gellar was in a movie about lesbians I wouldn't give a shit what the plot was.

God, I hate that comic and that character. What I hate is also the fact that she is named America in a world where the country doesn't exist and a lesbian utopia... How tryhard.

I could easily ignore the lesbian utopia if it wasn't for the way she spoke. "Holy menstruation!"

Also, have you noticed the backgrounds? The characters in the back are almost all women and non-white. I mean...

This character made me unironically say "I hate America."

And what sucks is it COULD work if they weren't pandering. Think Spider-Gwen went over pretty well.

Miles Morales as well. He's basically everything these people don't stand for. His whole character is about trying hard just to be the Spider-Man, not the "black" Spider-Man.

Every TV family has a minor or recurring gay friend or family member, if not a gay kid or parent as a main character.

Every TV business has at least one gay employee.

If it's a cop show, at least one gay cop, though the gay police chief has become popular.

All competition reality shows (Survivor, Amazing Race, etc) has at least one gay contestant. Heck, I think Amazing Race has, like, two to four this season.

Now I'm not saying creators can't be diverse or that the writers can't make the characters ever be good, but I wish we'd get past this "we need a gay" phase. Diversity is fine, but it shouldn't be a checklist.

As for the reality competition shows, I think it's pretty obvious that they pick certain applicants on purpose. I wouldn't be surprised if they have an "everyone bucket" with the names, and a "minority bucket" if they happen to not get a black person or gay person from the other bucket.

I remember one part that he got upset that people were praising him solely for not being white. Seems like that writer knows the pandering is BS.

Actually, it totally doesn't. The second q does though - LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual). And you wonder why people don't take them seriously.

I'm not aware of there being a shortage of films about lesbians on the Internet...

I know you're joking about porn, but seriously, gay and lesbian people are over represented, compared with the actual population, both on screen and behind the camera.

I read most of this thread in the voice of the vikings from the viking episode of Spongebob.

Does this person want tokenism? 'Cause this is how you get tokenism. It's a sure-fire way to foster (omg I wrote "fister"... that too!) an attitude of "LGBT people will watch anything as long as there's gays in it! Produces absolute tripe... with lesbians Look! LOOK! Gays!!" Nah mang, gimme a decent plot and good characters. LGBT representation is just the icing on the cake.


You can find an assortment of characters similar to this in any show with piss poor writing; so I'd say tune in to the Big Bang Theory next time it's on and one might show up. Or Grey's Anatomy.

"...naked lesbians."


They have binders full of people at places that put extras in tv and film, pages and pages of specifically what you're looking for.

But you can't not do that because if you do it isn't equal representation and they're characters aren't believable

She stared at her for a few MINUTES in confusion? That's a long ass time

I mean all credit to Tolkien, between Sam and Frodo LOTR had its fair share of gay rep.

I find your lack of black... Disturbing.

Sam was never explicitly in Frodo's butthole 0/10

Forrest Gump?

Yeah, yeah, but this one is Golbat.

Throwing the ring away was symbolism for Frodo losing his virginity to Sam

"And of course everyone knows Q stands for Questioning!"

So, you've seen Cruel Intentions...

If the most important aspect of something is its characters' sexuality, that's called a porno.

We all watched and judged her an unfunny piece of shit.

You're right. I left out "M" because they aren't a real gender

Tumblr has no concept of time. This is the website where zingers supposedly result in twenty minutes of laughter.

And when Sam offered Frodo to "share the load", they were talking about Gollum.

They moved on from that angle. People have since decided that the comedian who is constantly bringing up her body, appearence, and sexuality should not be at all judged on her body, appearence or sexuality.

No. She's no Miles Morales or Amadeus Cho. She's a fucking SJW Mary Sue.

I mean, God! It wouldn t have been to hard to make this character beloved and liked. Her design was cool and while her backstory was weird, it was no weirder than half of Marvel's characters. Instead, you fuck it up so hard, Marvel.

Aww, you think there's more to you than just being LGBTQ? That's adorable! Well you can just try to be whatever you want little fellow, I'm rooting for ya!

It was original GLB then GLBT then feminist lesbian got triggered gay was before them and got I changed to lgbt. my god father always gets mad when he talks about it because he was apart of protests where he got beat by police and remember a lack or lesbian working for the normalisation of homosexuality.

Yeah, I stormed through the first season and have yet to finish the second. Strong third to finish maybe?

Go on...


Look, the only kind of movie that just having lesbian in it is a selling point is porn. If it doesn't show girls banging that it has lesbians on it tell me absolutely nothing!

Huh, I'm intrigued. Are any of them on Netflix? It's been a while since I saw something with an accurate representation of benches. And I recently saw a movie featuring popsicles. Strongly recommend.

You know, if you move the lesbians after the bisexuals it's a delicious gay sandwich.

There is overlap among the activists. But I would argue they shouldn't be associated. In the last ten years the vast majority of organizations like GLAAD have been run by trans activists and focused on mostly trans issues. Many gay activists have complained about this.

Here's some more info:

Of course they still blame the issue one straight white men somehow, ignoring the fact that the views they're criticizing are not even remotely popular among that demographic.

Headcannon is more a villain sidekick name.

When The Walking Dead introduced a gay character it was barely a thing. He's gay but it's barely mentioned or even hinted at. You see him with his partner sometimes and that's it. You don't need to make it more than that or else they just become that gay guy.

You know that "First of all, how dare you?" is a meme mocking outrage, right?

I only watched the movie Titan A.E. because it's the only movie I've ever seen where my name, Kale, is also the main character.

Because these people are pathetic and have no respect for good story telling.

I can't understand why they exaggerate about something like that. Literally think about how long 3 minutes of silent looking at another person feels like, especially with a particular expression on your face...

At least say GBLT so it's like gay bacon lettuce tomato.

Why is Transgender in there in the first place? It bears little to no relation to the other three of the first four.

If gays in media can't be insane because of a childhood of abuse, tell that to all the edgelord "original" characters from the shadow sonic fandom


The Golbat Lickitung Beedril Tentacruel community

Pronounced "legbutt"

Exactly- I think a character being gay should be mentioned exactly as much as any other character being straight is brought up (unless their sexuality is actively driving the conflict, of course).

Y as in Y chromosome? REEEEEEEEE


Frist of all, how dare you?

What was your other kin lol

Pretty sure the P stands for pansexual though.

I'm pretty sure the only people adding P to it are the people who have some certain self interest in adding the P to it.

Most people look at pedos trying to-yes, I know, loaded phrase-appropriate the whole LGBT moniker as disgusting and slightly hilarious.

Does she do anything but bitch, make no sense, get worshipped for no reason, or feel bad about stealing the ultimate act of heroism and patriotism from her hero? Of is that it?

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what happened.

How do you vocalize the thing they do on Tumblr where they include multiple question marks???

Well now I'm pretty sure you're just writing down copyright dates in Roman numerals.

As a writer who puts in a lot of effort to make the sexuality/race of my characters be often the least interesting thing about them, reading this gets me a tad mad.

Continuously raise the inflection by some amount for each added one?

Yes, your friend definitely stared silently at you for the average length of a song. Definitely. Yep.

Did you see they have started adding p to it? Pedosexuals. I up your faux outrage to real outrage.

Not sure what show op is talking about but Supergirl is doing it right.

And now they're being dogpiled for noticing this problem and letting their core audience know they're changing course back toward stories they're actually interested in.

But actually it's a little weird because everyone says LGBT.

Why is "transexual" even in there? It's an outdated term and it's literally impossible to transition to another sex in any meaningful sense.

Yes. "Pansexuality" is identical. The only distinction is that pansexuals are also attracted to people with no identifiable gender identity, which isn't necessarily untrue of bisexuality either. It's a distinction without a difference.

The pepsi ad, then this, I'm starting to think these big corporations are just fucking mocking these people to their faces and seeing if they can make money from it.

IMHO, good writing is when you can insert any type of person into that role and it would pretty much make sense. I'd use Horizon: Zero Dawn as an example. Did Aloy have to be female? Nah, would have worked as a black man, a lesbian tri-gender fox-kin, or basically anything. It was a strongly written character.

Ohhhh fuck, that movie is soooo good. At least, it was when I last watched it.

Women? WOMEN?!

It's womyn, shitlord.

I definitely agree. In addition to it just being a fantastic show on its own merits, I was pleased to see that Alex isn't being treated as the token gay character (nor James as the token black character either, for that matter). There's so much more to her character than just being gay.

This is why I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can play your main character as male, female, gay, bi, straight, any race/colour... and it makes absolutely ZERO difference to the story other than who you choose to romance. Also, there was a trans guy in the story that you'd find out about if you asked the right questions when doing Iron Bull's story, but the game would have remained perfectly intact without him or if he hadn't been trans. The LGBT characters weren't based around their sexuality (with the exception of Dorian's side-quest dealing with his dad's rejection, but again, optional and really only important if you planned to romance him). I know some people think Dragon Age has too many LGBT characters, but I thought they handled it really well.

I respectfully disagree. To start off with let me say that I love the show, I have no problems with a gay couple or hero or anything (I'm pretty active in legend of Korra subreddits, and she's a canon bisexual superhero who ends up with the girl), and I'm actually a proponent​ of supercorp. Let me also say that Alex's coming out speech was exceptionally well written and delivered, and I totally understand why that resonated so well in the gay communities.

Alex coming out is a weird decision for a lot of reasons. Her coming out story rang true, just not for her (she grew up in a family so accepting they took in a literal alien from outer space and raised her as their own. Being gay would be nothing), and Mon el would have made a lot more sense as a love interest. Alex should have been training him as she trained kara and he needed to mature almost as much as Alex needed to relax and they could have found their balance together. Maggie may be a classic character from the Superman Cadmus storylines, but she's basically been sidelined the entire season (minus an episode or two) for major plot work, and exists mainly as a character to drive Alex's relationship arc. Not to mention that the major themes of Alex's coming out mirror Kara's from season one, so it doesn't feel so much like she's had any actual growth but that the writers lazily stole it from Kara's story.

Personally I would have paired Alex up with Mon el, which kara would have hated due to her view of daxomites, and given Kara the gay storyline. Coming out as gay would have been more appropriate, Kara trying to fit to Earth's social customs would have made a much better reasoning for hiding it than Alex's apparent baseless fear and denial, and Lena Luthor would have made a great pairing for supergirl. Kara is still the only character on the show who really trusts Lena, so it would nicely parallel the dynamic between Kara and a mon-el/Alex relationship, interweaving the relationships with the main story of two sisters (dealing with the mutual distrust and slow acceptance of the other's SO). Plus, putting Lena and Kara together would be brilliant in the superman world, a Luther and a kryptonian coming together would feed into the major theme in the show of acceptance, and frankly Lena is probably the most interesting character on the entire show. (Seriously, I'd watch a show about Lena Luthor. A young executive of a stem corporation who has the deviousness and technical skills to set a trap to dismantle aliens and the morals to only use those skills against criminals who have literally nothing to do with her? That sounds amazing. Why were we excited about cat grant again? She ran a gossip magazine and some trashy radio stations.)

What we have now is an Alex and Maggie pairing that feels like it was ripped from an entirely different TV show and slotted into the dead spaces (did you watch the Valentine's day episode? Everyone else was dealing with aliens and they were acting out an episode of Dawson's Creek), and a mon-el and Kara pairing where Kara can't drive mon-el's​ need to mature and Kara keeps taking back a mon-el who has blatantly disregarded Kara's feelings on everything. (The leadup to the flash crossover was awful, where she breaks up with Mon el because she realizes that he'll always promise not to kill someone then challenge them to a duel to the death when she leaves the room anyways, and then takes him back because he said he loved her. That was never in question, you can love someone and not respect or listen to them.)

I'm 99% sure it's queer and questioning came after, made up by people pretending to know what's up. What's the word for it again..

Edit: No, I was thinking of backronym but that's not it.

I can see that happening.


Humongous wot!?