Beautiful video: Yoel explaining what a man has to do for his family

Beautiful video: Yoel explaining what a man has to do for his family

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Yoel is such a good orator, even though I can't understand him. The pauses he takes and the way he gets his message across is perfect.

Hadn't seen this. Makes what Bisping did to his daughter all the more infuriating.

tldr Outside of the flag-tearing & throwing and distracting his corner with insults during the Whittaker fight, Bisping bullied Romero's little daughter by getting in her space & shadow-boxing in front of her

(10 minutes in)

He sounds like a poet.

Cubans are generally very smart and well educated people.

Free education at all levels helps

Manly tears yoel

Michael The Cunt Bisping

Yeah i'm not watching that again. Not in the mood for tears right now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Yoel is the most likeable villain in the UFC.

And I use the word villain in the sense that many fans only see him for his controversies, but even then he's just so genuine and funny that he shines despite all the shade thrown at him.

Here's another interview where Yoel has a good cry.

Damn fuck bisping


They shouldn't be, given that the U.S embargoed any form of trade with them for decades, but surprisingly enough literacy rates rose under Castro. They made the best of what they had.

Yoel talks about it at the 10 Minute mark.

Or people can just stop being pedantic about the word free and understand it as is being used instead of being a dink about it?

Where does it show him shadowboxing/getting in the face of yoels daughter? It isnt 10 mins in or even in the 8-12 min range

Looking at literacy rates on Wikipedia it seems as long as the country isn't in an ongoing civil war everybody learns to read.

Playing devil's advocate here, Romero doesn't say anything about Bisping "getting in her space." Also it might be difficult for a little kid to accurately relay what happened. Bisping may be an asshole sometimes, but I highly doubt he squared up to a 7 year old, stared her down, and began to shadow box like you're making it sound.

After watching this and another vid linked below, without taking sides, it's easy to see why Bisping relentlessly taunts and talks trash to Yoel. I see the same dynamic unfold a lot in my work where two people compete or train with one another, and one is much more emotionally expressive than another. That person tends to be victimized by the aggressor in an attempt to throw them off their game, an act which works pretty often. There's a bit of a myth out there that people perform better when they're angry. I'd argue that this is the case only for a select few, and those people usually tend to have legitimately sociopathic tendencies in the first place.

It takes not only a special type of personality, but also a relentlessly smooth operator to ride that wave of emotion and not sacrifice their technique and skill set in the process. Whatever Bisping sees in Yoel, it's pretty obvious after watching these videos that he thinks the bullying approach is the best way to fluster Romero. That doesn't necessarily mean Michael would beat him, but in an industry where any two competitors are going to be bringing extremely high level skill sets, mental warfare becomes a hot commodity. Especially once you know it affects your opponent.

Even if he was doing it playfully, you don't fuck with the dudes kid while he is fighting when you know he hates you. Plus he was ripping the flag and shit talking Yoel the whole time so there's no way of making it sound good. He's a douche.

The subtitles say "was shadowboxing in front of her". The original Spanish is "se acercó a mi" which means "he came close to me".

sign of a true fighter. he does seem genuine. there is no doubt in my mind that this guy went through hell and has made a lot of sacrifices to reach the pinnacle of the sport. +1

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