Beautiful Lunar eclipse from our flat earth

Beautiful Lunar eclipse from our flat earth

Lolz. How do the flat-earthers explain eclipses anyway?

You know, where Pink Floyd is from.

They think we are looking at the dark side of the moon, the part that doesn't glow.

Praise be to Great A'tuin

What dark side?

Now I'm going to have to read another Terry Pratchett book

I think Guards! Guards!

He is the first person that I didn't know personally that made me tear up, farewell Terry, hope you have selected a good afterlife

Remember "there is no justice in life, there is just us"

The Turtle moves.

The turtle moves

That explains the lasers.

Sometimes I wonder how they function in normal society at all. Like I can understand moon landing denier, or 9/11 conspiracies (I don't believe them but it's at least plausible) but it boggles my mind that real human beings unironically think the world is flat.

I always wonder if there are actually any sincere flat-earthers, or if they are the best group of trolls ever.

Turtles all the way down, brother.

Haha, Nazi's having a secret base on the moon, what a preposterous idea (⚆_⚆)

Sir Terry Pratchett was quite possibly the most influential author of my entire life. I can honestly say I would not where I am today if he had not transported me to Ankh-Morpork so many years ago...

I just finished his last book. The dedication to him at the end was a terrible thing to read while cutting onions.

Go search Youtube for "flat earth proof" and watch a few videos.

You'll see a disturbingly large number of earnest, honest people who are so completely detached from reality that the flat earth is the most reasonable claim they make.

To be fair, they aren't totally wrong... There is really a Shadow Object orbiting the sun that causes lunar eclipses, it's just usually known and referred to as "Earth".

The Discworld series by the late Sir Terry Pratchett. They are fantastic books, very funny, thought provoking, and well written. There are multiple story lines to choose from if you wish to read them. Here is a good resource to get you on the right track.

Edit: Also /r/discworld

The Discworld series by the late Sir Terry Pratchett. They are fantastic books, very funny, thought provoking, and well written. There are multiple story lines to choose from if you wish to read them.

Edit: Also /sub/discworld

See the turtle of enormous girth! On his shell he holds the earth!

See, I don't know you, so I'm not going to trust you on anything.

Um... do you not have eyes? Obviously it is.

The side that doesnt glow

Die heretic. The Quisition sees all.

But what about that swastika?

Actually, they think we are 90 degrees on to it. Thereby presenting a circle to the surface of the moon.

This image is preposterous. The earth is not that flat. Everybody knows that the Fifth Elephant impacted into the world and was buried deep into the mountains of Überwald. This disk is far too flat to contain the Fifth elephant, and so we should all ascribe to the "earth is a little flat but also quite deep" theory.

In a distant and second-hand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly, the curling star-mists waver and part... See... Great A'Tuin the turtle comes, swimming slowly through the interstellar gulf, hydrogen frost on his ponderous limbs, his huge and ancient shell pocked With meteor craters. Through sea-sized eyes that are crusted with rheum and asteroid dust He stares fixedly at the Destination. In a brain bigger than a city, with geological Slowness, He thinks only of the Weight. Most of the weight is of course accounted for by Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon and Jerakeen, the four giant elephants upon whose broad and startanned shoulders the disc of the World rests, garlanded by the long waterfall at its vast circumference and domed by the baby-blue vault of Heaven.

Iron Sky?

Just what I'd expect some round Earther to say...

GNU Terry Pratchett

Thank Om for that.

If the Earth was flat cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.

An absurd insinuation, indeed.

Crumples deathstar plans

Mercury, Venus, Shadow Object, and Mars. I like it.

He died shortly after my father died and I was basically in tears for two solid months. I don't think I'll ever mourn a stranger like that again. All of the tributes and pictures and writing and quotes that kept popping up everywhere, I'd start crying over those and that'd send me off weeping over my father. It just magnified my own loss and broke my heart over and over again, and now I can't reread any of his books without thinking of my dad. I guess I'll have to get through that if I want to start reading them to my son someday.

I read it about two days after he died. Once I realized what was going on in the first chapter, I had too take a few minutes.

If the universe is infinite, then earth is the center of the universe, because everywhere would be the center of the universe.

Oh trust me, they exist.

the moon not glowing but just reflecting the sun

Bill Nye got booed in a lecture in Texas for saying that.

I love how they just invent a fucking object. Can't even be creative. What's it called? The... Shadow object...

Is the moon a disk too?

They believe a satellite orbiting the sun called the "Shadow Object" causes an eclipse.

This satellite is called the Shadow Object. Its orbital plane is tilted at an angle of about 5°10' to the sun's orbital plane, making eclipses possible only when the three bodies (Sun, Object, and Moon) are aligned and when the moon is crossing the sun's orbital plane (at a point called the node). Within a given year, considering the orbitals of these celestial bodies, a maximum of three lunar eclipses can occur. Despite the fact that there are more solar than lunar eclipses each year, over time many more lunar eclipses are seen at any single location on earth than solar eclipses. This occurs because a lunar eclipse can be seen from the entire half of the earth beneath the moon at that time, while a solar eclipse is visible only along a narrow path on the earth's surface.


To expand, it doesn't glow on that side because the Jovians that inhabit that side of the moon, or Luna, (as Luna has a synchronous orbit) are incapable of digesting this amount of radiation.... and the Earth is the center of the universe.

Fake photoshopped. It's missing Cori Celesti.


No further context needed.


The Death Star will be completed as scheduled, mein führer.

I recommend publication order, myself, so long as you understand that the first few books (most notably, Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic) aren't that good but that he rapidly becomes amazing.

Also, I don't care what anyone says: Death is best character.

I recommend publication order, myself, so long as you understand that the first few books (most notably, Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic) aren't that good but that he rapidly becomes amazing.

Also, I don't care what anyone says:

Booed by one person in the crowd.

Full story:

So they think the earth's like a coin spinning on a table?

See the turtle, ain't he keen? All things serve the fuckin' beam.

I only see one turtle. Wasn't it supposed to be turtles all the way down?

I don't understand Reddit. How the fuck did you get so many up votes by posting a normal pic of earth's shadow on the moon? It's silly.

Came here for this.

I'm pretty sure it's a cone and i'm just looking at the flat face.


Afaik it started out sincere, then it was taken over mostly by trolls, and now we've come full circle again and there are a ton of legit flat earthers again.

I don't know how people can be that gullible and genuinely stupid. I mean it's so easily demonstrably false. I don't get how someone can be so... genuinely actually stupid. It boggles the mind.

Paging /u/CMOTDibbler

I read to my girlfriend most nights, and getting through any Terry Pratchett book without my voice cracking is just about impossible. Especially since I've read them all so many times; she barely knows the characters, but I'm thinking of SOOO much the entire time...

Atmosphere actually contains the word "sphere"


Ikr? Believing in the Moon Landing hoax, for example, is dumb too but to be fair, it is kinda difficult for a normal person to verify it. Verifying that the Earth is round is easily possible for everyone. Some methods would be simple weekend projects that require little to no material...

Yeah but binoculars were invented by the devil so they lie to you!

I saw through binoculars how ship "rises" on the horizon while approaching shore. Not that I doubted earth to be spherical, but that proof was enough to solidify it. And all it requires is seaport and binoculars.

This picture is a reference to Terry Pratchett's disc world, not to the infinite turtles line.

...and our planet, Earth, is CLEARLY everywhere. Thus, Copernicus was wrong, scienced.

I suppose it wouldn't surprise me any more than the time that guy walked up to our campfire and started telling us how the Revolutionary War was fought over the use of the English language.

They just hang all this stuff out there and move it around with unseen and undescribed forces. Forces that obviously defy both logic and mechanical physics as observed here on Earth.

The sun centric model is just too simple for some crazy reason.

I feel like you just put more thought into this than some flat earthers.

The dusk/dawn thing would be the same as a round earth. You would get the same dusk/dawn as the sun slowly came into vision bit by bit over the horizon.

As for the whole flat getting night/day at the same time then yes, give or take a weird angle keeping a segment in the shadow a bit longer. There definitely wouldn't be the constant timezones as we have them.

If this were their theory wouldn't it be instant day/night like flipping the light switch on and off with no dawn or dusk as the Earth rotates ? (Dunno, maybe they don't believe the Earth rotates either)

Wouldn't this also mean both sides of the Earth coin would be in the light of the sun simultaneously at some point throughout the day as the Earth lines up perpendicularly to the sun?

Edit: like flipping not light flipping

I live on the 13th floor of my building, facing south. Show me Antarctica? Or Chile. Fuck show me Buffalo? You can't, because it's beyond the curve of the earth.

The real Science is so interesting, why do you need to make shit up? It's stupid and a waste of time.

I had broken up with my child's mother about 7 years ago. About a year afterwards ended up getting evicted and moved in with my mother. I started Community College and failed out miserably.

I was massively depressed from the breakup and it was ruining my life and I ended up being suicidal.

The Discworld Series and some video games got me through some dark dark lonely nights.

I tear up every once in a while if I think about him too much.

It's turtles all the way down

I read them in publication order. I know a lot of people will say it's not the best way, Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic weren't his best, yadi-yadi-yada... But the great thing about reading them in publication order is that the books start out being good and only get better from there. And, you get to see the Discworld evolve through time, step by step. No jarring back and forths in timelines or technologies, everything just unfolds piece by piece and it's marvelous to behold. I will always recommend the publication order to friends, naysayers be damned.

Death once had a near Vimes experience.

Because the atmosphere is thick and becomes hazy.

Not that I think the earth is flat but thats their excuse for that one, and it is true.

Find it weird how they belive in atmosphere anyway.

My Very Shadow-Obsessed Mother Just Spewed Unbelievable Nonsense

I've been re-reading all the Watch books for the past week or so. Even though I've read most of them half a dozen times I still can't put them down at all.

Good detective work Johnson, now sprinkle some crack on him and let's get out of here.

Breathe in the air

That actually would make sense. It'd be a good argument if all other things weren't considered. Like, eclipses wouldn't be proof of a flat earth, but it also wouldn't be proof against flat earth.

Despite the moon not glowing but just reflecting the sun? Lolz

What book(s) should I start with to get into Pratchett?

He came out afterwards and said it was a joke and he was making fun of Kyrie Irving.

Don't be afraid to care.

Probably just some guy who was disappointed when he found out he wasn't being invited to join the Conpederasty.

They also say we did not go to the moon but are sending babies to live in a brothel on mars.

Some weird ass shit yo


Never underestimate the power of stupidity.

Which one's Pink?

Leave but don't leave me

Take that, science bitch!

Re-read thud recently. Love it.

He has tackled racism and intolerance in his books so much. Love his work.

Shaq has a doctorate. Like, a real one. None of that honorary bullshit. So, it's Dr. Shaq.

Collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mr. Floyd, will you accept the charges from the United States?

Very much appreciated!!! I'll have to check it out.

This is an excellent question I've never heard. I would like this asked to a flat earth-er

GNU Terry Pratchett

I don't think that will be enough to convince most of them. They'll first treat it with suspicion just like they do with every other shred of proof of a not-flat-earth they are presented with and then discard it.

Superman took them to a very well designed studio.

They were given drugs to fuck with their minds and that's why they hallucinated and all that they saw was just a mind trick.

I think this is because most of them don't believe in a flat Earth because of rational, clearly thought out reasons and are thus not open to hearing the points of the other side and considering them. To them it's become a world vs them thing and now they can't be wrong.

But not too deep, or your head will pop out the other side of the earth.

A lot of people that legitly believe in these things are poverty stricken individuals, looking to blame everyone but themselves for their failings, and/or stupidity. It feels nice knowing things, but with so much to know, and such little brain to understand it, its just easier to turn the complexities into something simple... Like god!

I got into a discussion about some dumb astronomical thing (forget the specifics, but I think it was something to do with jupiters moons) but I told them to just get a cheap $200 4 inch reflector telescope so they could see for themselves, but the conversation shifted from astronomy, to poverty, because they couldn't afford a shitty telescope they could make themselves because they were 'disabled'. I then told them to work from home, because if they can spend years studying fringe conspiracies, they could make websites, or something... Then it turned into me being part of the Illuminati, and how I was part of the conspiracy for rubbing it in their faces.

Guards! Guards! is a good starting spot. All the books that follow The Watch/Vimes are fantastic books. If for some reason you hate police procedural style books, Mort is also a great entry point.

Flat earth is a niche conspiracy, if I can use that term. You have people that believe JFK was killed by the CIA, 9/11 was an inside job, existence of ETs. And 90% of them would roll there eyes about flat earth, me included.

It starts with a realization that your government, or more broadly, TPTB are capable of lying to your face. Then you start to question what else may have been a lie, and it goes from there. Some people take it further than others.

I just started going postal. Really enjoying it so far.