A guy named Danny, Danny Sexbang

What if Stephen Hawking was the real slim shady, but we never realized it because he couldn't stand up?

makes me wonder who was born today...

But he died on Pi day, every scientists favorite day.

No better way to disrespect a great physicist on the day of his death than say something so impossibly uniformed as

time is circular - no beginning no end

Hawking would've laughed at this astrology-tier bullshit.

This is perfect white people corny shit.

Built a spaceship that can reach the speed of Brian - definitely one of the greatest minds of our time!

He didn't die he just escaped the matrix.

Or put one of his fingers on each hand up?

You're fucking old

I have some rainbow / waterfall based motivational posters you may be interested in

Circular, but with 300 year gaps in it?

Pseudo-intellectual bullshit mate.

Just let us have our thing my dude