[Bears] Head coach Matt Nagy has officially announced the hiring of Mark Helfrich as our offensive coordinator, Chris Tabor as our special teams coordinator and Charles London as our running backs coach.

[Bears] Head coach Matt Nagy has officially announced the hiring of Mark Helfrich as our offensiv...

Tabs is an okay special teams coach. I'm just amazed that Hue was the coach he didn't survive.

We got a very good endorsement from patrick mannelly so I think bears fans will have some peace of mind for the rest of the offseasob

Hope Nagy does well. Bears are a team on the upswing so here's hoping he has a bit of that former Chiefs OC magic.

He was the Bears ST coach prior to that so we know how he works.

Again, I'll trust the 16 year long snapper who played for him for a few years.

Yeah, I don't care too much what Browns fans have to say about him.

I'll trust Pat's opinion.

I wonder what Cohen will do for us then.


Didn't seem all bad.

Local beat reporters just confirmed he's back.

Very curious to see how Helf does at this level.

Of course browns fans are going to hate him, they should hate all of their coaches they've gone 1-31 the past two years

I really think I will be fine with him, but I appreciate all of the hot takes.

Bears gonna be good in a couple years.

Awww thanks babe

He won't be calling plays so it will be kind of hard to tell to be honest.

I always see the OC as a co-pilot to the HC when the HC has play-calling duties. HC has final say, but when he's off dealing with the defense and special teams, the OC is the one who makes sure the offense keeps rolling.

It depends. In this case, I think Nagy will call plays, but Helf will probably draw up schemes and the like

If Meredith plays fine after his iniury and Fangio comes back we're like one top FA WR from being good next year.

Whatever helps you sleep at night when you're giving up return TD's out the wazoo

Yeah, because we don't have literal years of experience watching his ST unit consistently be terrible.

Your opinion will swing after a kick 6.