#Bears are expected to retain DC Vic Fangio.

#Bears are expected to retain DC Vic Fangio.

The Bears megazord is forming

Oh boy. Here comes another year of offseason Kool-Aid!

Most teams only get 1 1st round/Year, but thanks to White, we've had 2 first rounders for 4 years now!

On a serious note though, I feel for him. He had never broken a single bone in his life prior to joining the NFL. After that, he pretty much had a different season-ending injury every year.


Bears my worst to first pick for 2018

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we're acting like big boys again. Completed staff heading into the senior bowl

If you had told me a few weeks ago that we would hire a young, up and coming offensive mind from the Andy Reid tree AND we get to retain Fangio I would have been overcome with joy.

Can confirm: I am overcome with joy.

/sub/chibears BABY


Great news for Bears fans. Fangio isn’t some sort of defensive savant and he’s not the best DC the league has seen in decades. BUT, look at what he’s done with this unit since arriving in Chicago:

YEAR YDS/GM YDS/GM (RANK) PTS/GM PTS/GM (RANK) 2013 395 30th 30 30th 2014 377 30th 28 31st Fangio hired Jan. 20, 2015 2015 345 14th 25 20th 2016 347 15th 25 24th 2017 319 10th 20 9th

The defense improved right away in his first season. 2016 was pretty stagnant, nothing to write home about there. However, in 2017 they jumped into the top 10 in both yards and points allowed. Anyone who was able to watch the 2013/2014 Bears defenses without becoming violently ill remembers just how bad they were. I’m extremely pleased to have him back on the team and I look forward to seeing another improvement in 2018. Losing him wouldn’t have been the end of the world but it’s still much, much better for the team as a whole to have him back. Great job by Ryan Pace to get this worked out. Dude has been an A+ GM for us so far, miles ahead of the mess Phil Emery created for us.

Edit: Added 2013 because I hate myself.

Two first round picks


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Good for them. I like Fangio a lot, and I'd rather he stay with the Bears than go to the dirty Packers or someone in the NFCW.

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Right now it’s a Kool-Aid dispensary.

Sometimes it’s a meatball factory though.


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Need a new TE and WR coach and possibly qb coach

We'll see you bbs in the NFCCG in season😘


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The Bears off season is literally going perfectly so far. There isn't a move I'd switch with the options available. Please translate to on the field success.

1) Lock up Fuller.

2) Extend Goldman and Amos.

3) Bring in at least 1 start-able WR in Free Agency.


We have sanchize for the QB coach


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As they should. Fangio had a good defense with about a million injuries to key guys. He has always been one of the better D Coordinators in the league.

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Look, we are all optimistic, but we have to stop at stupidly outrageous.

In 2016 we had like 21 or so dudes on IR, including something like 13 or 14 starters. What Fangio did with that defense was good stuff.

Bring it on. The NFL is better when cornerstone franchises like Chicago are at least competitive. I always thought Nagy would be a good move as HC for them and he's putting together a pretty impressive staff. Should set up plenty of memorable rivalry games in the future.

That's one hell of a coaching staff they've assembled.

Good. I can't blame Fangio for testing the market.

Had this locked and loaded eh? I respect that.

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This off-season is going so well so far I'm even starting to think Kevin White will be able to play in 10 games next year.


Lmao Eagles fans wanted Howies head a few years back but he more than made up for it since the Birds roster now is dirty

yeah we ended with 60% of our salary cap on IR, plus 19 guys on the injury report. Brutal.


Leno too. I know he’s not some amazing tackle but to find a durable, starting LT at the 246th pick is pretty good.


We've just been waiting on Vic, Bears have been pretty transparent that they've wanted him back

I will agree to a Wizard of Oz style arrangement and Howie can be "tha East God" and Ryan "tha North God"

why not both?

well that would just be disgusting

Same. I was a big 9ers fan growing up. Steve Young and I share the same name.....Steve.

Edit - Yes I loved the 9ers because their QB was named Steve.


You know what...Fuck you friend. I hope rodgers gets healthy so fangio can humiliate him when he's at his best.

I respect the Bears and their history a lot, and I really do feel like when the most iconic teams are better it makes the league better. Not that I don't love beating up on the Bears, because that's awesome, but an intense rivalry is good for everyone.

Chicago is back?



Any Niners fan can tell you he's a great DC. His tenure with the bears has been hamstrung by a depleted and injured roster.

Partially. Looked up the stats and made the table beforehand because I knew he brought us back from the gutter. I also had a gut feeling they'd get a deal done today.

He just signed an extension last offseason


I hope so. I have a soft spot for the Bears and hope they do well (Unless they're playing SF).

The Bears are Back

Dude we are pulling so hard for you guys this weekend.

I think our OC is gonna be a glorified QB coach.

If I were a real Saints fan I would be flattered. But alas, I am but a Bears fan. Lol just a bandwagon flair, but still obviously pulling for the Saints!

Here are all 20 of Emery's draft picks: Link

Some of them are god awful but I suppose he did draft Fuller, Alshon and Kyle Long. Could have been worse, could have whiffed on all 20 I guess.

Atta boy

Maybe if we're a good team by the next time we play you, you can finally end our AFC North championship streak.

Back again

i started watching the chicago bears because i liked the animal so i kind of understand

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When the bears were terrible Parnell McPhee was a treat to watch