Bear Climbing Claws

Name: "Traditional Shuko Bear Climbing Claws"


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...but they were climbing trees, not bears...

“Wanna come over?” “I can’t, you live in a bird’s nest” “My parents aren’t home”

/sub/mallninjashit okay but actually this is sick

Okay, I actually do need this

These used to be sold in the back of martial arts magazines in the 80s along with ninja shoes and throwing stars.

They're called "shuko". They are usually used in combination with foot spikes called "ashiko".

The claws had only one fatal flaw... Should you fall and catch them you risked snapping your wrist. If this happened... You were fucked. Imagine trying to do a one handed pull up on a broken wrist.

You'd be better off using tekko kagi. They're a better weapon and tool and you just slip them on. No "strapping in"

Those are cool but I can climb a tree way faster without them I’m sure of it.

claws on your shoes would be much more useful since that is where most of your weight is.

Sometimes bears look like trees