Be like Maisie

Be like Maisie

Actually smiled after reading the “not leaving till you smile” lol

u/WeRateDogs is full of wholesome

Me too. I knew I just had to.

See, this? This is an appropriate way to get me to smile. Don’t just tell me I’d be prettier if I smiled. Earn it.

a smiling puppy sketch I made

They're good dogs Brent!

So would I not want to smile so she doesn’t leave me? :o

you mean /sub/weratedogs?

Damn. I was in a really shitty mood right now. Saw this and was like ok that’s nice, was about to keep scrolling until I noticed a stupid half smile forming. Now I’m laughing.

Literally 180 my mood. Thanks OP and thanks Maisie 😍


If it was a human in the picture, I wouldn't have smiled.

I don’t think r/WeRateDogs is affiliated with the twitter account/merchandising empire at all.

Might be wrong tho

"Hey there, pretty lady. I ain't goin' no where till you smile... hehe... I might even stay a bit after that..."

That's how it's supposed to be done?

Edit: Just making a joke about how it could still be awkward if a human said it.

I want to smile so bad right now.

Thats what I thought. Im never going to smile then.

Thanks Maisie

Great timing.

My finances are getting really low and I see all my dreams moving away from me. I just need time but the upcoming weeks are really tight and barely allow for any time to work on my business.

Except they give every dog 12s and 13s. It doesn’t make any sense.



Also me too

You captured her eyes perfectly.

I love this!



Username checks out

They're good dogs u/RedditorSays

Do it.


Wait. I think that was actually his name.

I like how that person commented the part that led to that and was downvoted yet this was upvoted.

Edit: I’m glad to see the set up is upvoted now.

Mission failed. Better luck next time.

You’re literally referencing a meme. How uncultured are the people downvoting you?


IT WORKED! Thanks Maisie!