Bayonetta 1+2 Switch ports announced coming Feb 16!

Bayonetta 1+2 Switch ports announced coming Feb 16!

This is great news, Bayonetta 2 did not deserve to be stranded on the Wii U for the rest of time, and portable Bayonetta 1 is a great idea.

The game literally wouldn't exist without nintendo; they were the only publisher that didn't reject Platinum's pitch for a Bayonetta sequel. By all means it deserves to exist on Nintendo platforms.

Stranded? You say that like the switch is another Wii U.

Oh god. Not this salty ass argument again.

They flat out wouldn't exist

If Nintendo didn't publish Bayo 2 we wouldn't have gotten that.

The reasons to keep my Wii U grow smaller and smaller ...

Might try to sell my Wii U copy and buy the Switch version instead. It's crazy how obnoxious it is to setup and play a Wii U compared to how dead simple the Switch is.

I think they're saying that they don't think it should be exclusive. But Bayonetta 2 and probably 3 as well wouldnt exist without Nintendo.

Without Nintendo it would be stranded in the ether

Smash, Mario Maker, and Virtual Console.

Once the switch gets these, my Wii U is going into a box for eternity.

Damn, I bought a used copy of Bayo2+1 a few months ago, thinking that it would be a good as time as any other to give the games a try.

I'm not about about to double-dip, but I'm glad for any other Switch owners that have been waiting for a good chance to play these games.

Platinum's said before that Bayonetta 2 wouldn't exist without Nintendo.

Every passing day I regret my Wii U purchase more and more, really glad I have a Switch as I do already have these games but have never gotten around to them, playing on the go will fix that problem, will most likely wait for a price drop though.

Dude this is a really weird thing to think. Every time an old PS2 game comes out on PS4 I don't think "UGH another reason I regret that console I bought ages ago" like come on. You still played games on it. It still provided you with hours of entertainment. There are tons of fantastic games on the console and practically their entire backlog on eshop and VC. You get a free television built into the controller. And for most of its life it cost like $200 bucks. That's like chump change in a society that sees no issue with dropping $1000 on a new iPhone. I don't know why people attach such expectations and such condemnation to these occasional 5 year console purchases.

I got several years out of my Wii U just through modding Smash4, and digital titles and VC. Plus I can see a huge pile of physical games from where i'm sitting, that all provided many hours of use from the console (MK8, Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, Bayo1/2, Smash4, BOTW, Mario Maker, Deus Ex HR, Pikmin 3, WWHD...)

Switch getting ports of all the Wii U's games just proves the Wii U had great software, and honestly a lot of these ports are always going to be slightly inferior just for being stuck with one screen rather than two.

The day Nintendo announces Tropical Freeze and Smash 4 ports to Switch will be the day I get rid of it for good.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario 3D World and The Wonderful 101 for me.

I doubt The Wonderful 101 is ever getting a port, so i'll probably hang onto my wii u. Same with Tokyo Mirage Sessions, they don't seem popular enough and seem niche.

I don't know. Wii u still has quite a few games not on Switch, but it's definitely Nintendo's weakest system by far.

Considering only Nintendo believed in Bayonetta it makes sense why.

Why would it be like the 3DS version and not the Wii U's?

switch is a best selling console brah

So you bought a console, didn't play the games on it, but now you want those games to come to Switch, which you also bought, and will play the same games on that console, because... it's newer? Also, Wii U has Zelda BOTW on it which last I checked literally just won GOTY.

It has the best versions of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Lol yes it does. The switch will be a great platform for it.

Mod your Wii U, and hook a hard drive up to it, Problem solved.

You can use your Wii U as an Emulation device, and use the tablet as a screen.

It runs flawless emulation up to Gamecube, minus PS2.

The craziest part about the argument is that I personally had not heard about Bayonetta until the "controversy" about the sequel's exclusivity, and I get the feeling that a lot of other people discovered it the same way. While Bayo 2 might not have sold as well, I think it did a great job at directing eyes towards the franchise. Ironically it's probably a big reason why the first game finally made it to PC, so more folks could see what the fuss is about.

3? Did they announce a 3rd?

Edit: Oh shit, guess I really have to get a Switch now.

Bayonetta has long been on my backlog, nice to know that I can grab a Switch and have all three on the go!

Bayonetta should only be on Nintendo's system. No other publisher decided to even try.

This is awesome!!! I just played Bayo 1 when it became free with xbox gold and i thought it was really good, now i can play 2 and 3 on my switch :)