Bayonetta 3 Official Teaser Trailer - The Game Awards 2017

Bayonetta 3 Official Teaser Trailer - The Game Awards 2017

You know what all that matters to me is that both Nintendo and Platinum want to keep Bayonetta going despite it not being the major seller it should be IMO. Bayonetta is fucking great, can’t wait to see what's next for this franchise!

With stuff like Xenoblade and Bayonetta, I think Nintendo hardly cares how they sell. It is all about broadening their catalog.

Reggie always knows how to hype people up. I've never even played Bayonetta and he still got me excited for it.

Also Bayonetta 1 & 2 coming to Switch February 16th

Also Bayonetta 1 & 2 coming to Switch February 16th

who saw this coming? Nintendo is just knocking it out of the park when it comes to software choices for the Switch.

Bayonetta 2 pushed me into getting a Wii U. Bayonetta 3 is now pushing me into getting a Switch I guess.

I also suspect this is their strategy with the Switch. Sony has been doing this (funding a range of exclusives) with the PS4, and it’s worked out pretty well for them so far.

My immediate reaction without even blinking: Sure I'll buy Bayonetta a third time

I love how Nintendo brought Bayonetta back and now it is just part of their stable. It's nice they have a little bit of a mature offering on their platform.

I think I have just been convinced to buy a switch. The library of exclusives is looking incredible and we are only a year in.

Can Nintendo just stop stealing from my wallet already? This is a dream come true.

Reggie you cant just steal the show with a casual "Bayo 3 btw", people are still recovering from the Metroid announcement...

I've been calling it for weeks, but I was joking "DMC V is ok, but I'm hoping for Bayo 3" I almost shit my pants at 4:22am over here

Bayonetta 1 had massive performance problems on either Xbox or PS3, Bayonetta 2 was exclusive to the worst selling console.

With the Switch being a big success, being marketed to an older audience and the recent release of Bayonetta 1 on PC, I think the series might break into the big market now. Persona was considered to be for a niche audience and now Persona 5 is widely celebrated.

Sony has been doing this basically forever and it has always paid off handsomely for them.

Building a diverse library and the healthy consumer base that comes with that is just so valuable that even if these games only manage to break even these are still good investments (and it isn't like Nintendo has liquidity issues).

Nintendo figured out that having 3-4 genres covered doesn't cut it, but this time around the seem to have understood that this is something you need to start doing year one, not at the tail end of the system like they did with the Wii (bunch of JRPGs as they system was on it's deathbed) or Wii U when it was already too late.

It's so great to see Nintendo doing well again. It feels like it's been fucking forever. Now if only Microsoft could prove it's still actually making video games we could have three really strong consoles in a generation again.

You can buy Bayonetta 2 a second time too! ... like me :D

Yeah, looks like they're trying to improve the Switch as a platform rather than publish these games for profit.

I'm glad Nintendo is looking like they're going back to getting a bunch of crazy well done games out there

Wow cannot wait for this. Nintendo had a much bigger presence at these game awards than I expected.


which is great, there are niche audiences that buy into the console because of these titles, I bought into Switch with FE announcement and Xenoblade 2, since I have a wii U and I could've played zelda on that.

The time loop was closed, what is it going to be about?

based on the way they were putting Bayo's opponent in shadow i was waiting for the game to reveal that it was Bayo vs. DMC

That's a good way to send me to an hospital

A third? Bitch this will be my 4th (360, Wii U, pc)

Bayonetta 1 had massive performance problems on either Xbox or PS3, Bayonetta 2 was exclusive to the worst selling console.

IIRC Kamiya said one of his greatest regrets was the PS3 version of Bayonetta.

I'm crying thinking it was going to be a Wonderful 101 related announcement. But Bayonetta 3 is excellent, primarily because it means Platinum lives longer and I assume this is not what Kamiya is working on as he does not like making sequels.

Well this was a genuine surprise!

Nintendo is on a ridiculous win streak currently it's not even funny.

I didn't. I'll give the series a shot since they are bundling the first two games. Can't wait.

I think spectacle fighters are just not really a mainstream genre... I wouldn't quite call it niche, but still. People who like them are in love with Bayonetta, and people who don't arent. Add the hyper-sexualization on top, and the game just doesn't have a huge market.

It has been such a bummer that Platinum hasn't been able to land a hit with Nintendo yet. Looks like they are going to keep trying though, and I think that's great.

I hope Bayonetta does better on Switch. The platform is selling better, appeals more to traditional players, and maybe it can even benefit from a Smash Bros bump.

Don’t worry, unlike the WiiU, you are buying into a console with an ever growing great library of games. You won’t regret it.

Oh god, they actually went adn did it. I hope this brings Bayo back in the next Smash too!

At first, Bayo 2 was only possible because Nintendo funded, but at this point I think them and Plat just have a very good relationship. Bayo 3 apparently is once again exclusive, and I'm sure the salt will flow forever again - Bayo 2's announcement is still rage inducing to some years later.


But yeah, I completely get what you're saying, and the way they've handled it so far instills confidence should they pick up another IP that's outside of their usual "family fun" image.

For reference, the thing that instilled said confidence was the Link costume in the Wii U port of Bayo 1. Platinum made one they thought Nintendo would be okay with.

The response they got was that an outfit that modest seemed out of character for Bayonetta, and not to hold back on their account.

They clearly understand the IP and are okay with what it is brand synergy be damned, and for a company that used to not allow you to say "kill" or "die" in a game on their platform even if it was vital to the story, that's commendable.

4th for me as well.

It's like the god-damned White Album.

Well, Bayonetta's legs falling all fucked up and stuff suggest she very much dies in the teaser.

Switch has novel, yet practical console with the backing of arguably the best developer in the world, pushing out at least 1 GotY contender each year.

PS4 on the other hand has has the library of high quality exclusive games that dwarfs Xbox.

Microsoft's leaning more on a dual platform stance since last year adding more focus to PC. Most hardcore gamers will end up buying the game for PC, and more casual, less savvy consumer will probably pick up a Switch or PS4 for the holidays.

This solidifies Bayonetta as part of Nintendo now, no doubt she will be back for the next Smash.

You won't be disappointed. The first one has, and I say this with literally no exaggeration, one of the most absurdly incredible, jaw-dropping ending sequences I've ever seen.

judging by everything and looking relatively closely, it honestly seems like she was split in half

What about The Wonderful 101? :(

If the trend of the first two continue, it’ll be about putting Inferno in its place.

Wonderful 102 did get rumoured alongside Bayonetta 3, it may be the next project after Bayo 3 releases. A port of the first game will probably be released considering the pattern.

i'm still discovering good titles on the wii u

Hahah, calling 2 mediocre is nothing more than a salty comment.

Wow. After being snubbed some of the multi-plats, they pull this off.

Nintendo really needs to keep it up, because the other platforms are getting a ton of great games too.

Really exciting time in the gaming industry where they're in an arms race again.

What a fucking Switch line up. And I love Reggie man and how he presented that. Nintendo has made all the right moves with software on the Switch.

Having a diverse line up always pays off in hardware sales.

I had a fever dream that Platinum would make a crossover called "Wonderful Bayonetta", and when she shot the 5 bullets that sort of looked like a "W" I nearly fell over. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Yeah, Bayonetta 2 was published by Nintendo.

Jesus, how many times do I need to buy a whole console for just game? They are killing me!

Lol right? Him coming on stage to announce 1+2 for the Switch somewhat reminded me of some years ago whenever he came on stage just to announce Cranky Kong in Tropical Freeze. Then, he said "do you really think I'd come all this way just to announce that? I have one more thing" and I about lost it without knowing what it was.

Nintendo has changed so much in the last few years. They've gone from every announcement feeling a bit meh to me being hyped even before an announcement.

If there’s one thing we know about smash, it’s that it seriously sells different game franchises. It worked with fire emblem and xenoblade, so I fully expect bayo 3 to be the best selling one yet.

The problem is their execution on the Wii U was too little too late.

Trying to broaden genre diversity when your system is already in it's 3rd year is a waste of time.

Platinum Games has been teasing that they were making games for Switch for months. Wonderful 101+102 was the more popular guess, because they used Wonder-Red in a tease, but Bayonetta 3 certainly wasn't out of the question.

I think this is a pretty solid statement that its not happening any time soon.

Bayo 1 was made before no publisher wanted to touch Bayonetta with a 10 foot pole and Nintendo had to save the franchise.

Blame Sega.

Holy shit! Thanks you Nintendo! I loved the first two games so glad the series will continue even after sales didn't do as well as they should have for the series.

Yes and remember that the Switch is being sold at a profit too so Nintendo really loves selling more consoles, moreso even than Sony.

I wish it wasn't exclusive because Bayonetta on PC is absolutely fantastic.

But better on just the Switch than nothing at all.

She won the fan vote for Smash. She has an incredibly devoted fanbase.

After the Switch ports were reveal yes but not like 5 seconds later.

Kamiya pretty much said we should ask for a port of Mario while we are at it, as it is about as likely to happen as it is for Bayo 2.

Bayo 2 is an amazing game. What the hell are you talking about?

I look forward to a possible future where Nintendo has a wide array of mid-tier development projects.

Don’t get me wrong, The WiiU had some fantastic games. But to me, not enough to warrant the price tag. The hardware was also a joke and felt cheap (referring to the gamepad). Then there were the titles that should have knocked it out of the park like Starfox Zero they were bogged by shitty forced motion controls.

The Switch is such a massive improvement in every way and the library is already 10x better than the WiiUs ever was.

PS3 had the performance problems for Bayonetta.

I've read the sequel is much better, but it's not enough to make me buy a Wii U.

It was also announced that both B1 and 2 were being ported to Switch, so you're in luck!

They've tried to do it since before the switch.

They bought Monolith knowing full well that they produced moderate sales at best with their other titles, but those titles usually had a dedicated enough following (Baten Kaitos, Xenosaga) and they filled a genre not covered by any of Nintendo's studios.

They also published/funded Bayonetta 2 on Wii U knowing it wasn't a massive seller even when it was multi platform (hence why no one else wanted to fund it)

What? That's not true at all.

Don't forget Smash. With her being in there now, I bet there are lots of people who are now interested in her games, and I couldn't be any more excited for that!

Splatoon was an actual stroke of Genius, as well as Super Mario maker. Super Smash Bros for Wii U also brought back the series to the quality of melee and makes me feel hopeful that the next Smash Bros will be the best one yet. There are a lot of other good examples of Wii U games that killed it even if the hardware wasn't good

Damn. I turned on the stream just as Reggie was talking about Platinum. I find it weird that they used Bayonetta's first design for the teaser though.

W101 is a Bayonetta crossover, you can play as Bayonetta in it.

I would like to not nake a low effort comment on an announcment abot how I'm glad about X game.

But seriously I almost just came. At the very least my chair is swinging a lot from excitement (not fapping, yet)

It’s like they finally woke the hell up and realized what they have in their pocket and have been timing the releases appropriately. The WiiU had some good games but they were so spread out. The Switch has had some surprise releases and announcements and some major hits.

And somehow, the sequel manages to fucking top it.

This short teaser certainly convinced me to grab Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Switch even though I have the originals already.

Nintendo certainly knows how to generate the hype.

That would make sense, but she's wearing her bayo1 outfit in the trailer.