Bayonetta 1 and 2 icons!

Bayonetta 1 and 2 icons!

callin' it now, the icon for 3 is going to have a red moon, more clouds, and the title's in yellow.

Shame they both cover her ass

edit: getting downvoted cuz truth

The title is purple from what I can tell from the end of the teaser when the symbol cracks open.

We already know it’s purple from the announcement. That 3 is our side logo that will be next to the same “Bayonetta” writing and font we see.

I'll give you an upvote ya perv

Shoutout to u/Flightshift for calling these last month!

Edit: Here is his mock-up post from 33 days ago!

Played through 1 last week, loved it. Halfway through 2 now, would definitely recommend both to anyone who hasn't played them yet

Good point. Now that's why the logos are on the center...

Bayo is basically Nintendo family now I'm sure the port will be nice. Also they're amazing games and having them portable is just great.