Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Switch announced!

Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Switch announced!
Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Switch announced!

Just announced at The Game Awards!

February 2018. Bayonetta 1 is a download.

Bayonetta 3 also coming exclusively to Switch! Teaser Trailer

YES I wanted this on Wii U. Perfect opportunity to get it now!


BAYONETTA 3 BITCHES Bayonetta 1 & 2 February 16!



Nintendo is on an absolute warpath with the Switch

No Bayonetta 3 ☹️. Got me a bit hyped then for nothing.

Edit: HYPE!

Do not toy with me like that Reggie!

YES! Bayonetta 2 is the best game no one ever played because it was on the Wii U So glad it can reach a bigger audience now

You're gonna love 1 and 2 and we're all gonna love 3. This is a great day!

Holy shit, Bayonetta 3 coming to SWITCH.

And they haven't even released VC.

I love that Nintendo is committed to this franchise. Who would've thought that when the first game was announced that it'd eventually become a Nintendo franchise lol

Hope we see some more surprises tonight!


I called this shit months ago and got down voted and I'm NO LONGER A DISAPPOINTMENT TO MY PARENTS

Oh my god. I thought it was dead but they continuing it. god bless Nintendo and platinum games

Listen here you little shit

Turn that frown upside down!

Next year is going to be insane for the Switch, I just hope they pace out the heavy hitters like they did this year and don't lump them all together in the span of a couple of months.

Nintendo really wants to continue to destroy my wallet next year.

fuck YES

I was super excited when Regi said he had one more thing. I'm happy we're getting Bayo 3 but my hype went wild for a moment.

I think I will be quintuple dipping for Bayonetta 1 now... Along with extra dips for 2 and a couple for 3. When they came out on Wii U I bought both digital and physical copies of Bayonetta with the stupid hope that it would send the message that people wanted more Bayonetta and they wanted it on Nintendo consoles.

I dreamed of getting all three Bayos on Switch when I was still hunting down my console.



I am really feeling it.

We're getting so many amazing games on Switch and inch by inch bringing over the best of Wii U. I'm going to keep selling a bunch of my Wii U games to pay for these. I enjoyed them on Wii U, but we're almost getting sudo-backwards compatibility with all these great games coming over.

And Bayo 3 .... OMG.

Online co-op tho?!?!?


sudo-backwards compatibility

Is that a Linux command?

So far we have an exact release date for Bayonetta (February).

Of the games we have confirmed for next year, none of them feel like they would share that month. Kirby and Yoshi feel like they would be late spring or summer. Fire Emblem feels like a fall or winter release. If Metroid and/or Pokemon come out next year, I seriously doubt they'd be in the first half.

My guess is that January will be mostly empty but contain a direct. Each month for the rest of the year will have some first-party or major third-party exclusive (think Mario+Rabbids) that comes out.

LOVED Bayo 2. Very tempted to get it again on the Switch, just because it was that good. (Bayo 1 is also great, the final fights in it are still some of my favorite in any game.)

The original had online co-op. I don't sse why they would remove it.

I don't think that's accurate.

Sega had nothing to do with the development of Bayonetta 2- Platinum Games was the developer, and Nintendo was the publisher. Sega only worked as an advisor to the project.

So it seems Nintendo holds the publishing rights to the franchise.

Bayonetta 1 as download-only hurts my soul.


I just bought the Wii U combo pack a few weeks ago. Bayonetta 1 and 2 are awesome, but now I might have to double dip! The fact that there are stupidly over-sexual costumes for Peach, Daisy, Link and Samus was a surprise. Can't wait for 3!

Unlikely - the teaser earlier in the year had the neon red and blue colours, so I’d assume local. 2 has an online battle mode, though.

More devil may cry than ninja gaiden

Literally announced a few seconds after. Nintendo and Platinum Games are amazing!

Bayonetta being a Nintendo mainstay, hell yes!

That's the thing - it isn't. Sega is still the one holding rights to the franchise. But at this point, it might as well be a Nintendo franchise just because of their committment to PG to make the game they want.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT YES.I never played the 2nd one.Possibly my most anticipated port.



My mind went to Mother 3.

I bought Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. I beat the Boyonetta 1 bonus disc and then never touched Bayo 2. If this is cheap I'll pick it up, if not I'm forcing myself to play Bayonetta 2 Wii U before 3.

At this point I consider Bayonetta an honorary Nintendo character

No. No he really shouldn't.

I think, in these situations, we should be happy that Nintendo can even count to 3 at all for their much-beloved franchises.

(looks at Valve)

Fuck yes. I am not getting on steam then... So excited. More wii u games please.

I guess I still want to play it on steam anyway. In 4k.

stupid hope that it would send the message that people wanted more Bayonetta and they wanted it on Nintendo consoles.

maybe it's wasn't so stupid

Same. They have it physical on wiiu.

I have no idea what bayonetta is but everyone seems super hyped. And zelda got the expansion. Nintendo is killin it right now.


guess i'm buying Bayonetta for the third time... no regrets though.

Yoshi I could see being around April and Kirby in July. I could see FE being their Sept/Oct game, depending on whether Pokemon is going to be coming out in November next year. If it is, then I see FE coming out in Sept and Oct if not.

I know it's been rumored already, but I could easily see a Direct in mid January to lay out the VC and give a couple of new games that are going to be coming out in the year. I also could see them putting the Smash update from the Wii-U on the Switch during maybe a lull in Switch exclusive heavy hitters

Angry fans downvote me to hell for saying this, but a 2018 release for MP4 or Pokemon is highly unlikely, at best we can hope for 2018 trailer and 2019 release (hopefully early 2019).

It is accurate. Sega is sole owner of the property. They are even shown as a copyright holder of the game.

Nintendo simoly owns publishing for the game. They don't own the franchise.

Just like how Nintendo owned publishing for some Mickey Mouse and Popoye games of the past. Or Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U.