Batman and secret identities

People seem to think this was the actual scene... No, he takes off his cowl and says "Bruce Wayne".

They need to lay low so they all decide to blend in with their secret identities. All are on board, but The Flash doesnt want to. Batman interupts him and reveals everyones identities, including Wallys and his own.

Lex Luthor in Flash's body:
Sha sha sha


This bit never fails to crack me up.

Not in the original scene, this has been edited, that's what I was getting at.

I remember that episode from the animated series where some villain wants batmans cowl so he can learn his secret identity. Batman fucks with him by wearing a bandanna underneath.

Was he wearing two hoods?

Lead cowl. He doesnt know in some comics

The actual version is funny, too. He says with confidence "Bruce Wayne" and Flash just stares incredulously and says "Showoff..."

That was after Thanagar invaded if I recall right.

A meta element of this I like is that in JLU Flash is voiced by Micheal Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor in Smallville.

I feel like Superman knows and just plays along to preserve Batman's ego

Wally is the third Flash.

First was Jay Garrick with the silver bowl hat

Second was Barry

Third was Wally, who started as Kid Flash and then became regular Flash

Fourth was Bart Allen, who is Barry's grandson

Edit: Kid Flash wore yellow. That's who you're thinking of.

Of course Superman knows. He has x-ray vision and can see through Batman's mask.

Much better with sound

"I have no idea who this is"

Yes! One of my favorite animated DC moments.

Or the scene where Lex Luther and Flash and flash switch bodies and Lex is like "time to learn who the flash is" in the bathroom.

Superman and Batman meet.

Sure, but the gif was from the animated series and in the animated series Superman uses his x-ray vision to see through Batman's mask. In the variety of comics its all over the place, from him hearing Alfred through Batman's earpiece to them both changing into their super suits on a train and happening to see eachother mid-change. Then there is the lead cowl but even in most if not all of those comics I don't believe its explicitly said that Superman hasn't figured it out through other means like above but could be that he just has not revealed he knows yet.


And Wally's bar for what counts as evil.

I'm not too well versed in DC comics. But I always thought this version of the flash is Barry Allen and Wally west was the younger yellow one. So is the Flash Wally West in this show?

But...but a feather's lighter.

In the show it was always Wally, but there are nods to Barry here and there. They basically folded Barry's backstory into Wally's.

top youtube comment:

"There is just so much ownage in this video.

0:19 Batman catches Superman off guard and shows his physical dominance.

0:44 Batman allows Superman to live after he learns his secret identity.

0:56 Batman displays power over Superman and proves he's right to be in his city.

1:12 Batman disappears from a man with super-hearing and super-vision.

1:42 Batman takes Superman's woman.

1:51 Batman learns Superman's secret identity AND where he lives.

2:24 Batman taunts Superman with the Bat-smile and lives to own him another day."

Seriously, has nobody ever pieced it together that Batman and Batman are never at the same place at the same time?

He's Batman!

It's still 35 innit?

"I have no idea who this is."

Almost as if I posted that.

When JLU first aired, Barry had been dead for almost 20 years.

Wally was always a more jocular character than Barry, so it makes sense that they'd use him. He's also younger.

Ah okay. So in the justice league show that this clip is from, was the flash always Wally? I haven't seen this show but in a lot of the DC movies the flash is always Barry, the forensics guy who's mother died. Or does Wally replace Barry at some point in this show.

Nooo. He's Batman.

Woah really? That makes it way cooler. I miss Smallville.

Oh Lemmy


I just got done watching that series on Prime. I loved it as a kid, and it still holds up. Until the season 4 revamp where they change the animation style.

Its from the animated justice league series.

DEAR GOD NEGATIVE KARMA! I don't even know if I want to comment this! Is there a reason for this destruction?

It's cowls all the way down.

Here you go. Weirdly I just watched this clip yesterday

Little known fact: Batman is made of lead.

Relevant (and hilarious). Relevant section starts around 3:15, but the whole thing is hilarious.

I doubt I can find the video of this but the batman line is obviously cut from somewhere else. It's funny because he is casually saying real names then shouts BATMAN!