Bat Logic

Bat Logic

"You want to know how I have the time to make explosive gel in the shape of a bat when faced with death? Because I'm Batman!"


There's this great issue of the comics where the penguin, two face, and some other villains are going through an abandoned house looking for something, when suddenly a chandelier breaks and falls on a goon.

Somebody is like "do you think that was batman? How does he know we're here?"

And the penguin goes on a hilarious rant about batman hiding in stupid places unscrewing things with a little bat screwdriver giggling to himself.

There are entire issues of Batman comics (generally the side-stuff, more Black and White or Gotham Knights than Batman or Detective Comics) just about criminals freaking out and messing up out of fear of Batman, even when he isn't actually there.

My thinking was 1) He started doing that when he was just starting out and it simply became a matter of habit to the point that he doesn't even really realize that he's doing it anymore, and 2) Building off his reputation the shape is actually supposed to draw the victim's attention (if they should come across it) so that they go "hey what's that" and hesitate long enough to detonate as opposed to just passing by some nondescript blob on the wall. But then I tend to overthink things.

I'd have some serious PTSD after facing Batman, too.

My arm just healed I don't want him to break it again.

It's about the brand.

The "hey, what's that" is the most likely thing, if it really needs an explanation. He certainly doesn't bother giving it a shape when you use it in combat.

It's fine, I'm sure when he comes back through he'll just twist you into a pretzel, bash your head into a metal railing, and leave you unconscious in a comfortable snow bank.

Well unless it is a certain pirated copy of Arkham

Yeah. And then they'll take his cold corpse to prison two months later when the snow clears because Batman never reported knocking him out.

You just hold the button down when it comes to your screen...

You mean pressing X when the huge indicator that says Press X to Glide Kick shows up. Yeah, tricky.

The thought of Batman giggling at all is hilarious, especially with Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman.

Am I the only one who's always been bothered that it looks more like a smile than a bat?

A sign that Batman's efforts worked. The very idea of the Bat is enough to stop them.

And you'd be able to make bat-shaped cookies when you're not out fighting crime.

You'd have to clean them properly, though, or the contamination of the cookies could lead to explosive diarrhoea.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the owner or a mulit-billion dollar company would understand this. Batman symbol = "You have nowhere to hide, criminal scum." And then BAM! Explosive gel.

I have two other plausible scenarios. 1) "bat shape" is a unit of measure such that he knows that the amount of explosive required to take down a wall is one bat shape, which is better than him having to count "one mississippi, two mississippi ..." every time 2) Batman is aware of alternate dimensions and Elseworlds so naturally he knows that in one of these worlds he is a videogame and he's merely catering to his audience so they'll have something silly to debate because Batman thinks of everything! also his way of saying to us that he knows we're watching O_O

Lets say a you and a bunch of your friends are hanging out in an abandoned warehouse. Suddenly, Kyle realizes that he hasn't seen Jeff in a while. You both spread out to find him and you come across a gel based explosive in the shape of a bat. Now tell me, would it scare you more or less too know that Batman is hunting you?

Did he not pay the extra $10 for the Bat-shape sprayer nozzle? If I loaded explosive gel in my cookie press I'd have those done in half the time.

But he absolutely won't kill.

Except when the game notices the game is pirated, it's disabled...


You know who else tends to overthink things? Batman.

"That's nothing! I once painted a giant bat symbol in fuel on a bridge and lit it on fire dramatically shortly after one of my friends nearly died. Why? Because I'm Batman!"

It's more the logic of the player who chooses to place the gel rather than hiding. Considering it takes very little time to place the gel in the form of a bat vs. just regularly.

If anything batman just knows that he has comparatively all the time in the world. If he gets caught it's the player being incompetent, not batman.


Muscle memory. He practiced for days to put the optimal amount of gel. The shape gives him a pattern to follow. He can use the gel in any situation thanks to that training, whitout thinking about it.

If you are Batman and need a pattern, you use a bat.


Classic Batman


This is exactly why he does shit like the explosive gel in the shape of a bat. The games did an amazing job on touching on this aspect. Fear is Batman's greatest asset. He knows the more he fucks with people, the more scared they get. The more scared they are, the more mistakes they make, which makes his job easier and safer.

Putting bat shaped explosive gel on a wall might seem like a waste of time, but to a criminal that already fears batman might be lurking around the corner, it's a very obvious statement that says "I'm coming for you."

You aren't alone. Back when the first Tim Burton Batman came out I couldn't figure out the logo because I was only seeing the yellow mouth part and not the black bat shape inside.

Not really.

If he was entirely sane he wouldn't go around dressed as a bat.

Except he doesn't

Anybody got a link to this rant? Sounds hysterical.

Maybe Batman has OCD and knows how stupid and dangerous it is to stop and make the bat but he just can't stop himself.

Batman didn't kill him, his injuries did

3) He's a little obsessive about bats.

Batman does not giggle

I'm just about to board a plane but Arkham Asylum was pretty famous anti piracy move, it disabled the ability to glide so you ended up dying in that early gas section.

Batman Dev 1: "He'll spray it in the shape of a bat."

Batman Dev 2: "Why?"

Batman Dev 1: "To attract the enemy's attention."

Batman Dev 2: "You know we're not putting that in the AI, right?"

Batman Dev 1: "Verisimilitude!"