Based James Woods just posted this on twitter!

Based James Woods just posted this on twitter!

Why does Chelsea Clinton literally look like a demon? Her face is giving me cold chills.

Want some more cold chills?

Want some more cold chills?

huma abedin looks like the character in a zombie movie that is concealing a zombie bite.

Would still bang

James Woods is the type of guy who would say something profoundly savage right before being suicided

George: Name one. Donald: You regret donating to the clinton foundation for expample.

Make sure to wear a hijab on your dick before you stick it in Islam

She's not as bad as Chelsea. In some images she appears attractive. Very toothy though...

That reminds me....where is all the outrage from CF donors? I mean wouldn't you be pissed if you gave a bunch of $$$$ for these poor people and it all went to a (failed) campaign??

Huma ugly.

I've never encountered a more apt description of her. Well done.


Mid East version of Sarah Jessica Parker.

So instead of horse face its camel face?

Wait that doesn't make sense. Jay-Z is the ultimate camel and Huma objectively looks better than Jay.

Mid East version of Sarah Jessica Parker.

She looks like she could eat corn on the cob through a chainlink fence.

Huma is not ugly. A horrible person, sure. Cheslea is unfathomably ugly, and a horrible, stupid, shallow moron.

Web did not send his best.

Merkel & the Saudis knew what they were buying

Very embarrassing.

Jesus that was the most savage line of the election. Don't know how I forgot about that.

she aint human

witness her birth

she aint human

Can I ask you a question? Is r/ Australia embarrassing to you? It's nothing but a Greens circlejerk masquerading as your country's main subreddit. I've been to Australia and know that it isn't totally like that unless you find yourself in some hipster neighborhood in Melbourne.

there's only one cure for her

The evidence is plainly visible in their 2015 tax returns that "direct program expenses" mostly meant paying for travel, staff, and office space in Manhattan, not for helping out poor Africans.


I'd love to know what those are. The fact that pathological liar Hillary has had so many public health issues - and people still thought she could run a country - is staggering.

What a shame really. It's 70% politics and 30% American bashing.They should be using the Australian politics sub for the politics and fuck off with the American bashing. Oh well, I know many of you are based and that's what really matters.


Poor Chelsea got hit hard with the ugly stick.

Oh snap...😎

"Michelle is a trans!"

Oops botched surgery.

Hillary's sloppy seconds

Isn't that FRAUD, right there.

Who else could get away with milking a 'Charity' like this...!


Staaahp. You're killing them.

Well, one house we know for sure she ain't haunting is the White House.

kek kek kek, wew lad SPICED to Scoville unit 2,200,00

Do we have a list of the houses that Chelsea is definitely haunting?

If we do, is haunting houses punishable in physical court?

Donald is so fucking spicy

Yeah I'm pretty sure most of the donors did. That's why they are all silent now. What a shame.