Bark code

Bark code

Looks like the cover to Labbey Road

By The Beagles?

Kudos to whoever arranged them

My favourite song being 'Here comes the ball (throw it, throw it)'

Reminds me more of a pupiano.

Bark code is ready to be cat scanned.

Puppies have a pretty small gas tank. Guessing they all had a REALLY FUN playtime followed by a nice meal and kaboom. Dunzo.

How long did they wait or did they move sleeping puppies? Either way can you spare some kudos from me, I'm all out but the photographer deserves them.

You should listen to "The Long and Winding Ride (that leads to the park)"

"I brought the newspaper today, good boy"

'I Want To Lick Your Hand', actually.

Scans code

"Agent 47"


Black n yellow black n yellow black n yellow

One of those puppy's what?

Aren't they the ones who wrote I Want To Hold Your Paw?

"...Black Lab howling in the dead of niiiight"

"I Wanna Sniff your 'hiiiind"

Snoopy in the Sky with Diamonds

Sgt. Pupper's Lonely Hounds Club Band

Sniff 'hind, Sniff 'hind (Hello, Goodbye)

I am the Wolfhound (Goo-goo Gajoob)

Et Cetera

That's... Not the song.

and some breeds will just fall asleep quickly like that even when older.

no matter what, it's precious.

I honestly don't mind if it was arranged. Its still adorable.

"Heyyy Bulldog!!" Oh..wait...

Man i wish i was one of those puppy's

Ready to play Beethoven's 5th Symphony, bear in mind 2 keys puppies are out of synch

Thumbs down to the one who euthanized all but 2 to get them to lay still.

I was going to say...the real hero in all of this is the endless patience the photographer had. It's either that, or doggy bowls full of Nyquil

My family kept a stray lab for awhile, and she's just pass right out sitting on the porch with us. One minute you're petting her, the next she's already got comfy, and gone to sleep.

Reminds me of the Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney song, Ebony and Ivory (here)

That's and they're literally called yellow labradors.

*Barkhoven's the puppy.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

One of them co-wrote "Ebony and Ivory"

Is that the one with Eleanor (throw the) Frizbee?

By the dogtor

Et Cetera is the most underrated song of the album.

Ran out of sedatives for the bookends?

I honestly thought the thumbnail was of some fancy sushi roll. Haha

"While my guitar gently slobbers" with Eric Barkton is a masterpiece

Should I tell my cat? She was originally named after John Lennon.

I probably shouldn't tell her.

My only break was when I'd create him at night.


Canine centipede

I'm not entirely certain it was arranged. I suspect the puppies got into this position themselves.

I love Hello, Goodboy!

my 17 year old kitten (still a kitty!!!!) will do that thing where she tries to keep her head up but shes so sleepy it just slowly sinks down!! so cute

labbies on the ledge with bone bones!