Balotelli is the most abused player on social media with over half the reported abuse being racist

Balotelli is the most abused player on social media with over half the reported abuse being racist

Top 3 players abused are all black. Honestly didn't think Welbeck or Sturridge seemed like the type to get so much abuse.

Turns out the racists don't care

Pirlo on Mario Balotelli:

“We also need Mario Balotelli. I’m not sure he really appreciates it yet, but he’s a special kind of medicine, an antidote to the potentially lethal poison of the racists you find in Italian grounds... Whenever I see Mario at an Italian training camp, I'll give him a big smile."

He does write shit about, e.g., Utd on twitter so I can see why he'd get abuse back because writing "Man Utd...LOL" on twitter when they've just lost a match and you play for a rival is a quick way to get a shit ton of abuse.

But racism? Come on guys, that's appalling.

You know what, honestly, I love Balotelli, he always brings a smile to my face.

He's matured a lot, and now I genuinely feel bad for him. he's the subject of horrible racist abuse, and his stint at Liverpool must be a nightmare.

I'm still pretty sure that the opposite of love is hate.

Welcome to life as an ethnic minority. Id say most of the time i get insulted unjustly the person resorts to racial slurs.

Well Balotelli does a lot of silly things and as a result is open to more criticism/abuse (Not that it's justified) while Sturridge and Welbeck both seem quite likable and rarely give people a reason to abuse them. Guess it highlights just how racially motivated a lot of abuse is.

Personally I think they just care too much.

Other than his skin colour, having played for Man Utd seems a good excuse for most to have a go.

If he wasn't a rich and famous entertainer, he'd have a good chance of being killed by the police.

Way to be progressive, 'merica


Pirlo has never faced any abuse, he is 100% Italian, a northerner too so he doesn't get the bad side of the north v south bullshit.

This is why I really want him to do well. Before he came to Liverpool, I always really liked him just cause he seemed like he was having so much fun. I just hope next season goes better for him.

233 Black people killed by police last year?

Thats probably more people than the UK police have killed in the last 20.

"sometimes its justified" . How can be racism and xenophobia can be justified ? I hope you wanted to highlight people fears or misconceptions ?

You know why it's all racist?

Because most of the dickheads that write that stuff are nothing in comparison to what he's achieved so that's pretty much the only argument.

Calling someone a ladyboy. If I had to guess it probably refers to Nasri, seen that on here a few times actually.

It really shows how easy it is to be a piece of shit on Twitter, and also how ineffective their abuse policies are.

All sportsmen and women seem to get abused on Twitter, and it never matters what they are tweeting about, you'll always see some sort of abuse in the replies. But the sheer volume of tweets that this report has documented is depressing, it's hard to believe that so many people are so driven by irrational hatred when they use social media.

Reddit is about the only place you don't see it often

Are you joking? Reddit is filled with that same sort of bigotry. Look any thread about Russians, or Muslims and its clear to see. Its very common on /sub/soccer too.

no he's Not. He's saying balotelli doesn't let the racism get to him and that makes pirlo admire him.

Yeah mate, and the same 12 year old who told me that also apparently fucked my mom, yours too probably.

Sorry I think you missed my point.

It's definitely racism that's pushing them up into being the most abused players.

My point was I think Balotelli is fair game for abuse on twitter due to the shit he posts but I condemn anyone that abuses him due to his race.

Mad to think racism is still alive

pls dont bring out the gypsy racists today

Nonsense. I don't live in the USA, but I see incredibly racist and wildly inappropriate tweets and facebook posts from Americans about Obama, for instance, all the time.

If so many people already say such vile racist crap about the goddamn president, I shudder to think what the average bloke has to get. Nevermind what professional sportsmen probably get from supporters from the other team!

This is "anti cleric jerk" nonsense. If you don't think you are at significantly more danger from the police in some areas of the United States as a minority... well its burring your head in the sand.

Not to mention the disproportionate sentences Black Men recive for the same crimes as their white counterparts.

Are police running around linching ever black man they see? No of-course not, that's a strawman anyway, no one has ever claimed it. But to ignore racial inequality is dangerous and irresponsible.

They also killed 414 whites, 138 Hispanics, 15 Asians, and 311 of unreported race. The US has a lot of deaths in these situations, and in my opinion it's because of the relatively easy access to guns. It's much easier to have a gun in the US than the UK as well as many other places and this leads to people initiating shootouts with the police. There are a very small few incidences where a policeman may be quicker to shoot someone due to race but the vast majority of these deaths come from shootouts instigated by the suspect.

what did he do in the last two years that makes you feel that way?

Indifference isn't the opposite of love. Love is an intense feeling of interest or affection. Hate is an intense feeling of displeasure or dislike. Indifference is between the two- a lack of strong feelings either way.

Love is on one side of the scale, hate is on the other, and indifference is in the middle.

Pirlo isn't a romani, it was claimed he was a sinti (a different ethnicity) but he denied it quite a few times. The one you are talking about is only a myth, but i think that both Stankovic and Mihajlovic have Roma origins.

Indeed, the amount of racism and xenophobia directed to Roma and Sinti is ridiculous, sometimes it's justified, although still unacceptable, because of their means of life which promotes values which are entirely incompatible with European society.

No, the opposite of love is hate. The opposite of passion is indifference, as you correctly pointed out. Unfortunately that doesn't validate the rest of your comment.

You only listed 1 example where he lost his cool ALL season long. He has matured and just because he got held back by fans doesn't mean he hasn't. There were so many other incidents where opponents tried to get a reaction out of him but he kept his cool and played on.

Yeah, Sampdoria will hopefully treat him well.

Yup, no problems of racism in America...

Genuine question but why does Welbeck get stick? Always seemed like quite a neutral individual

he'd have a good chance of being killed by the police.

Fucking hell, do you really believe that or are you just trying to appeal to the crowd? Last year, 233 out of 45 million blacks in the US were killed by police. If you classify .00052% as a good chance then you might need a lesson in probability.

to then also score the winning penalty. good times

Fun Fact: American police killed more citizens in the last month than UK police did in the whole of the 20th century.

Just in the way we accept black celebrities.

until they piss you off then we get racist again (kanye)

Gender reassignment (1 per cent)

Can anyone explain this?

What??? You obviously don't use the internet much. So much closeted racist come out with so much vile racist insults.

Or Thiago Silva

'it's just banter mate'...

I see Stormfront copypasta gilded all the time on Reddit.

It's not that bad on /sub/soccer because it's not a default sub and because I think it has a more diverse group of fans, and also the mods will delete that stuff if you report it. On many default subs you can call someone the N word and get thousands of upvotes and it won't get deleted.

Is anyone 'excusing Europe'? The idea that Balotelli is only being abused by Europeans is ridiculous, he'll have followers in countries all over the world.

You do realise every continent has a problem with racism right?

That and other forms of homophobia, it's all bad but all should be paid equal amounts of attention.


But those usually get downvoted and criticised a lot

Something tells me you haven't been to /sub/worldnews, people calling for mass genocide of Muslims were getting upvoted the last time I checked that subreddit

Well, lets compare it to Germany. We have around 8 police kills per year. There is around 80 million people in Germany, hence the chance you are getting killed by the police this year is ~1/10 000 000 . Now there were 233 out of 45 million black people killed by the police last year, hence the chance per year is 233/4500000~51/10 000 000.

So, the chance to be killed as a black person in the US by the police is about 50 times higher than the risk the average German faces, so yeah, I'd call it an extremely good chance in comparison.

apart from their skin colour

What's the point of this question if you add this?

You you know what a 'rate' is?

because to them its not racism, its le facts

sigh And you are talking the same bullshit he is. The opposite of colour is blankness, the opposite of the colour red is not blankness. You have defined red as part of the category colour, therefore it has an opposite within that category, it does not mean that the opposite of every member of the category is the same as the opposite of the category itself.

You are missing a massive logical step between a concept and the category that concept belongs to. You are only defining red as having a binary value for colour, not for the qualities that make us define it as red instead of green.

Chinese people do something: man the Chinese are so ____

White person does something: man that guy is so _____

/sub/soccer is waaaay better than, like, /sub/worldnews or /sub/news or /sub/videos or /sub/adviceanimals.

They received abuse for that in Italy, there was always an incident in a Lazio-Arsenal game where Miha was punished for naming Vieira "black shit" but he claimed that it was only a response to Vieira calling him "gipsy shit", the Frenchmen never got punished for that.

That's literally the opposite message he's trying to send. Are you being intentionally dense, or are you genuinely confused?

That whole debacle was ridiculous. I even saw some people here on reddit saying Balotelli was a racist because of it. He retweeted an image with a silly joke about national stereotypes, for christ sakes.

Dont really know what this has to do with american sports.

Crime is heavily linked to socioeconomic status, of which blacks are lower on average. It's an unfortunate reality, but a higher percentage of blacks engage in crime than whites, as compared to population. That is the primary reason for the larger death rates, not racism. I'm not denying that these racial instances occur but it is blown out of proportion in the media.

Player for the most popularly supported team on the internet, and plays in the position that gets the most stick when you perform badly, or even gets stick from the opposition when you perform well.

Eh? I'm just purely saying you wouldn't say these kind of racist/homophobic/etc things on the street to anyone would you? Why should social media be any different to a fan or football player? It's a disgrace. Just because I put me in there as an example doesn't mean I'm implying I'm some hard man. I'm definitely not. Please read properly in future ta.

Pirlo, I think , has personally faced some abuse because he is a romani. Also this interesting article about racial abuse of romani people in football,

And if he hadn't gone out in that short skimpy dress he wouldn't have been raped, right?

The latter, i just probably haven't worded the phrase correctly.

All sportsmen and women

It's not just sportsmen and women. It's everybody. Every notable person will get abused online.

But he's bla- I mean African American, surely he can't be a European? How could he ever integrate into society with all that segregation and racism yurop has...

Social Media is built upon unnecessary hatred. Every single thing on Facebook or Twitter whether it's Clarkson, Kanye at Glastonbury or Immigration is filled with hateful and often racist comments. Reddit is about the only place you don't see it often but you still have a lot of awful subs. I think the majority of people are just dickheads.

Yeah I wasn't saying it was anything about black people in particular just that it's crazy there is so many killed by police, obviously in a lot of these instances people will have started the shootout with them rather than police brutality but it's nuts to read for someone not in the US.

Certainly no recent history of racial segregation. Must be wonderful to live in a land free of racism.

It's so fucking annoying. It's no better than racism but this sub doesn't seem to care.

Stankovic and Mihajlovic were often nicknamed and insulted "zingaro" (gipsy), so i thought they really were

It's really sad, poor Balo, luckily he's always been one who's always ignored the abuse he received, it is pretty sad to see the amount of racism there still is in football.

Yes Friday is inauspicious to bring gypsy racist. -- Borat

Yes, and that comment is implying that all the abuse Balotelli gets comes from Europe. Again, it is not 'excusing' racism in Europe. Racism exists in every country in the world, no-one is 'excusing' it anywhere. It is a global problem.

Homophobia isn't as bad on here. Transphobia definitely is though

Compared to most western nations you have an extremely good chance of being killed by the police.

Looks like the Guardian made a mistake when reporting this story

That's not the reality in any way.

U fuckin wot u cunt?

nowhere does it imply that 'only' Europe is racist, it just calls that specific continent out on it.

And does so for no valid reason.

Fine. Francican-American.

Matured a lot? News to me

Same.. Granted he did stamp on Scott parkers head during that spurs game a few years ago, so I can definitely understand some of the hate.

He has a chip on his shoulder about a lot honestly. List has to be as long as his arm.

While you may be correct, I think it's a little simplistic. Look at the Desailly/Atkinson incident from some years ago: would you say Atkinson was "jealous" of Desailly? I'd imagine not. You can definitely argue Atkinson's career was lackluster, though his managerial career wasn't terrible and he certainly has made a bunch of money; I don't think he'd be hugely jealous of Desailly. On twitter I imagine it's mainly racist because it's the easiest thing to pick on that you know could hurt/offend him coupled with the anonymity.

This is what sadly happens when you have anonymity online. They wouldn't say any of those things to his face.

But those usually get downvoted and criticised a lot which doesn't happen on Facebook. Like I mentioned there's a lot of shit filled sub reddits and the site is far from perfect, but it's a lot more tolerable than other places.

I red the askreddit "when did you know your marriage was over?" section too.

Balotelli is not the first black player to play for National Team, Liverani was the first one in 2001 and Ferrari the first one to do it at an international tournament (Euros in 2004)

No, I meant people total not black people.

It's amazing how the same people who go on and on about how awful and racist other countries are have no problem turning around and saying racist shit about gypsies.

implicit racial bias

The reaction to black crime is different. And there are more white people in the population, therefore the amount of white people engaging in crime (white collar crime too) is higher, and yet as a percentage the amount of black people killed or in prison is an incredibly significant number. It's like how the percentage of black and white people who do drugs is the same, which means that more white people as a number are doing drugs, and yet there are more black people in prison for it.

Just read about and how that split second of a decision in associating blackness with bad things and criminality and guns can make a cop more likely to reach for their gun and shoot than if it were a white person, hence black people being shot for holding wallets, spatulas, candy bars.