Balancing on a railing, WCGW?

Balancing on a railing, WCGW?

He fell so hard time froze for everyone else.

I love how everyone else just stands and watches.

“He’s made his decision”

Missed opportunity for a perfect loop. He could fall forever! ribs hurt just watching this..

When he grabbed the railing again after he landed, I really thought he was going to go again...

Yeah, instead he died from ruptured organs. Much better result.

If he had landed on his back he might have been paralyzed.

Hate when that happens

He wanted a sense of pride and accomplishment.

He knew what he signed up for.

There's one out there. This is an oldie but a goodie.

When you need the Heimlich maneuver but no one will help you

Ruptured spleen, lacerated liver, bruised kidneys....mleh!

Adrenaline to keep you standing for the next thirty seconds... woah!

Cost of impressing a girl...priceless!

"1 down, 3 more to go!"


No-one's realized how strong the railings are?

What was the end goal here?

Haha. I feel fell about 5-6' and landed on a railing, just below the ribs. Reported Ruptured spleen, bruised kidney. I got off pretty easy with only a week in the hospital. That guy is seriously injured.

Edit: I tried to fix it. Someone tell me what I did wrong.

It happens every time. People say he died. No one confirms it. Just that they read it "last time it was posted." Last time. Every time.

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Go back far enough and it appears you finally get a thread where no one says "last time." Just speculation that maybe it was a suicide attempt.

Internet glory. Internals gory.

Internet glory.

ITT: everyone saying he died, not one source confirming it.

It just gets better every time you watch it

That amount of pain and regret must have affected the very structure of the universe!

Just spent the last half hour digging through the dozens of reposts of this and the same thing happens in every thread. People keep claiming they read that he died in articles but not one link. All I have found so far is the closest to the original video I can get, it's longer at the start and finish,

Details say it happened in Poland. On one of the first posts of this, a redditor said it happened in their hometown of Lublin Poland, but no reports link this incident and that town.

I'm on vacation with my SO sitting in the hotel bed for almost an hour researching some dude falling down stairs... She isn't too impressed by my detective skills.

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It's weird. Some people can die just from tripping and falling, and then there are people who have fallen out of planes with no parachute and lived to tell about it.

Dying is remarkably easy. I can't remember where I heard it, but it's said all it takes to kill you is a fall from your height. And being that I've seen many stories of people dying from just falling over onto a hard surface, it sounds about right.

Watched a second time and time does indeed freeze for everyone else. What the hell?

Do NOT interfere with natural selection, particularly when it is self-selection.

"Is..... is he really that dumb?"

Ha ha, is it possible someone could loop it perfectly so it looks like this? That would be hilarious.

Hopefully this doesn't sound condescending because it's not meant to be, but just so you know, falling out of a plane with no parachute is no more dangerous than falling from a tall structure due to the concept of terminal velocity.

In fact falling from a much higher distance is "safer" because you have more time to orient yourself to increase drag and lower your terminal velocity, to prepare for that (reduced) impact in a way that's less likely to cause fatal injuries.

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This has always been one of my favorite gifs. What the hell is he doing? it looks like they are in a place of work, they are definitely all adults it seems. That had to really fuckin hurt too, pride and stomach wise. This really is just my favorite gif.

Well I heard he went on to live the rest of his life happy and content on a rural farm.

llaf sih ekorb enips sih esuaceb yako s’tI

I must see this gif once a year and every time my reaction is more shocked and in disbelief that he didn't get sliced right the fuck in half

It’s okay because his spine broke his fall

This is pretty fascinating to me. All of these people claiming the last time this was posted, he died, yet at the top of the chain there is no evidence of death. Now millions of people have seen this gif and believe this person to be dead based on absolutely no evidence. I wonder what ways devious people take advantage of this trend on reddit, spreading misinformation that eventually becomes believed as fact? Surely it wouldn't be hard for an advertiser to start spreading rumors about how good their product is from multiple accounts until it eventually became accepted as fact or something alone those lines?

Sorry for going off on the /sub/conspiritard tangent there, but your comment is very intriguing.

I remember when this was posted years ago it was found out that the internal injuries he sustained later killed him.

Probably in shock.

This is what I love about Reddit. I think that comment will be popular for a long time haha

Can we have her old blood yea or no

Well it came from the most unpopular comment of all time.

He did

Yea what a fucking left field comment. I'm not saying you're wrong but where the fuck did that come from.

"If only there were an easier way of doing this."

It looks like the guys walking down the stairs who stop to watch him briefly are the same guys in the second shot, who after seeing him fall, just stand agape to see if he recovers from the drop.

Probably a couple of broken ribs too


Yes, this is a motherfucking JoJo reference.

Here's the video

Looks like he collapses and people sort of panic, wouldn't be surprised if he did end up dying.

You're the hero we need, but don't deserve.

Keep digging the good dig

Pretty sure the guy died from internal injuries. This vid has been around for years.

Reddit giveth, reddit taketh away.

The internal bleeding was something he was willing to accept to achieve his dream.

I feel like somewhere in the world there's a family where they've had both of these extremes happen to relatives, and they are not surprised by anything anymore

Why would that be condescending (actual question)? It doesn’t sound patronising

Would actually make it easier to overlay the people from the previous frame and turn it into a loop, since the way he stretched bck after made me think he was going to take another shot at it.

Just watch those who stopped and are staring... yeah.... that just happened

But did he die yea or no?

It is. This happen to my mom during a surgery. Somehow they missed it and closed her up. She bled out into her abdomen and was suffocating on the blood. They replaced her entire blood volume 3 or 4 Times.

I once passed out standing up and fell backwards like a plank of wood. My head hit the concrete first. I'm 5'10".

Two brain hemorrhages as a result of that. Everything turned out fine, but yeah; humans are simultaneously some of the most resilient but fragile creatures on this planet. We're designed for survival yet our bodies are subjectively frail.

Definitely enough force rupture your spleen or liver causing you to bleed out into your abdomen.

Pretty sure I’ve heard somewhere that he did die. No proof tho

You just described marketing.

I have always wanted to know if he died. I did plenty of scouring when it was still relatively new and found nothing, so I'm pretty sure the answer has been lost to time. I just want to know.

Condescending may have been the wrong word, but I totally distracted from the valid point they were trying to make in response to someone else, which is that people can fall from (terminal velocity basically) and live while others get the short end of the stick when they fall a short distance. I just felt a little rude!

Maybe actually in their head it's said in a condescending voice, so they have to reassure us it's not condescending, when actually it is?

Those poor ribs. What a dumbAss


I'll put 10 on this being the title the next time some knobend reposts this

Its funny how scared we are of people doing this on acid when drunk people are doing this shit 24/7 365 a year all over the globe. I would have a hard time citing an actual instance where someone did this shit on psychedelics. There's hours of footage like this of drunk people

The next step is for you to go to Poland to the newspaper section in a library to find clues which should lead you to persons of interest whom you will interrogate. You will then find out that he changed name but you will manage to track him down all the way to a secluded area where he lives. You will knock on the door but there will be no answer. You will look around to see if he is somewhere outside at the backside of the house, but you will be unaware that he is watching you from afar, wondering what you are doing there... he knows you are not from there and it all seems odd. Maybe another one that is digging for the truth? but truth needs to remain buried. You shouldn't have been so curious, you know what they say? curiosity killed the cat... and so you must go... so he will detonate a bomb which was installed in the house because he knew this day would come, so bye bye detective.

Or y'know just enjoy the holiday.

I mean look at him he probably can't breathe after that

I want to believe the dude running up the stairs is a security guard who, when he gets to the guy, simply says, "...and what did we learn?"


Reminds of Thor Ragnarok: I’ve been falling for 30 minutes!!!

a little blood maybe

Hold on

He had several internal injuries and dies.

Edit: there are several people looking for more info and can find none. This makes me suspect I believed someone I shouldn't have.

Life... life finds a way. Through trial and error; mostly error.

Must be a common occurrence with this guy

Your girlfriend doesn't understand the importance of being a Reddit detective? Just tell her it's for fake internet points, that should clear things up.

He was trying to commit suicide and failed.

if I had been drinking from the toilet, I could've been killed

He did.

reported spleen

Your spleen has been reported.

Couldn’t he get internal bleeding from that?

Think he pooped just a little?

Good point!

Lacerated liver sounds like the worst.

Strike that. Reverse it.

Seems like a really weird way to go about it...but I guess if that was his state of mind, he may not have been thinking clearly.

Internal gory

Lacerated liver sounds like the wurst. FIFY

It happens every time there's a video of an injury. Every Redditor is like "There is a 100% chance he died. It is physically impossible to survive that."

And then someone posts an article that's like. "He was released from the hospital 6 hours later with minor scrapes and bruises."

Every. Time.

I’m glad he stopped after one level, instead of continuing on like a Slinky on the stairs.

He's ok, his scrotum broke his fall.

That landing was better than I expected.