Baker Mayfield named the AP Player of the Year!

Baker Mayfield named the AP Player of the Year!

[Source] Mayfield received 51 first-place votes from the 56 AP college football poll voters who submitted player of the year ballots, and a total of 157 points. Love (83 points) and Jackson (39 points) each received two first-place votes and Penn State running Saquon Barkley received a first-place vote and came in fourth.

I have absolutely zero idea how this dude’s skill set will translate to the NFL but I desperately hope my team is willing to see for themselves.


Ceiling is a more efficient Russell Wilson, floor is NFL washout.

Sam Darnold wouldn’t have it any other way.

Considering Mayfield has been breaking Wilson’s efficiency records, I’m not sure how you can’t argue Mayfield has the potential to be a better Wilson. Do I expect him to be a better Wilson? No, but he has the potential.

He is short but has a cannon, is super accurate, a great leader, and doesn't turn the ball over.

He won't be able to scramble as much because JJ Watt would wreck his shit, but mobility doesn't hurt.

The AP voters didnt want a spanking for screwing up the vote.

Is that why the BIG 12 had the lowest PPG allowed per conference last bowl season? That narrative is tired and falls to pieces whenever Mayfield picks apart a team like Ohio State or Auburn. Or a team like TCU, that is extremely highly ranked defensively despite playing against the best offenses in the country.

Russell Wilson is the second most efficient passer in NFL history, I don’t think Mayfield’s ceiling is quite that high.

Someone decided in October that Barkley would get their first place vote no matter what, and they stuck to that decision

Well deserved

So proud of Daddy!

This Daddy shit weirds me out

They know who daddy is

yeah his height is something that always stands out to me. otherwise he is a legit QB. i always say Mayfield is what ESPN wants Darnold to be

Wasn’t unanimous. Chip is still there.

Stop praising him dammit!

That's just lazy.

Mayfield had one skill player returning this year... His FUCKING TIGHT END..

Not sure what running has to do with pass efficiency..

Russel Wilson isn't that tall and him and Baker have really similar skill sets.

Penn State’s Barkley received 1 vote for 1st

Whoever did that needs to have their voting privileges taken away

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield named the AP Player of the Year(Cover Photo)

His ceiling is the roof

Why not? Mayfield has the first and second most efficient seasons in NCAA history..

Baker is better than Manziel anyway.



The facial expression with the bite of the lip is what seals it.


I always imagine what Johnny Manziel would have been like without all of the hookers and blow. Baker Mayfield is probably the closest thing

Seriously, get his cell phone number again and start texting him and telling him how garbage he is and how he is going to get spanked by Georgia. Give him some fire to play behind.

Shit now his chip is getting smaller

He’s playing in a league with much worse defense than what Wilson played against.

Or are Big XII offenses so good they make their defenses look pitiful, and visa versa for B1G and SEC ball?

I guess what I'm trying to say the narrative the Big XII doesn't play defense fails to mention the offenses they face.

Edit: TCU's defense would be 7th in the nation if they didn't have to play OU and 6th if they didn't have any Oklahoma schools on their schedule. I believe they would be a little higher ranked in the SEC or B1G as well. Please let the narrative die.


I think the JT Barrett comparison was important. College kids have been getting drunk and trying to flee from the cops for more nearly century, as evidenced by JT Barrett trying to flee from the law after getting lit up on bathtub gin at a speakeasy back in 1926.

Edit: because I suck at writing.

That picture is something else man

It wasn't Unanimous? My suspicion is that Patterson didn't vote for him.

But seriously, how could any of those AP writers not vote for Baker?

Floor is manziel

So if I'm gathering this right... a first place vote is worth 3 points, which I'd imagine means 2nd is 2 points and 3rd is 1 point.

So he got 153 from those 51 guys, and then got 4 total points form the remaining 5 guys, meaning at least one of them left him off the ballot completely.

Idk it means nothing but I found that to be pretty funny. Can only imagine the crotch grabbing actually made the difference for those couple of guys.

Did he throw a TD pass like Barkley? I think not.

What if I know who daddy is but I STILL want a spanking??

That’s the point

I miss these

floor is lava

I can 100% understand Baker winning. I can't quite understanding voting for Love over Lamar.

Love: 1973 rushyds/17TDs

Lamar: 1443 rushyds/17TDs... 3500 passing yards/25 TDs

I don’t like the Manziel comparisons because Mayfield doesn’t have a substance abuse and partying problem. He might drink and party like a normal college kid, but If he washes out of the NFL it won’t be because of drinking/drugs. Manziel was on the way to becoming a capable QB before he burned out as well, so his “floor” being Manziel without drug issues is too high to be a floor.

Same with daddy breesus except he doesn't scramble

he isnt a danger to take it to the house, but he is very good at picking up a first down or maneuvering in and out of the pocket. hes tough to bring down for sure. we run him on 2 or 3 QB draws a game to keep the defense honest.

Only thing that could explain that is salt.

Not only that, but at least one of the writers must not have voted him in the top 3.

Sorry daddy

That man?

Gary Patterson.

A couple of weeks ago at a Q&A with Kliff Kingsbury someone asked him who he wanted to win The Heisman and he eluded to Baker Mayfield. He said he’d “loved to have helped coach two Heisman winners.”

Well deserved. I’ve been salty the past couple of years but it’s water under the bridge now in my eyes.

Fuck that. Wilson is so bland and robotic that I hate it. That's not to say that's not what you want from your quarterback lol

He's literally an inch taller and the same weight as Drew Brees lol.

hol up

Russel Willson

I mean, I’m sure plenty of guys get drunk and drop their name. Hell, JT Barrett did that while driving. Running from the cops was dumb, but people make mistakes and learn from them, and his apology was one of the best I’ve ever read.

I would say the most efficient passer of all time in college football is an advanced passer. He can make every throw.

It helps that tech has had some damn good QBs since he left

I have no doubt he'll come out ready to play, and I'm sure everyone else will too. Some fire to play behind couldn't hurt us though.

That’s the exact same thing baker does. He doesn’t just run away from everyone he moves to pass.

Well shit, with this new evidence I'll have to reconsider my position on the matter.

I was making a joke about JT Barrett being old as fuck. It was poorly worded and apparently not funny enough to stand out.

I really wonder if people watch games. Baker has a fucking arm. He has timing and touch. Cant wait to watch him tear it up.

No, you have to be mean.

I hope he cuts out some stuff like the gestures, but overall I like his attitude and competitiveness. The NFL could use a little more heart and emotion.