Baby Puffer fish are so inquisitive.

Baby Puffer fish are so inquisitive.

He's trying to eat it.

Thank you. Everyone here makes cute little jokes but it is hunting this snail. We had this same type of freshwater 'pufferfish.' It killed every snail, no matter the size, and algae eater we put in there. We fed it well, but it killed everything. Cute but deadly.

Like a lion is inquisitive.

The first time I ever gave a snail to my puffers that happened too. It analyzed the snail from all sides for a minute, swam away to think about it... Then dive bombed the snail flinging it out of its shell.

This is actually a pea puffer, not a baby puffer. I've kept them before and they are really smart. After a while they know where you keep the food, what the container looks like and even have their own personalities

Yeah, that lateral movement. I'm guessing it's Z targeting.

Look! That slaughterhouse employee with the chainsaw is so inquisitive of those cows!

Naw, it's just trying to eat the snail. Puffer fish are crazy aggressive in my experience. Couldn't keep them in a tank with anything else.

Do all fish have such freedom of movement? I mean, that thing had full control of its 3d space. Strafing, rising and lowering, all without making any visible body movements.

"He's curious!"

He's hungry.

How does it circle the shell like that? It doesn't appear to be moving it's body?

Was I the only one waiting for him to puff up with his spikes out?

so cute, so deadly

They are very intelligent, I've had some freshwater puffers too, this was a fairly common sight. They would also follow me from one side of the tank to the other, and watch what I was doing in the room. If you don't keep enough in their tank to keep them entertained, they get bored and depressed, I had to keep putting new things in and moving stuff around for them to investigate and explore.

TIL inquisitive is another word for going to kill and eat you.

Yeah, I wanted to get a puffer for my tank and the shop owner just told that you either need to keep it in it's own tank or it will kill everything else.

Guess: a body shape like a puffer's makes for easier 'strafing' movement than a more typical shape, because it is rounded rather than flat on the sides. It would be much harder to strafe if your sides were broad and flat.

The Internet 80s.

They're like mini water zeppelins.

I like how he spins sideways to see better. This fish is my cat.

Not even hungry... Just a murderous fish

/sub/aww.. shit

That is one of my favorite things about my puffer, they have little fins all around that work like propellers. Their movement is awesome. My guy is named Mr. Hindenburg.

That's a dwarf puffer. He's hunting. He's not a baby.

Puffer fish are awesome fish to have. They are smart, adorable and they recognize their owners.

I used to have a green spotted puffer. I miss him

He's got two joysticks.

So unsatisfying.

Waiting for something to pop out of that shell then the fish all puff up like.

*Ultimate Showdown

Including stalking, toying with and then murdering other critters in the area.

They would swim up and down the sides of the tank just going back and forth, back and forth, for ages. Apparently that's a sure sign that either they are bored/depressed or the tank is too small. If and when this behaviour started I would put new things in the tank or move everything around and that behaviour would stop, and they would start investigating everything instead. I'd put in new plants, move plants around, new decorations, even add weird things like the clear plastic sheet from a documents wallet, rolled into a tube that they could swim through, anything really to occupy them that was different would get them going. I'd bring them snails from my other tank too, nothing like some live food.

I made the mistake of putting one in with an African dwarf frog. The horror of the frog being dragged by its leg still haunts my dreams.

at least link it.

You made air exhale through my nose quicker than normal

At least this didn't happen.

This guys new puffer only lasted 3 minutes and 55 seconds before a Crawfish killed it. I'm not sure what he did wrong. Broke my heart though.

Edit: *Crawfish. Not a Lobster. Owner of the video labelled it Lobster and even said in the comments that it was sold to him that way when people told him. What a grave mistake, for the puffer... You have to know whats in your tank...

I think the word is aggressive.

You nose farted! You narted!

Well then it's not a very good defense mechanism...

Try 2005.

Now that you mention it, puffers do have very cat like personalities.

Dat circlestrafing.

There's a cool clip at the end of this video when it shows teeth:

There's a cool clip at the end of this video when it shows teeth:

Is this food? Cause if this is food, I have to eat it

Only if their life is threatened. Think of it as being as effective and harmful as chemo.


it appears to have tiny lil translucent fins, you can see them when it rolls

The "lobster" is a crayfish. And you shouldn't put any fish in that tank that you do not want to become food. And you shouldn't put anything larger than an inch in there because once the crayfish molts it becomes food. Just an FYI for anyone wanting one.

Hardy har

We had one for about 18 hours this weekend, wife thought it was too cute to pass up but then we did our research . . . Life pro tip: do your research before a purchase. Thankfully the store was understanding and took it back, which was very good for our ghost shrimps' life expectancies, and apparently our snails' as well.

Wow, I had no idea the Academy Awards were so competitive now.

Clearly he's got no_clip on

This isn't necessarily true. The true pygmy puffers are territorial, but they won't kill everything. Mine left the other fish alone aside from intimidation, but only killed the trumpet snails and pond snails I gave it for food.

With puffers, the rule is usually 1 per 3-5 gallons (I like to follow 1 per 10gallon) and the tank should be heavily planted (if you go planted) so that they can hide/have vision skewed. They should be in a tank no smaller than a 10 gallon though.

You can only keep them in huge tanks or small tanks by them selves. I have a 5 gallon planted tank and I feed him snails and lil worms from the pond in my back yard! He is a great addition to a small planted tank. Not for beginners tho.

Check out Hank:

I worked at a pet store and people who owned puffers would ask me to pick tons of snails that grow randomly in the tanks for their puffers.

Fun fact, they love to chase laser pointers too!

Lol that videos from like the 80s tho

Hes both.. Hes cute when hes curiously hunting

You realize this puffer is hunting that snail and is going to eat it...

In the world of South American cichlids they are really not bad. I had a female jaguar cichlid that broke a tank divider, killed the male convict cichlid next to her, left his body and then ate his mate.

Genus Parachromis are beautiful demon spawn of a fish.

Hey! Listen!

This dumbass has way too many fish in that tank

That doesn't answer his question. He's not saying it doesn't have fins, he's asking if other fish can move in the same way as the fish can.

That kills pea puffers

Not turtles! I used to keep turtles with my oscar, great pair. My turtle tried to eat my oscar once, and he bit my turtle's head, and they lived happily ever after.

Did you not see his little fins? On the side of his body? You can see them when he rolls.

` \noclip

Check out this bad boy!

He actually ate it !