Baby elephant sliding down hill in Assam is 🔥

Baby elephant sliding down hill in Assam is 🔥

Imagine taking the path a few feet below and just seeing an elephant sliding down.

The pioneers use to ride these babies for miles.

I was just thinking of walking through the forest, middle of nowhere, and seeing these huge scrape marks and a path of cleared undergrowth and wondering, what the fuck happened here?

And this is how you get 2feet of foreskin stuffed with mud.

Imagine this being the mode of transportation for when the elephant grows into an adult... get the fuck out de way.

I must go, my people need me.

I was wondering how to do just that...

There goes my hero


My kids over here going “oh gosh giggle oh gosh.” She’s 2.

Watch him as he goes

Bae: my parents aren't home.

This has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Should def cross post to /sub/aww


This reminds me of the most offensive joke Jimmy Carr says he ever heard. .

Best way to scratch elephant balls.


I actually made this noise out loud when I saw this. I am an adult man.

There goes my hero

Isn't it from Spongebob?

Absolutely correct! And to tack onto that: When the elephant became to old to use the slide they would use their long trunks to go deep sea diving. This led to many great discoveries by the pioneers; each of which led to their untimely deaths.

on their stones and twig.


There's going to be stones and twigs lodged where no elephant should ever have stones and twigs lodged.

You do not know de way. you needa elephant to know de way

We all did buddy... we all did

The elephant holding the camera is pretty impressive too.

Goodbye baby elephant, it was pleasant knowing you

Before I listened to that I was like "Cool, I'll have a joke to tell the boys at work today!"

That's a hard NOPE!

I have already not done anywhere near as well as this

Its not just boulder... Its a Rock!

Sliding into those dms

Good far side reference.

I love how he delivered that joke. He doesn't even give you time to reflect on the "offensive" question, and immediately hits you with the even more "offensive" punchline. Brilliant.

The joke itself is not that funny, though, and mostly relies on the shock value, but sometimes that's all it takes to get a groan/laugh.

That was my reaction too tbf

"You'll never take me alive!"

Fun fact, The tradition of yelling Geronimo started when some of the first paratroopers saw the movie Geronimo. They were inspired with how he jumped off off trees and cliffs for surprise attacks. 2nd fun fact, he was nicknamed Geronimo because the Mexican troops would pray to saint Jerome while fighting him

Geologist analyzes the tracks "Oh yup that was definitely a baby elephant doing a sweet slide"

It’s adorable to think that the elephant has probably done that numerous times before.

Good to see the pride of my state on the big screen🔥

It wasn't a question, so feel free to post it. :)

Same say... To this day... He's still sliding downhill.

I’ve never wanted to ride anything more in my life

Leeeerooyyy mmmjenkins