Baby boomers are an judgmental group of people 😒

Baby boomers are an judgmental group of people 😒

Sentient fedoras

grammar is a colonial European construct

Bitch, just learn to write.

My nigga 14 years old and commenting on shit like this, when I was 14 I was still watching suite life on deck or sumn

yo stop. he's so obviously joking.

There is some credence to why millennials are the first generation to do worse than their parents. 2008 was a hell of a drug.

Lost it

Honestly. That phrase ruined the entire post for me. Considering every language the world has ever had has some form grammer inherently built in, it'd be a hard thing for colonials to somehow magically construct

"When people say 'Millennials are lazy!' they fail to remember how Baby Boomers and Generation X were seen at the time. Us Baby Boomers were the laziest, most entitled, narcissistic generation in history. We didn't have anywhere near the same pressures Millennials have economically or socially. We partied like mad men, disco, punk, house music, being young back then meant partying. You could just drop all responsibility for weeks on end, partying, doing drugs, and it was what we did, constantly, over and over again. Even the Wall Street business guys spent their nights at nightclubs and cocaine ragers, it was completely normal to be debaucherous once nighttime fell.

Women were easy, and men were easy to women. People SETTLED back then. Hot girls made love to ugly guys, it was easy to sleep with many, many girls and not be shamed for it at all. People did not have the same anxieties associated with sex, STD's werent huge until AIDS came around, and everyone was on the pill. People also didn't very much worry about marriage, finding the 'perfect man' was not exactly what everyone wanted, they wanted a stable man. It was common to marry someone you didnt love 100%, but instead were okay with.

And the thing was, if you were poor, you could still do the same things many rich people did. The poor kids on the Lower East Side often went to the same nightclubs the rich executives went to, because everything was so damn cheap. In NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, all of the great cities, rent was minuscule, it was a non-issue, it was something you could scrap up in a weeks worth of working. Healthcare, Education, Housing, Transportation, it was all so damn cheap. The youth of the 70s and 80s simply did not worry about those things, because even if you lost it, it only took a few weeks to get back on track. From 17 years old to 26 years old, I was poor, living in a dusty apartment, and yet I could still afford to live in lower manhattan, go partying every damn night, and live like crazy. And you know what I did right after? I cleaned myself up and got a job in an office, and today I earn 130,000 a year.

The lives and scenarios of the youth of the 70s and 80s would never work today. We were lazy, and even in all that laziness we were super successful in the end because we had so many things to fall back on. Millennials, you guys have to deal with problems that would make my generation riot. Healthcare, Education, and most of all housing costs are insanely high in a way we never had to deal with. The idea of paying 2,500 for a 2b apartment in some of these neighborhoods makes me want to tear my eyes out, the sheer work ethic you guys have, working 2 or 3 jobs, paying off insane loans at such young ages, acting professional at even younger ages. It makes my mind boggle. I had hair down to my back and wore the most ridiculous clothing back when I was 21, now? I see 21 year olds dress professionally like they are about to go apply for a job for CEO of NBC. The way you all act as well, well mannered, professional, independent, mature. I see it all around. And the sheer hours some of you guys work, I suppose the 9-5 is truly gone now right?

Sometimes I think because of the pressures, you guys never really got to experience the sheer fun of youth that my generation experienced. But god damn, if you guys aren't hardworking and mature, I don't know what to call you. You're certainly a special generation in a difficult spot, but you guys still make the best out of it and try as hard as you can, and baby boomers have you stereotyped all wrong."

A very, very smart man I saw comment this on some thread. He is right, honestly.

But that would require it to be funny

born in the 2000s

Why the fuck is there an infant in my subreddit. Whoms baby is this?

On deck lmao

I don't think I'm considered a millennial (2002) but I think things will only get worse for me/my generation , college is getting more and more expensive and I don't t graduate high school until 2020 also the fear of jobs being replaced by robots and cost of housing going up

Edit: thanks for all the advice

Let's not forget, near half of these people complaining about my generation would be pressed to hire more than half of the people in my generation.

You know it's getting tough out there when 14 year olds are worried about student loan and losing jobs they don't have yet.

So the an's are supposed to be funny? His reply comes off as very /sub/iamverysmart

It's pretty funny.

Damn hat drank all my dew and ran off with my neighbor's cat

It's a joke you sentient fedora

You know I preferred suite life like everyone else but they relegated that shit to midnight showings around that time 😭😭

Peope on Reddit are so fast to label someone "SJW" they can't appreciate a self aware joke.

Tfw 2000 babies are allowed to see R rated movies now

Even basicallyier, baby boomers are hiring millennials because they're cheap to hire and they know they can underpay them.

So basically he's saying that at least half of the "people complaining" would be unlikely to hire about 50% of /u/SixPockets' generation.

he probably got mad replies correcting him on his grammar which was obviously fucked up on purpose

I don't blame him

You were the target audience for the tweet, by the way.

Not if we all work together to hike up the prices.

grammar is a European colonialist construct

Tell that to literally every language that isn't European.


I don't think people understand how true this shit is.

The generation which was young in the 70s-90s was fucking lazy as all hell.

I cant even express how hard we partied, it was just a whole culture based around getting as fucked up as possible. Crime was out of control, drug use was endemic, sex was everywhere. We think its like that today, but back then? Every aspect of society was overrun with those things.

Millennials today are... idk how to describe it. They dont party the same way, they arent using nearly as much drugs, they arent having as much sex. Its like a 1980s parents dream come true.

We went from "the kids lives are too fast and dangerous!" in the 80s and 90s to "kids today are coddled and sheltered!" today. I suppose which ever one you prefer is up to you.

Get off my lawn

What confuses me is why he fucks it up on purpose

humor is subjective my guy, that's probably just his thing

The phrase "sentient fedoras" didn't tip you off?

And we can vote in the next US presidential election

No one has called you out on this, so imma do it.

Did you just really criticize this kid on grammar and spelled 'grammar' wrong? Tf?

"This person sounds like they're against my political views so everything they say must be wrong and taken 100% literally." -Reddit

It hacked my nudes and spread them on 4chan.

The only reason I upvoted

Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it

And we know how computers work. But for some reason we haven't put a bigger price tag on that knowledge.

I never even gave that shit a chance.

Just felt off when they were advertising it like "Now the boys are back....on a BOAT?!" Just felt like they were reaching and gave a weird vibe

It's a joke.

for u

"grammar is a European colonialist construct"

Oh for the love of God.

Bailey was fine as fuck. What are you laughing at.

Everyone in an office place is expected to know how to use a computer.

When's the last time you worked in an entry level office job? I've learned you can't expect more than "knows how to turn the computer on" without being regularly disappointed.

There's no requirement that a joke has to be funny to you.

I love how he's trolled successfully for responses from every clueless smug bastard on this sub with that second tweet.

To be fair all they find on the Internet is older people saying this kind of stuff, whether it's entirely true or not.

Literally my life

Found the sentient fedora


That man should be president.

In sentient fedora voice tell that to literally every language that isn't European

This period of time sounds so amazing...

Honestly, I consider millennials the rebuilders and the transformers. Once we finally tear away the halls of power (politics and corporate) and these boomers FINALLY reach the point of nursing homes/etc we can make some quick progress.

Demographically and voter turnout wise I can only see the boomers having a grip on politics for another ten years max. My hope is Trumpism is their last gasp.

Basic computing skills only set an applicant apart from the competition if they're trying to get into a good old folks home. Everyone in an office place is expected to know how to use a computer

An sentient fedora

Lmao! The man is a gifted wordsmith.

my fam actually got into a huge argument on thanksgiving about selfies. my mom was tryna act like she wasn't a smokeshow in the eighties who just didn't have the technology. we just have better tools

The real BPT is always in the comments

It turned my waifu against me

Fucking died at that

Tfw in just one year those new 18 year old amateurs won't be born in the 90s.

Lol people born in 2000 are gonna be in college soon

Legit lol. Keep it up. Papa bless

Unfortunately I think you are overestimating red state millennials. Source: Born, raised, and living in the south.

Learn to program, friend

I don't even get what the big deal about selfies is. Is taking photos really ruining a generation?

Yeah some people like the tame sheltered millennials. I think they are great in some ways, they work harder, dont do as many drugs etc

But at the same time its sad how much pressure they have to do as good as possible and not fail at all. I wish they got to experience the freedom and fun of being a young person in the 70s-90s.

I see you but it was solid either way, I liked both shows equally. Debbie Ryan helps


Have you seriously never used something other than perfect grammar for comedic effect?

Boomers complain about how narcissistic millenials are but the second they get a Facebook they post 20 of these and then comment on Wal-Mart's page to get attention

Boomers complain about how narcissistic millenials are but the second they get a Facebook they post 20 of and then comment on Wal-Mart's page to get attention

It's not all it's cracked up to be fam

It was bait.

Yeah it's wierd, I was born in '82 and am technically a millennial, but I know I'm extremely lucky in that I was out of college and debt just before the '08 crash. And then you have my brother who is 6 years younger and economicly we're like night/day.

I snagged a job almost immediately after college and have been able to move up fast due to the experience I recieved, while he really struggled after college and hasn't gotten too far. We both graduated with similar degrees so I thought he was full of shit when he said he could find a well paying job, until I really invested time in helping him - there just weren't many jobs and the pay was much lower. I drove him to an interview and he was in the running with 13 other people. I never saw that when I was interviewing.

Because of my lucky timing I was able to pay off my student loans in a few years, buy a house, get married and start a family. He and his wife, on the other hand are still paying off student loans, live in a 2 bedroom apartment and are praying to afford at least 1 kid one day. He's a smart guy too, he could have absolutely handled any job I've had (and probably would've done it better) so it's not like he's not as able.

Seeing the divide firsthand scares the shit out of me, and I'm already fearing for my daughter's future. I just have a bad feeling for America because if shit doesnt get relieved soon, it's going to hit everyone like a truck and something bad is going to happen that hurts everyone.

When I was 14, it was the 90's, but seriously, people born after 1985 are millionials. Pretty much if you weren't in high school before 2000.

R.I.P. u/Yo_Shazam.

"We hardly knew ye"

It's actually a really elaborate 'fuck you'

In BASIC? Oh man, the teacher must be a true old timer

She's a ting still but not worth watching on deck for I'm sure. That show was so cringey


Sorry we can't hire you because you're over-qualified (aka. We ain't gonna pay you at your paygrade).

Sorry, but it looks like you need more experience. If you're interested we have an internship available (aka. at best we will pay you in lunch)

sentient fedoras

I get most what of you're saying, very few people are failing cause of stupid shit like "Manspreading" and "Microagressions" (the kinds of people that protest that shit fail because it's hard to work and live in a safe bubble at the same time), but at the same time millennials have had a pretty rough entry to the job market (See: 2008, automation, service sector economy, sky-rocketing demand for qualifcations in every field) and a shitty one into the housing market too (See: 2008, massive population increase + little house building = sky high house prices.)

I think at the end of the day people need to stop blaming stupid shit like 'manspreading' and 'microagressions' for their problems and actually get their act together, but it's important to also recognise that it ain't all that easy for some people to live the life their parents lead.

This is so fucking true

Millennials in general are a LOT more tame than baby boomers were. We don't really party the same way, even if we wanted to, its just not very accepted in society the same way it used to be. I remember reading about how clubs across the western world are failing simply because millennials dont want to 'go out' anymore. Drug use and alcohol use is also very very low nowadays, its just not the same.

I remember growing up and seeing teenagers and 20-25 year olds party like crazy all throughout my city. Now that i actually am older around their age it seems like all of that party culture is mostly gone. Nobody is really out anymore.

more chunes for your headtop, watch how you speak on my name, etc

I don't think so, I actually think selfies can be a really positive expression of self-love. I was mostly just arguing that if front camera smartphones existed in any era, people would be taking selfies.

I know my littlest cousin was born in 99 and is graduating high school with her associates Degree in May. I still remember carrying her around because she was as she put it "a princess" and princesses don't walk.

Technically you're about 7 years too young to be a millennial. You my friend are a gen z baby. Go out enjoy this new knowledge.

1982 is generally the cutoff - people who turned 18 after 2000.

Can confirm, born in 2000 and next year is my last year of high school. After this year, there are no more 90s kids in high school.

In my experience, even if millennials label themselves conservative, it is rare for them to be anti-gay or anti-marijuana.

I think this might be because millennials aren't as susceptible to having opinions shoved down their throats. There are a million different opinions for every topic on the internet. Being able to cut through the bullshit is something that you need to have, unless you want to take on every opinion you see. Which would be a conflicting mess of an ideology.

Sentient fedoras would still be funny if he was serious or not.

After this year, there are no more 90s kids in high school.

I was about to say something about this being wishful thinking due to super seniors, but I realized they probably don't hold you kids back anymore to avoid hurting feelings.

Get off my lawn.


English is a construct too, I guess

God is a European colonialist construct

I've come to the cynical view that even turning on a computer is something that some people struggle with.

No, they will not create a ton of new jobs. One person can maintain the robots in a factory that used to employ hundreds. Just look at what foxconn did with their manufacturing process, they cut 60000 jobs with robots, and they plan to cut more in the next two years

Touche I myself pronounce words without the accent.

This right. Comp Sci will set you free.

It's a shitty joke tho