b-but what about my profits???!!!1!1!!

b-but what about my profits???!!!1!1!!

One park near my high school had a lot of apple trees and it was cool to see how many people would come up and take a few.

Seems like whoever made this has played too much Animal Crossing and not done enough gardening. I'm all for public community gardens but fruit trees need good maintenance, especially where they don't naturally grow.

That's cute, you think cities WANT to feed the homeless.

I wouldn't automatically assume it was ok for me to just grab apples off trees on someone's property. Was there a sign or anything?

There's a supermarket in my nearest town that has the remnants of an old orchard right next to the entrance, all good eating apples too.

I'm quite stunned by the fact that, besides myself, nobody seems to collect them. You'd think everyone that was planning to buy apples would just grab them on the way out during the right time of year.

It's a public space, and the mounds of rotten apples are a pretty big giveaway that nobody wants them.

That said, those rotting apples are awesome for butterflies. I've seen hundreds, maybe even thousands, swarming there at times.

There are actually a few cities that do this. There's one in Tacoma, WA, for instance.


They considered this in my city but ultimately it was shot down because of this. Not only do you they need constant maintenance, the city also needs to implement some kind of pest control for the extra bugs and animals it attracts. Plus it was suggested that some people would ruin it for the rest by just rocking up at the start of the season and and taking a couple garbage bags full to sell/preserve/etc.

Exactly, I can understand when a city wants to deter homeless from feeling “at home” in public spaces

In my childhood I remember seeing so many butterflies...

Gradually i've been seeing them less and less

If only there were a tree with rotting fruit near me...

Seattle has a much better food forest. http://beaconfoodforest.org/

I can just imagine all the insects and rotting fruit now...

In so doing, "a city" (by which we mean that city's bourgeoisie) transforms the public space into a pseudo-public space, just as through 'hostile architecture':

The replacement of public space with commercial or pseudo-public spaces creates a stark division where a well-heeled person can easily have access to shelter, toilets and a comfortable place to sit simply by purchasing over-priced coffee, but where, in the same space, a rough sleeper will struggle to find even a flat surface on which to sit. The changes that have taken place in Euston station over the past few years should be a source of concern to us all, in so far as they represent an attempt to enshrine social divisions into its very architecture.

The commons, so called, are transformed by capital to be hostile, in its very design, towards those without capital. Their purpose, as with all things under capitalism, is commercial.

Anyway, I find that homes are the best deterrent to the homeless.

Not only this but people tend to forget that managing a productive tree takes a lot of attention. Spraying for pests every couple of weeks, constant watering, and trimming. Then if you do manage to keep some fruit trees alive and producing well there's a great chance somebody will just come by and pick all the fruit off and keep it

Why even have homeless and unfed people? Give them homes. Give them food.

What actually happens is no one eats the fruit and it rots on the ground in a smelly slime. Cary street in Richmond used to be lined in pear trees and they took them down because people tracked rotting fruit into the shops. As a resident of the area, I will miss the free fruit, but not the flies. When I would pick them, the pan handlers thought it was gross that I would eat fruit from a tree; to much disconnect between people and where food comes from.

People picking the fruit also damage the tree, they'll climb it and break branches then fall. I worked at a u-pick apple farm and people destroy everything.

Why have homeless in the first place? We have more than enough housing and produce more than enough food.

Because a lot of homeless have mental problems. If we gave them a home and food they would wind up right back where they were because we never solved their problem in the first place.

I mean even if they did, do you really think a few fruits a season is a worthwhile investment? If they wanted to feed the homeless there are a ton of better ways of going at it than planting freaking fruit trees in public parks lol.

Plant a butterfly garden!

its in is in it's 4th or 5th year at this point, with regular funding from grants and the city. There's an active group of volunteers that manage it and its in quite good shape. The one in tacoma doesn't have the same funding or volunteer base and is quite over run with weeds, but not vandals or vagrants. Why would these places get destroyed? They're public parks like any playground or ball field (in these two instances at least).

I love the idea, but could it work as long as someone could pick the free fruit and turn around to sell it at their stand down the street? We need to eliminate the mindset behind making a quick buck before we can fix anything else.

And don't people realise that while a plum tree looks nice next to a road the fruit are a hazard, and hard to clean up, because who picks it when the trees are a few years old and rather tall.

Yup slipped my bike on plums a few times.

It’s real. Here in Orange County, CA, I’ve had security come & ask me why I’m sitting on the open bench in their courtyard.

Those benches are just for looks. Can’t even imagine how they’d have reacted if I weren’t a white woman. It’s disturbing. All I did was sit down to make a mobile call during the lunch hour. You’d think I’d tried to break into their building with the hostility I was met with.

And finally, they'd be called an "attractive nuisance" after someone climbed up to pick fruit and fell off resulting in an injury. At least that's what that person would claim when they sue the city

Obviously I agree, but until the system which allows homelessness in the first place is destroyed it would be a temporary way to help ease the problems homeless people face. Better to have the fruit trees than not have them that’s how I see it.

Your trees need an arborist a tree specialist, and pruning. Apple trees are hybridized and need special attention. The pear and blueberry also are hybridized. Take some care of these three plants by pruning back 1/3 of the living, last season's fruit bearing shoots, and any dead wood and bring back the tree to a managed size, and you will have great accessible fruit the following year. Pruning takes place during dormancy and I always use January 1st as my start date. If you have wisteria this is also a must do chore.

The fallen fruit that rots is part of the eco-system and is actually great for the apple tree as it attracts pollenators that give the plant the ability to even produce fruit in the first place. Rotting turns to composting and enriches the soil. A naturally raised apple orchid is a thing of beauty, (Mass and NY State apple country) but one that is manicured and over produced is lacking of life (PA apple s and Florida Oranges).

We do indeed need to fund our safety nets thanks for saying that, and just like pruning once a year will give you the best chance at a great harvest providing for our country every year with intent of helping those who can't help themselves provides our society with bountiful opportunities and an abundance of happiness.

I think planting fruit trees is lovely and a great use of public spaces. At the same time, it wouldn't solve a lot of the problems people think it would.

Fruit trees tend to bear all their fruit at once, annually. All in the same month, or even a week, there will be an explosion of apples, which will shortly fall from the branch and begin to rot. Most of these will be eaten by squirrels.

Fruit trees also require significantly more water than most of the hardy trees that are used to provide shade. So turning cities into fruit orchards could also become a drain on that city's water.

tl;dr: By all means, there should be more fruit trees. But we do have to consider the environmental impact, and will still need to solve hunger by other means.

I had a worm in a plum when I was a child that scared me away from eating any plums for a long time. About 6 years later I finally try one again and it had a fucking worm in it again. :(

Right so they just get to sit out in the cold do they? Housing can be used intelligently in combination with other programs to help rehabilitate.

Lol, you ever left your city and went to countryside?

Fruit tress need maintenance. You can just plant them but the fruits won't be anywhere as big as your shop fruits. We have apple trees here in my country everywhere but the apples are barely edible

You can plant bushes but I mean would you eat berries that were grown in your city with all the pollution?

I know this sub is for ironic memes but sometimes you look like a bunch of jerks without any common sense

Even if cities wanted and did it, is it a solution? Let's have homeless roaming around and eating off trees. What about their dignity? Does it grow on trees? People need jobs and homes. Solution: seize the MOP.

One would think it would be easier to deal with mental health problems if you had a warm, safe home and reliable, healthy food.

why go through all that work when all you need is a pile of rotting fruit?

Had a girl eating an apple in the middle of the common area in college take a bite into one that had spiders in it.

She freaked out so horribly bad that people through something happened to her and others were trying to find out what happened.

After watching that, I only eat my apples if they are sliced now.

This. I raised this exact question to my university town and the NGO that operated there (lots of homeless people). While we had tons of salad greens growing on the side of the road for people to eat, apparently a few pieces of fruit and some lettuce is not what our local homeless need. I mentioned to the director that I made a homeless guy coffee while volunteering and he put 4 spoons of sugar into it. She told me that they need lots of carbs and protein for energy, not just apples and kale. So they don't end up eating the well-intended gardening. In addition, they are often missing their teeth where I live and can't eat things like apples. They need high-protein soup and soft sandwiches.

You like yellowjackets? Because loads of rotting fruits is how you get yellowjackets.

You like yellowjackets? Because loads of rotting fruits is how you get yellowjackets.

This makes no sense to me. Sorry. Why would they end up homeless if they are provided a home?

Edit: As a schizophrenic and also as someone with professional experience in supportive housing for the severely mentally ill, I’m taking a deep breath here. Maybe more like a heavy sigh.

Rather than respond to every comment I see in my notifications, which by the way are kinda freaking me out the way notifications do, I’ll first say this: behaviours are environmentally triggered and could have been prevented. Every time.

Yes, deinstitutionalization caused a shit ton of homelessness. The idea then was to replace institutions (in which conditions were dreadful; let’s not even think about going back there) with adequate community based housing and support services.

But they didn’t follow through. The money didn’t trickle down. And so many people like me, and our children and grandchildren now, ended up living in poverty and victims of untold abuses and violations of basic human rights.

I may not be able to remember to shower often, or leave my house for face to face interactions with others. I may need some assistance with my activities of daily living, or occasional reality checks.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t work, even in management positions, or sit at the decision making table, given a few simple workplace accommodations and an equitable amount of autonomy and self determination.

At the very least we need housing and food. That’s a good start.

And please forgive me if I’m breaking rules in this sub. I’m shaking a bit and not sure if I’m ranting, which I can sometimes do.

So I was about to say that the reasoning behind not having fruit trees is partially due to the massive piles of rotting fruit and bugs, but damn. If there's butterflies I'm in.

Because people suck. And bored school aged children suck doubly so

As a non homeless person I would enjoy fruit and vegetable producing landscaping over the dull and lifeless corporate bushes and hedges and year round hardy greenery we all get.

I don't think feeding the population is wise with fruit trees and such, but raspberry plants along trails, plum trees in the park, apple trees along residential beulovards, blue berry bushes on hiking trails, I would enjoy all that.

I think community gardens and community centers should take off. a place to eat, sit, and contribute. I had a city/eco town designer in one of my college classes propose a community plan. It was a couple developments worth of land. There was 2 roads in and out. They went not to houses, but to a large covered parking lot. From the lot, you walked on a path to your house. In the center of the property was a community center with a community garden. Since parking and roads are all at the entrance of the, for lack of a better word, commune, houses can be built facing interesting directions ,or have them built to capatalize on the trajectory of the sun. Plants gardens and environments could be formed naturally, and the center of the community is quiet since no cars or traffic can pass through it. There is public benches, places to grill, places to get out of the rain, free WiFi in the community center, a kitchen, etc. Everyone's house has their own appliances and space of course.

The environmental and mental health benefits of such a space are, I was told to believe, unexplored.

Food for thought I suppose

True, could create jobs of orchard tenders in the park. Could pick higher fruit to give away and clean fallen damaged fruit.

People need jobs


He said: Excuse me ma'am, but can we help you? Are you in trouble? Me: No, I'm on my lunch break. Am I not allowed to sit here? Him: No comment, just looking at me waiting Me: Are you asking me to leave? Him: No comment Me: Oh good grief

Fuck Rancho Santa Margherita

Fuck all stingy animals except for Bees. Bees are cool.

"What do you think benches were made for?" is the only acceptable response.

Seriously, what the hell? That is the most bass-ackwards thing I've ever heard of.

Unfortunately the rotting food also attracts and helps multiply pests like rats and seagulls and more upsetting things like wasps, which isn't as much of an issue in an arboretum or field but is bad for a city

I live in wa but not seattle- so no one has destroyed it yet? I'd be scared of vandalism

There are free blackberries all over Seattle. It’s the most delicious type invasive species.

Because a lot of homeless have mental problems.

13-15% do, actually. And that is not a reason to do nothing. That's a reason to have universal health care.

Source for statistic: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-mentally-ill-homeless-20170807-htmlstory.html

They pee on the locks to give you a share of their unpleasant experience. The locks prevent them from public restrooms and comfortable relief, so why wouldn't they attack the system preventing them from that?

So? They'll have food and somewhere to sleep.

The parks I've been to that do this have volunteer organizations that maintain the trees and plants and ties to the local food bank as well. The volunteer gardeners maintain and the food bank either harvests the food periodically or picks up food from the garden when things come into season.

Community gardens can work. They tend to help pull the neighborhood together. I'm a big fan of HUG http://www.hilltopurbangardens.com/

They run a bunch of different programs to help deal with a variety of issues in the Hilltop neighborhood in Tacoma, WA.

No, it would be like the government coming to your house and taking your shit. That's what your asking for.

Being a billionaire doesn't mean you're a criminal, and I'm against asset forfeiture of american citizens. If a theft crime is proven, then yes the money should be returned and a punishment should be handed out.

Yeah people seem to think that it'd be some garden of Eden where all the hungry can come to eat, when really it'd be barren trees picked clean and lots of bugs and rotten fruit, thereby ruining a good park. Not to mention no one is gonna want their neighborhood park to be the place where the homeless can shoot up and fuck by their house, and maybe steal some shit too.

I once watched a man pick a kumquat from a tree at the Botanical Gardens in DC. 'It's mine because I am a taxpayer' was his response.

Which is why society should provide for them.

So happy to be from the Sound

I can just see groups of angry middle class mothers fighting each other over garbage bags full of fruit and yelling about paying taxes for those apples

ITT liberals thinking planting trees on the street will help solving homelessness without knowing that 1. you cant have fruit all 4 seasons. 2. fucking waste of resource = project with corruption money. 3. fucking good luck planting them in cities like NYC.

this thread is so fucking socdem like. LSC has gone to the dog with these liberals.

Thus why near cities, bulldoze actual homes to make THE BOXES that raise costs to ensure that only those above a certain income will be able to afford them. Denver literally bulldozed through an entire area of tiny, ultra low cost houses because it "promoted homelessness" or some garbage.

In an idealistic world that might work. Unfortunately, those things would have to be paid for through taxation and our society isn't willing to foot that bill for 100% of the homeless.

However, we do fund shelters and government programs, just not enough to get them all off the streets.

Them orchards always wind up in tort hypotheticals one way or another.

I'm not sure this is a good solution, even as a temp one. Fruit trees have a very short season when the fruit is ready, they are often predated by birds and other animals before humans van get to them, and fresh fruit doesn't last very long.

If we're going to have community solutions, I would much rather have a food bank so homeless people get both canned and fresh food year round.

Most of that money is from wage theft. Taking it back is no more immoral than taking money from a bank robber.

Economics can't bring you dignity.

Well I'm sure this will work well in cities like new york (face palm). May be they will also build tree houses to house the homeless (sarcasm)

Piedmont Park here in Atlanta has done that. Some of my former classmates even mapped them so that people can find them each season. Our city does a poor job serving homeless people, but, on this, we’ve at least had a start.

People need jobs and homes.

Put them to work at a living wage maintaining and working the public fruit farms.

Private property like a home is a no-go, I feel like if a business has an apple tree, they're okay with you taking some apples. Still private property, but unless it's an apple farm, I'm sure they would get rid of the apple tree otherwise, or put up a sign.

I'm not saying from a legal standpoint, I'm saying from a socially acceptable standpoint.

And if it's a government area, it's mine because I'm a taxpayer.

This is one of the most ableist, horrifyingly stigmatizing comments I’ve come across in a long time. Worked with in what capacity? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I certainly hope you don’t work with us in a supportive role.

Not necessarily. I suggest you take a look at Elinor Ostrom's work.

The orange groves yea? I didn't know it was forbidden to pick them, makes sense because capitalist America.

I have had my fill of the forbidden fruit, and it was sweet :)

Valencia, Spain does this, as well as public water fountains. All are kept well trimmed, and all water fountains are cleaned daily or more. Surprising amount of public works employees keeping everything clean and maintained. Inverse perspective: Spain is dramatically underemployed and teetering on breaking into pieces.

I remember them

Those Monarchs of my youth remain

As reminiscence

My old apt complex had a cherry tree and I always was tempted but never took any. I could have asked the front office, but I kind of felt silly going to ask, and I also thought that maybe I was ignorant and the cherries on the tree weren’t an edible kind or something.

Also there’s a possibility the apples on those trees you’re talking about (to someone who hasn’t tried them) didn’t taste good. Like if you just plant apple seeds, there’s a good chance the apples are gross because it takes a lot of trial and error to get a good tree from seeds (you want to clone a good tree instead). That would keep me from randomly taking an apple from a tree.

*just thought about another reason. You don’t know what they’re using to upkeep those plants. Maybe they use a pesticide on the outside to protect their building that you wouldn’t want to ingest. This is another thought I’ve had when considering picking the cherries in my apt complex.

The tragedy of the commons is real.